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Super Deluxe Jewellery

A colourful Wellington evening.

Jazz Knobs

I only went to see one evening of jazz at the space above the Third Eye brew bar and I consequently I only have a gazillion photos .

People To Meet

It's the people we meet on the journey that makes it all worthwhile. During my Access Granted NZ years I was fortunate enough to meet so many incredible people and for a brief time get to know them a little. Some people went on to become great friends whilst others, like the woman below , were brief encounters of the magical kind. I am still living an incredible life as I meet more people, share our stories, and sometimes over a meal.

Deep Purple MkII ... I Thought I Knew It All

Deep Purple MkII are the band I fell in love with. I collected everything including many bootlegs. I thought I knew it all ... and then this after a work colleague shared a mix. This, this is ... I have no words, I don't know/remember the song and certainly don't recall the Spike Milligan/Python approach to the  ... film ... ? To be fair it's 1969 and therefore probably after Blackmore had sacked the old band, which wasn't his band to to sack but egos do what egos can. AND THEN ... this is also unknown to me, is this really Purple playing, that looks like Lord, Paice, and perhaps Glover ... but ... what is going on? Part of the  Concerto for Group and Orchestra, but sounds more like a soundtrack. And the men in tight black shorts ... ? Ah, from the same 'show': Some information about the background from Nigel Young on It is the bizarre, avant garde and arty film, P2, by Werner Schretzmeier and Juergen Schmidt-Oehm, which also in

Me In 2018

I think this is a spot on photo of me in the late 2010s. I was bearded up, wearing those clothes a lot, Dr Who t-shirt coz me and Jack, smiling, Webstock bag coz my history, and standing in front of a tree that meant something at the time but means nothing to me now. And someone was taking a photo of me, with my phone. This is me 2018 to a tee.

Tram Routes

Is Wellington out of the bus woes we've had since the Regional Council decided to "make everything better"?


I think we're about 17, maybe a year either side. A bunch of teens that got together ostensibly around music, hair rock and parts of classic British rock , Led Zeppelin, Queen, Deep Purple and the like - don't forget they weren't distant memories back in the early/mid 1980s. I can only remember one fellas name, Taff (Paul) on the far right who's house I think we're in. He and I ended up sharing a place in Swindon for a while. As to why this photo was taken, who knows, probably booking around doing our "album cover shot" holding chair legs, as one does. I also can't remember why this is in amongst the late 2018 photos, perhaps I was scanning in a stack of old ones. Anyways, here I am in my brief non-career as a rock-n-roll star - golly I'm trying to look staunch eh.

Get Pocket

I still use the Web as a library, a place to go and discover ideas, points of view, and thinking on subjects. And funny stuff. As you may know I don't really go online to hear brain farts from strangers hence me moving on from "social media" ( whatever that actually is ). I also do like sharing. And whilst most people share using either Facebook or Twitter I'm more likely to pop it into my blog* or send it to various mates via Signal / text. Making a post on this blog takes time as I don't allow myself to simply share a link with a thumbs-up, I have to give a reason as to why I think it's worthy or reading (IMHO), and usually what the article I'm sharing means to me - trying to keep myself away from the brain farts previously mentioned. I don't always succeed but when I do it makes me smile inside. To keep a track of things I've read, heard, or seen on my travels around the Web I use Pocket , a simple "bookmarking" tool that saves them a

My First Proper Job

My first proper job was working as a waiter in a cocktail bar 🎶 No, it wasn't 😋, it was working as a waiter in the Kings Head Hotel in Monmouth - I was a happy wee fella. The universe then smiled upon me and after a number of adventures my first actual proper job, or one that seems related to what I sort of maybe do now, was as a programmer in the Budget & Forecast section of St Ivel's Finance Department. I believe this is me at the time, around 1987, in the Swindon Head Office. I was aged 20 years-old.

Reminds Me Of The Farm

Wooden staircases always remind me of the farm.

The Third Eye

The Third Eye, Tuataras brew pub, was always a weird one. Being cut off from the obvious front door by SH1 it felt both close and far away. Inside was fantastic, especially the upstairs event venue, check out the jazz photos  I took one gig. The outstanding mural, now painted over, was seen by everyone leaving Wellington depicting the 250 million year old Tuatara reptile and, of course, its famous "third eye" They are also unusual in having a pronounced photoreceptive eye, the third eye, which is thought to be involved in setting circadian and seasonal cycles. [ Wikipedia: Tuatara ]

No paywae :)

I think the Government put in legislation to limit the charges, definitely been a while since I have experienced this (no matter which way you spell it :)

It's Toddler Time

When you have a straw then, and only then, life is good 🤪

The Big Hoose

Where the Laird lives 😃 Hamish : Help! We're trapped between floors! Help! Dougal : Hamish, you're getting hysterical. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Hamish : Well, don't just stand there applauding, do something! Dougal : All right! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Hamish : Ow! Dougal : Now, control yourself. Or next time it's the face. Or, if you prefer, and I do ... The Laird : But Dougal, have you never played golf? Dougal : Oh no, your Lairdship. I like women.

