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5 Things The Riverdales (Try) To Do In Order To Keep The Kids Safe On-line

Last week our kids' school had an evening for the parents to come and see how the teachers and students are using ICT in the classroom, especially now they are opening up Google Apps to the kids and moving away from using locally installed software. I was introduced as a "tech savvy parent" and gave a very brief, "This is how we do it at home" to try and explain: It's happening already at your home, don't try and King Canute it It's in our control as we are the parents 1: Laptop where you can see it + 'key' passwords stay with us. We are the parents, we don't let them leave the house on their own and so we don't let them wander around the Internet on their own. 2: Know the on-line neighbourhoods they're visiting We give them free access the WBS known systems. ("school") We give them access to the ones we are comfortable with. ("At home" + "their mates place") We get them to expla

6 Days To Go - Adventures of Victoria Clarke

I'm being very selfish and asking fro your help because this is a film I'd really like to snettle down to atch in the comfy leather chairs of The Roxy Cinema here in Miramar ("Wellywood"). Go on - help out, it could only costs you $1 ... or $500 if you want to go for it. Share the Victoria message Help me see this film! Please. Make it happen for Adventures of Victoria Clarke Development Package on @indiegogo — Mike Riversdale (@MiramarMike) August 13, 2013