Functional Beauty

It's just the overflow channel for the small Korokoro Dam, but still, beautiful eh?

8 (working) days to go and I'm off early this afternoon

Just proving a Scooby point to a work colleague

I know you can't compare pains ...

I am this close to becoming a Kiwi

Thank you to J Trump, whoever you are

Irish eyes are smiling

What should the Christchurch blog be called?

Top of the South Island, where are good places to stay?

9 (working) days to go and more people know

Got a couple grand to spend on movie memorabilia

Daypop Top 40 Links

It's the way you tell 'em ... apparently

Is this who we think it is?

Resigned but not alone (10 days to go)

Remember the lady I passed in the street?

Our house contents sale on TradeMe

My Election 2005 pledge to you

Eat Well(ington)

I love libraries (and a recommendation for another good read)

Ooh, I got a visit from Iran

I will still be a Huricanes supporter

MiramarMike as Google

Answer a question and ask one back

Diary of a resigned person (11 days to go)

Guitar picking Jack

Week 24, it's starting to get very real for me

Watch the empire grow

Cousins on the Miramar Central playground slide

Jack and his mates at Frank Kitts Park

Cute as!

Jack and his cousins

King Kong (21 weeks to go): Pick-ups starting

We're off to Christchurch

Longhorn to Be Christened 'Windows Vista'

Singles for anybody that wants them

noizyboy: Google Moon News | My gay therapy session

It's no fair, they're saying nasty things about me

People List - where your money is ending up

Blogging and partners

The Vile File: Small Talk & The Mandatory Law of Mingling

And why haven't I used this before?

Psychometric/personality testing - what a bunch of cock

NZ Folk Chants * Playground Rhymes

King Kong - 22 weeks to go

Week 23, I feel kicking babies

Bored at work - try this

Lions 2005 - the awards ceremony

How's your day? Had a good week?

It's Friday ...

Hollywood releases for 2007

London bombers 'were all British'

New Zealand bloggers, are you all gay?

Google search in funny languages

Mayor of London - Mayor's Statement 7 July 2005

1999 World Cup semi-final loss, a defining Kiwi moment

Week 22, boobs and bumps

Tourists and their cameras

How can I get my very own Bledisloe Cup 2000 match program?

King Kong: 23 weeks to go

Lions 2005 round-up part two

Everyone in my immediate London circle is OK

Playcentre / helping Mum weed