The Albemarle

Ok class, here's a question for the literary historians amongst you ... who left what at the London Albemarle Club that would end with Oscar Wildes imprisonment and eventually his untimely death?

Same Size

Apparently these are both a "large flat white".

The Cuba Street Project

Anyone bought The Cuba Street Project by Beth Brash and Alice Lloyd?

Here Come The Double Deckers

I can remember the TV show theme music but not much more than that.

Fire or Volcano?

There are quite a few that get a weekly, "OMG, have you seen it now!!?" message as I send the latest amazing shot of the erupting Iceland volcano . I've also been sneakily saving a few screenshots as it is AMAZING! Is this one?


I believe that shining white dot is the planet Venus shining bright during a clear Paekākāriki sunset. Anyone tell me it's not Venus and what it actually is?


Paekākāriki sharp lines nestled amongst the curvy hills.

Woman In Camera

Like A Bat Out Hell

Well I can see myself tearing up the road, faster Than any other boy has ever gone And my skin is raw, but my soul is ripe, And no one's gonna stop me now, I'm gonna make my escape But I can't stop thinking of you, And I never see the sudden curve until it's way too late


My daughter has played football for quite a number of years and so Sunday mornings I get to stand in sun, rain, wind, and/or hail and watch her and her mates have a bloody awesome time on the pitch. I wouldn't miss it for the world. And will when it inevitably does come to an end.

And Then There Was None

Full glass to empty glass in a colourful bar.

Ching Ching

Colourful wine in a colourful bar.


"Really, a photo now?"

Motorway Art

Art on the side of the centre barriers of the Wellington motorway. Love it.

Old & New Highrises

A meeting of the ages with the spires of the Church meeting the glass highrise of Commerce .

The Next Train's Gone

It's a poster from the 1960s or even maybe the 1970s, heck it might be even later. No matter, I saw this and thought of the classic Will Hay movie Oh, Mr Porter! which I still watch now and again and laugh out loud. And seeing as Oh, Mr Porter! is (nearly?) out of copyright here it is  

Suicide: 1,000 Letters Project

Suicide in Aotearoa New Zealand is a well known country-wide failing, especially for boys + men. The following themes were extracted from suicide letters donated by families to the Key To Life (KTL) Trust, "This was not a scientific or academic piece of research in its purest sense. Rather, it was an attempt to understand the people whose final communications have been provided by families who responded to calls to participate in the 1000 Letters project and importantly to look for common themes and distil any trends or triggers from the material" Key Themes from the 1000 Letters Project Impulsive suicides were the exception, not the norm. Most who wrote about their reasons described months, years, or even decades of issues that contributed to their final decision, even if that decision seemed sudden to others. Love was not enough. Writers knew they were loved and they reciprocated that love. Having love could became additional evidence that there was something wrong with th

Welcome To Your Future

A sci-fi book cover, released in the early 80s, something like a Stainless Steel Rat story, definitely connected with 2000AD . The title is something like, "Welcome To Your Future", but it's not dystopian. Well, that's what I see in this edited and filtered Sydney morning highrise photo, what about you?

Alf's Bait Shop

So, the story goes ...  My Dad was a massive Home and Away fan back in the late 90s and early 2000s, during that time he and Mum came to visit, whilst I was living in Sydney. I was working and so, during the days, they took themselves off to see the sites. One hot sunny day they caught various modes of public transport all the way up to " Summer Bay " to see where Home and Away was filmed. As the bus drew into Palm Beach Dad saw that they were actually filming and, like a giggly school fan, jumped off the bus to run down the street just in case they packed up before he got there.  I loved that about Dad, he wouldn't have cared a jot and not given it a thought that this could've looked unbecoming to those observing. In fact he would've laughed and said, "Just a bit of fun eh, got to enjoy life!"

Elis James and John Robins podcast

The Elis James and John Robins podcast from BBC Radio 5 Live is one for those with a UK connection, and particularly with a Welsh connection, a golfing connection, a sporting (football) connection, a "How should I stack the dishwasher" connection, or a deep deep Queen connection. Elis is laid back, funny as fuck and very quick. He is also a great one for the accents. John is an angry young (!) man, can be frustrating as arse, but is also funny as fuck and very VERY quick. His wanky abbreviations get on my tits, but I live with it as he's worth it. Together they absolutely click, and it is definitely a podcast for the driving situation. Oh, and Dave, the producer, is a perfect third wheel, and it' a joy to hear him pull John (mostly) back from the brink of full on advertising and applying the BBC "fairness" policy ... Elis usually dives in and ignoring the rules and says what we're all thinking anyway. So please, give the podcast a go whilst driving,

Ah, The View

It was a hell of a climb up to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse but well worth it looking down upon Palm Beach. And yes, Barrenjoey is one hell of a name eh, but this makes sense of it (sort of): The headland was first named as "Barrenjuee" by Governor Phillip in 1788 from the Aboriginal name for small wallaby. After many interpretations, the name is now "Barranjoey" on Admiralty maps and "Barrenjoey" on road maps. [ source: Wikipedia, Barrenjoey Head Lighthouse ]  

Termite Hand

Cool eh, a termite mound up a knackered tree that looks like a three fingered hand.  All of those words I have written at some point in the past but NEVER all together in one sentence, gotta love language.

