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"Stuff by me ..." "by Nige (the UK)

From the Web 1.0 days I bring you  The Forum . To preserve them for posterity as Geocities can no longer be found but also it's fun to re-read some of them. ----- 3rd October, 2001 Hello, it's me. How are you? What's the latest? Send me any old crap - naiive enough to believe it. Had a wierd dream last night. The old gang had a reunion and dressed up in all the crap we used to wear (I have no idea how these clothes fitted!). Then when I turned up they all went to another pub. This kept happening and they didnt want to go to any of the pubs I suggested. I have no ideas what this means, apart from me having a huge inferiority complex... :-) Or that I should give up on my herbal tea before bedtime. Hmmm. I`ve been over to Madrid for some business last week until yesterday. Some of my Spnish came back to me, but only the important stuff like "2 beers, please" and "another 2 beers please". And the like. Usual approach is just to speak s l o w l y and shout at