Functional Beauty

It's just the overflow channel for the small Korokoro Dam, but still, beautiful eh?

2006 as it ends and as it was - the best of everything before 2007 arrives

Boxing Day and all is well

People doing stuff ... via pictures so we can watch them

Merry Christmas at 4am

Bloody immigrants, they come over here ...

Headline of the day so far

The "days of Christmas" postings and other Christmas pressies from me

Keeping an (online) track of the little things in life

Martin Snedden is the Chief Executive of NZRU Rugby World Cup 2011

What 54% of us are searching for

Wicked NASA picture of New Zealand from space

The adventure finally comes to an end

About MiramarMike [Updated]

Wellingtonista: Who knew the Observatory was under threat?

New look blog - whaddya think, does it work for you?

Google - nice hidden things

Top New Zealand online newspapers get updated - Stuff and NZ Herald

Walk the Wellington Bypass ... if that's your thing

Excellent R/WW article about next generation Web searching

Craigslist Meets the Capitalists (includes explanation of what the heck 'craiglists' is/are)

The worlds longest fingernails - something for Jack

Riversdale Crescent, Edinburgh (Scotland)

Humour is called for on this post diarrhea day

Malthouse closes on 23rd December

Anyone got advice about getting broadband in Miramar, Wellington?

Rotavirus has hit the Riversdales, stay away!

UK Photo's: The Best of July

Movember - the moustache disappears

3 out of 3: Google and Sky (UK) join 'forces'

2 out of 3: Buy R2D2 from Star Wars

1 out of 3: Idiot Proof Website

DVD Piracy Video on YouTube

Luke surfing at Tora (New Zealand)

Wellingtonista: Star Boating Club “Row-A-Thon" AND Help Fight Gnomelessness!

Sorry about the disruption in service this morning

NewScientist giving us the latest for those wanting cool baseball shirts and trips to the moon

Christmas dinner issues, ask Jamie Oliver to help

OK, what are you doing for your work Christmas Do?

How to Build a User Community, Part 1

Buy cheap Star Wars toys for Christmas presents via TradeMe

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Overheating laptop? Simply use cold cans of Coke

Greg Page - no longer the Yellow Wiggle

The best of Wellington as voted by yourself

More from the mobile notebook - things I think about

Sleep is something you don't miss until you've missed it

Me at the new work during Movember