Kings Cross Vibrancy

A colourful street thing in Kings Cross, Sydney.

Dark Streets

Reminds me of a tenement house in London during the Blitz. No, no, somewhere where Holmes would be found in disguise at the start of a case.

5 Options For Your New Education

What do you do with your education now that you have it – and now that it is beginning to become obsolete even as you sit here? -  Choose One of Five | Andrew Scott | Figures of Speech If you want you can also read the whole transcript , this for me is the choice I made and I didn't even know it, I can't imagine any other way of being. And then, finally, there's choice five. It's hard to state this one. About as close as I can come to it is this: Hang loose, but stay vibrantly alive. This one's strenuous. This one's demanding. Choice five would demand of you that you consider today's graduation no more than a pause to catch your breath before continuing the life-long job of education. It would demand of you that you be your own unique best self. And there is no higher demand that that. Choice five entails wide-ranging reading and deep-probing thought. It calls for a contradictory thing - a mind that is constantly open to new facts that dictate change bu

WWII Finnish Soldier Out Of His Mind On Drugs Escaping Russians

This is a true story, apparently. ... he mistook the North Star for the light of a friendly cabin and tried to ski into the sky. It is written up quite jovially but I'm sure it wasn't quite so jolly for Aimo Koivunen at the time. He regained consciousness some time later, finding himself in a hole of snow three feet deep, holding a smoldering ski pole in one hand and the door handle in the other. The explosions had blasted most of his clothes off and left him too injured to walk. He just about managed to start a small fire with the remains of the door and boiled some snow, but the situation was desperate.  And believe me, it's a story that just keeps on giving - don't stop at the wee history lesson towards the beginning, there's MUCH more to come after that! He finally wrote a short memoir in 1977, after a local magazine held a contest for soldiers to tell their stories. It took ... second place. Meet The Soldier Who (Accidentally) Had An Epic Drug Trip ... In The M

More Things That We Thought, But Aren't

A week or so ago I posted a few videos under the collective title Is There Nothing That Is? , and here's another that not only pulls the rug away from things you (definitely I) thought but the also explains why not, which is always a nice way of doing it.

Sydney Stadia

Watched a game, had some fun, took some photos. And now, 3 years later, I can also say, edited a photo.  Makes me happy .

Sydney Opera House From The Harbour

Not a view I often see of the Sydney Opera House.

The Sea-dee

The Sydney CBD is know as "the city".  "What you doing after work?" "Just gonna have a quick drink in the city and then head home." But of course it's not pronounced that way, not by Sydney-siders, "the sea-dee" is the closest I can get in writing, and you need to say it quite slowly.

Off To The Rugby

It got a bit cold so I bought a cheap Wallabies knock-off shirt, coz Karen couldn't believe I would wear such a thing, LOL

Welcome To The Start Of So Much

Today my son turns eighteen. I have no words. No words that can truly express my love for him, how proud I am of him, and how he is, still, such a big part of my life. Eighteen. It's such an arbitrary age, or so it seems, but I'm sure it's not. He steps over the boundary from boy to man, legally and societally. I have spent the last hour trying to find the perfect photo to share, the image that sums him up, what he means to me. No one photo can ever do that justice, so unfair to ask. I have been smiling, shedding a tear, reminiscing of the little boy I knew, who is no more. To my son, with the sparkle in his eyes, the big dreams, and the cheeky smile, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Always Looking Up

The best photos , to my mind, are either close and framed as buggery or as wide and sweeping as possible. Looking up (and out)  almost always provides the wide and sweeping.

Duke Kahanamoku

Statue and commemorative park dedicated to Duke Kahanamoku who first demonstrated surfboard riding in 1914.

Is There Nothing That Is?

What do we actually know? We may not have any free will , there's no such thing as a fish , we don't know what a tree is , and heck we may all be just virtual anyway. So don't worry eh.

Residents Access Only

The security is strong at this place!

Slowly And Surely

No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man's and yet as mortal as his own; that as men busied themselves about their various concerns they were scrutinised and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinise the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. With infinite complacency men went to and fro over this globe about their little affairs, serene in their assurance of their empire over matter. It is possible that the infusoria under the microscope do the same. No one gave a thought to the older worlds of space as sources of human danger, or thought of them only to dismiss the idea of life upon them as impossible or improbable. It is curious to recall some of the mental habits of those departed days. At most terrestrial men fancied there might be other men upon Mars, perhaps inferior to themselves and ready to welc

Mr Blue Sky

Sun is shinin' in the sky There ain't a cloud in sight It's stopped rainin' everybody's in the play And don't you know It's a beautiful new day, hey hey

Come On Then

What a wonderful photo of my mate rugged up against the bitterly cold* wind on a picture perfect golden Northern Beach. "Come on then, stop taking photos and keep walking." * wasn't cold, she thought it was but the Aussies don't know what cold is 😎