Functional Beauty

It's just the overflow channel for the small Korokoro Dam, but still, beautiful eh?

My first uploaded video

Crocodile chases Freddy up a tree and then eats his chainsaw

Flickr: If you know me then you're probably online

UK Labour MP's have totally taken the Conservative crown now

And here's my MY idea coming to fruition

£1bn a month

Informed work that the Riversdale's are off to the UK

NZ music month (May)

Tracking your library requests and overdue books

Knowledge management in the enterprise ... what the hell IS IT? Part 1

History is coming your way, but it's very early in the morning

The BBC is changing before my very eyes

Belated birthday wishes to Her Majesty

Decision made: We're off to the UK

Wow, Blanket Man is worldwide famous

A Trek Through Wellington painting - a must see

Catholic Church in Australia is a powerful entity

Amongst the dross there are these (good Web reading recommendations)

Life online will be whole lot easier when these are released

3 things is all it takes to find your way

With so much c@#p to watch at the cinema

Interesting insight into Microsoft and it's fight back with Ray Ozzie

Ill, will blog everything tomorrow

I am a professional

Google calendar released

They must use a manual or something

An interesting argument from Dr Brash this morning

She's 80 and she's done some weird things

World Cup 2007 tickets on sale

Where are they from answers

Positive discrimination for world leaders

Best search results that ended up here

My idea for a digital camera innovation

Latest in the life on-line

Made me think ... I'm 40 next March

I am truly blessed

Any Wellingtonians able to go to this for me?

As Frogstar says, try this now

Did you know Wikipedia has a Rugby Union portal?

Oh, I finished the work of a lifetime the other day

Anyone know of an RSS feed of New Zealand news?

Finally, a workable street maps of New Zealand

24 things that make blokes proud of themselves

April 1, 2006

Melanoma has entered the Riversdale household

What is it that differentiates you from them?

List of '10 UK entertainment leviathons' - where are they now?

30Boxes is my calendar of choice

We've bought ourselves a digital camera

Drunk and boring

Have you read the National Front home page?