Don't Do That

 " George. George - don't do that. "

Don't Look ... Too Late, Now Try And Forget

NZ Political Debate (Clark vs Key), TVNZ + YouTube

The Periodic Table Of Videos

What Was The Most Number Of Clipholes You Got On A 10-trip Ticket?

Project Calls For Ideas To Change The World

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This Isn't Net Neutral, Is It?

Advice On Buying An Apple Laptop - Can You Help Me?

Smiles And Questions

Parade Tomorrow, 12:45pm - Top Work Wellington Lions Ranfurly Shield Fellas

Time Is Being Eaten By A Grasshopper

Accomodation in Rotorua, Any Recommendations?

Test For Those NOT Colour Blind

'Tis Talk Like A Pirate Day - And You've Been Challenged

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Those WERE The Droids I Was Looking For ...

Even The Wiggles Are Celebrating International Talk Like A Pirate Day

International Talk Like A Pirate Day, This Friday

YouTube in 1985

Dr Smith (National) and Mr Key (National), Please Explain

Wallace And Gromit Turn Into Male Models

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Re-Calling All London Based Readers, Help Me Celebrate The Beano's 70th Birthday

I've Been Shot And I Loved It

Christchurch ... Safe Community ... Who'd Have Thought

I Dont Even Know - Missions To Warp Your Mind

Oh, Don't Forget The World Ends In The Next Few Days

Painting The Mona Lisa In 0.008 Seconds

NZ Party Party - 45 Members And 6 Logos In 1 Day

Welcome to

NZ Party Party - 200 Facebook Members And We're Official, Right?

The Universe Has Some Very BIG T H I N G S

Join the NZ Party Party

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Hurricane Gustav from YouTubers - Old Media, Watch Out

ZoomIn Now Runs On Google Maps ... I'm Sad

Christchurch Bloggers/Tweeters Meet-up, 7am 9th October

Avast, Me Proud Beauty! Wanna Know Why My Roger Is So Jolly?