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Nazi Concentration Camps (1945)

I share this not to gawk at past atrocities, and trust me the images within are raw and direct and likely to bring up powerful emotions, but to reflect on how seemingly innocuous beginnings in the mid-1930s ended up, within a very short time span, with such intense barbarism. It is, for me, feelings of despair, anger and sadness to think on such items but I believe that to discuss it with those we love opens our eyes and removes the scales of "reality TV", "cats on the Internet"and even the daily narcotic of "work". It is with reality and it's hard water cleansing that brings many to warn publicly about present day patterns that reflect those earlier times and we cannot help but become more aware of how easily times can slip away from us. The Nazi's came to official power in 1933 with it all ending at the end of World War II, 1945. 12 years. 12 years for it all to go from dancing girls to the images of this video. 12 years ago was 2002. Not

Stewart Lee - Protest vote for UKIP

10 Things Starting With R That I Like

Facebook is full of meme's and here's one that I've been tagged in , thanks  +Nicola Stevenson Rubbish day Rustle of leaves in an autumn forest Riversdale, Jack  Riversdale, Meg Riversdale, Liz Ruth, Rebecca, Rogers (Julie and Andrew), Reuben ...  Rollocking (sp?) good times Rainbow  Rain on a hot tin roof Your turn will come ...