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Cardiff Castle Tower

A purdy tower of Cardiff Castle.

New Zealand v Ireland

My daily photo happens to be from August 2019 when I was in Cardiff and these pavings are on the Millennium Walk outside the Stadium for the 1999 World Cup. (sorry, if Google search brought you here looking for the Rugby iCal Fixture List it's here: Rugby Calendars )

Tight Fit In Cardiff

"Oi, Dai, you sure this is gonna fit in?" "Yeah, just get as close as you can to their window. But don't break it!" "Ok, but I don't know, looks bloody close to me." The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff was built upon the old site of the National Ground amongst surrounding buildings that weren't going anywhere. This is round the back and boy-o-boy it is a tight squeeze.

Daytime Chippy

Hah, nice complement to Nighttime Chippy .

Nighttime Chippy

The Chippy, or just Chippy, is the main rugby, cricket, and playing area of Monmouth. Chippenham Playing Fields.

Tel 2192

"The Chinky". Totally wrong, and in 2022 I'm hoping it's not referred to that any more, but it will be coz UK. It's a stalwart of Monmouth takeaways and late night drunk chips and curry sauce. And check out that phone number, Tel 2192, gorgeous, it's at least 4 numbers longer in 2022 but if you know you know.

Monmouth Top Of Town At Night

I love everything about this photo.

Annuals, A Christmas Staple

The latest annual, be that comics and magazines such as The Beano, Look-In, or Whoopee!, or TV and movie tie ins such as Star Wars, Tiswas, or The Sweeney. Whatever it was it had to be there on Christmas Day, to unwrapped, opened, and smelt, before diving in during the lazy afternoon as Christmas Day dinner was being digested waiting for the evening TV specials.

Women's International Rugby iCal Fixture Calendar

It's been way too long coming but now we have TWO free and updated international rugby calendars, one for the women and one for the men. Check out and subscribe to one or both calendars: The first entry on the women's calendar was back in December 2019 but the number of games and teams has increased massively over the past few years.

Hangovers, Pah

Jesus wept I feel a hangover these days. I'm not a small drinker, never have been, I drink way over the odds compared to most. But man alive a big night lays me out big time. I'm a hangover man lasting a good one to two days. To be fair it's not sickness, headaches, or feeling like shit it's total and utter tiredness and fluffed brain. So, it's coconut water, limes, ginger, pears, and leafy greens all the way from now on. READ: Reduce the Symptoms of Your Hangover With These 5 Science-Backed Foods

Judge A Country By How The Citizens Treat Their

It's a truism to judge, and I mean "judge" (make a call on someone's character and to act as you see it) upon how they treat the person serving their food in a restaurant. Or to judge them by how they interact with the reception people. Or how they see, or don't, the people that do the office cleaning. It's fine to judge, in the moment, and with curiosity about why they did what they did. Who knows anyone and what is going on for them. Same goes for state entities, or "countries" if you want. To judge them on anything, judge them on how deal with their women, their incarcerated, their poor, their weak, their "others" be they gay, black, 'foreign', or just different. Upon these judge, but also be aware that none of us on the outside know anyone and what is going on for them  UK and USA, I am absolutely judging you as you slip further and further into a place that treats their women, their gay, their non-white, their "other"

Washing The Tin Foil

Everyone has their quirks from childhood, one of my Mum's is to not waste anything, something we from the throwaway generation are only now learning is a good thing. Hopefully not too late.

My Childhood View

After living in various astounding places around the world my first UK place I called home was in Monmouth (well, just outside tbf). This view is burnt into my memory, and I know I am incredibly lucky to having such an amazing start to my life.

Here Lies John Renie

Western Mail, 1st December 1953, page 4: BEFORE his death in 1832 John Renie prepared an unusual tombstone for his grave in St. Mary’s Church, Monmouth. He divided a large stone into a number of squares. In the centre of the squares was the letter “H.” Reading from any direction this letter starts the epitaph “Here lies John Renie.

Monnow Bridge

The Monnow river was so low back in summer of 2019 I could get out onto the rocks and take photos like this. Monnow Bridge (Welsh: Pont Trefynwy Welsh pronunciation: [pɔnt tre:vənʊɨ]), in Monmouth, Wales, is the only remaining fortified river bridge in Great Britain with its gate tower standing on the bridge. Such bridge towers were common across Europe from medieval times, but many were destroyed due to urban expansion, diminishing defensive requirements and the increasing demands of traffic and trade. The historical and architectural importance of the bridge and its rarity are reflected in its status as a scheduled monument and a Grade I listed building. [source: Wikipedia, Monnow Bridge ]

A Babe In Arms

Awwwww, I is cute.

One Day, All This Will Be Yours

"But I don't want it. I just want to, to, sing!"

Honey Bee

A glorious yellow ... um, er, flower, with a honey bee doing its honey bee business.

