Fire Over The Hill

Can't remember what the fire was, maybe it was the Rongotai warehouse used by the movie folks.

Miramar, Even Her History Makes You Proud

When An Drink Goes Wrong Via Twitter

How Cool Is That?

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Man Is Flying

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Worser Bay School Fair - The Preparation for Tomorrow

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I Love My Distant Facebook Family


Don't Care If It's Not A True Story

Miramarians, Stand Up And Be Proud

IgniteWelli - The Journey Continues

Worser Bay School Fair 2011 - Sun 6th Nov

IgniteWelli - The Journey Begins [video]

Gasworks Is Open

Gasworks - Opening Date, Menus and The Union

RWC Humour From Derek (My Dad)

Gasworks Bar - The Steak Menu

Jed Wraps Up The First RWC2011 Weekend

A Droppie, That's All We Needed Last Night

Rugby World Cup Spreadsheet

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Mike and the Welsh flag at the Rugby World Cup event

Rugby World Cup - Where To Find Them Online

It Snowed

6 Years Of Being A Kiwi

It's Easy To Look Back And Laugh ... So I Am

The Acoustic Tour with Anika Moa and Barnaby Weir

NZOnScreen Wants You!

Miramar Needs A Good Pub And One Is Coming

Lost Generation [video]

Need A Smile, Got A Joke?

This Makes Me Incredibly Sad And Angry

Go the F*ck to Sleep - read by Samuel L. Jackson

Jackson Street, Petone 10 years ago

Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!!

Can I Get The Twitters On The Computer?

It's All About Timing

Sweaty Palm Time Again

Worse Spam Email In A Long Line Of Spam

From Thomas Cook Holidays

RedShoesDay Has It's Own Website

Favourite Video And Song Combo of 2011 ... So Far

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Being Ill Is So Tedious But It Saves On Psychedelic Drug Taking

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Roxy Cinema Bringing Back The Golden Age Of Movies - Press Release

Microsoft appointed RWC 2011 Official Sponsor ;-)

Miramar, It's Up And Coming