Rowing On The River Wye

The Boatclub, as it's just known, is a busy place as many fit Grammar kids take the rowing boats out to skootle up and down the River Wye.  I once was one of them (a rower, not a Grammar school kid), for a short-ish time.

Inside The Old Nags Head, Monmouth

The haunt of old rockers 😜

Roadsign Needs A Trim

Derek & Betty

For better for worse, 'til death do us part.

Hooded Spirit Of The Ruins

The scale of the 12-16th century Tintern Abbey ruins is still mind boggling. Now, I've posted this before however it's a wee story worth repeating. The Wye Valley , where these ruins are located, is one of the 4 main roads out of Monmouth and so was a common route for us all on various family trips. My Dad, Derek , would always and without fail, giggle to himself as we drove past exclaiming to all who would hear, "Be nice when they've finished it!" A true #DadJoke

1911 Ford Model T

Parked in a car park. Was quite something to see, especially how absolutely base it was - wooden floorboards, 3 pedals, steering wheel, seats, and nothing else.

Monmouth Millennium Mosiac: Monnow Bridge

I've shared one of these before, the Black Death tile, but here's Monnow Bridge from the Monmouth Millennium Mosiac . The river Monnow gives it's English name to Monmouth, the mouth of the Monnow, obvs. See also:  There's A Lot In The World To See

The Pretendy Old Part Of Monmouth

I remember when they dug up the tarmac path and laid down ye olde cobble stones. And this veggie shop used to be the heart of Monmouth when I was at school, the independent and most awesome Round Ear record shop.

Wiggies Bakery

Wigmores Bakery on St Mary's Street, one of those ancient, wiggly, narrow streets of Monmouth, has been serving up bread to my family for decades.

Eddie Stobbart Spotted

I can't remember why but spotting an Eddie is a thing. I spotted an Eddie on the Wye Bridge. The amount of heavy traffic that old bridge takes is amazing.

The Kymin And The Round House

Wyesham is a housing estate a few miles outside of Monmouth and at the bottom of the the Kymin upon which is the world famous Round House that was visited by Lord Nelson in the olden days. It's that white thing at the top of the hill. It's a house-ish that is round. Oh, oh, and I've just discovered that " The Kymin is home to one of the UK's rarest and largest ant species, the red wood ant. "

Welsh Pub

Miss 'em.

Feel The Fear And Brew It Anyway

You're not in Aotearoa now Mr Riversdale.


If you can get to it don't go in!

Monmouth Viaduct

An old rail viaduct from days gone by.

Floating Down The River

She's a gorgeous old lady the River Wye.

Homepride Flour Dude

It's the oddest of things that make you feel back at home, the spoon reflections your remember, the smell of sofa, the way the light comes in through your old bedroom window. And the kitchen implements. This Homepride flour container has always been there on the sideboard, smiling his way through tonnes of flour used to cook up delicious meals.

A Bridge Home

I left Wales in the early 1990s and the UK in 1996 and so I am of "THE bridge" generation. The second Severn crossing is still new to me, but I'm getting there as I've travelled over it a few times now.

Welcome Back

It's Dymocks in Australia, and Whitcoulls in New Zealand, but most definitely WHSmith's in the UK. Always a reminder that I'm there not here 😀

Stairs Up To First Class

I have no idea what it's like up there in the Boeing 777-200LR first class / upper lounges, but the stairs are mighty pretty eh.

Doha International Airport

Actually called Hamad International Airport , is big. Best to open the photo in a new tab and zoom in, there's a lot to see.

Endless Travelators

Doha Airport is BIG. Travelators take you passed endless departure gates towards hubs of shops. Lifts take you up or down to floors of even more travelators doing the same. A bus, or even an inside train, takes you to other buildings with Travalators on different floors.

Away I Go For 18 Hours

Auckland, New Zealand to Doha, Qatar is 18 hours, 34 minutes. One flight. This flight.

Photo Bombs

First photo bomb was in the departure lounge and then her partner got in on the act sitting behind me on the plane, classic.

Dwarves Everywhere

Even Auckland airport has/had dwarves. Who can name this one?

Wellington Waterfront From Above

It was a "smooth as pancake" type of day when I flew out from Wellington. 

Big City Lights

When the harbour is flat and the city building lights are on it's a majestical site.

Wellington Harbour

In the style of a 1840s watercolour as seen in many a museum around the region. In fact it's a photo taken in July 2019, edited with Google Photos and further enhanced using Snapseed, here it is.

Misty Miramar

Almost like an English countryside in an autumn morning.

Under Any Circumstances

Silly but fun. (at Caffe L'affare , I think)

Where Are The Bash Street Kids?

Made my childlike soul jump for joy when I spotted this Beano inspired drawing of the Bash Street Kids inside the bar it was actually hanging inside. Hands-up who knows: What bar is this? Who the Bash Street Kids are?