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8 (working) days to go and I'm off early this afternoon

Off to Riversdale for the weekend. Last time for quite a while probably. Have a cracker everyone and don't forget to let us all know how the week was for you: Name: Email: My website/blog web address: How I am today:

Just proving a Scooby point to a work colleague

Scooby-Doo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia According to Ruby and Spears, Silverman was inspired by an ad-lib he heard in Frank Sinatra's song "Strangers in the Night" on the way out to one of their meetings, and decided to rename the dog "Scooby-Doo" and re-rechristened the show Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! So, there ya go Kerry, Old Blue Eyes was responsible. As to your scurrilous rumour that there was some sort of drug influence to Shaggy and Scooby (ie, they were potheads), that may have some merit:

I know you can't compare pains ...

Death is death to those that 'experience' it and the families grieve for their own no matter what else is happening to others. Having said that, I get the impression that this isn't affecting the world (my 'world' of course, the whitey, Western, male one) as much as bombings in say London - reasons? BBC NEWS | South Asia | Indian monsoon death toll soars

I am this close to becoming a Kiwi

On Monday 15th August some time after 6:30pm I, alongside a bunch of others including my mate Karen, will become Kiwi's . Oh yes, the ceremony date has been set and the party is planned. What will happen? Well, according to the official pieces of paper I've been sent around 6pm I, with my "2 friends or family members" (in my case Liz/Jack and Adam) will settle ourselves into Wellington Town Hall awaiting the "official party to enter the Council Chambers" which will include Her Worship the Mayor Ms Kerry Prendergast . Man, what a title - and I don't mean 'what a title' as in 'wow, what a lot of words', more along, 'what the hell does it mean' - who is worshiping her, and why? I now she'll be there as she will "formally address the candidates", which is nice. Notice how I'm still a candidate even though the Minister of Immigration has OK'ed my application :-) Oh, and I won't be seated with my 2 "f

Thank you to J Trump, whoever you are

We've had a parcel delivered (finally, after a few days having it redirected to the office) and what a lovely surprise there is inside: 3 T-shirts (1 large, 2 x small) A gorgeous necklace (I assume for Liz) The T-shirts have the 'dragon swirl' on the front and the Welsh National Anthem on the back - awesome. Thank you so much whoever you are and know they will be much worn.

Irish eyes are smiling

If it's true and holds then the news that the IRA says armed campaign is over is massive. Awesome on ya Irish lads and lasses. I hope the political way gains you benefits. And don't just turn (more?) into the Irish Mafia as that would be such a sad thing to do.

What should the Christchurch blog be called?

With the move to Christchurch it just won't make sense to have the blog named as MiramarMike anymore. What do you think the blog should be called? Suggestions have been: MerrivaleMike Christchurch Capers Christchurch Calling

Top of the South Island, where are good places to stay?

And my definition of 'good' would include a majority of: En-suite spa bath (maybe shower) Restaurant View - mountains, sea, lake and/or gardens Garden/area that we can let a 2-year-old run free in Close to "activities", well something more than just SKY on the bedroom TV Near (driving close) to wineries Top notch class and full-on luxury Something extra specially hmmmm If you have any recommendations please leave a comment or drop me a line at

9 (working) days to go and more people know

(cartoon copyright, Randy Glasbergen ) I thought that senior management in my area were aware of my resignation a few days ago, but no. I think I've told everyone in my immediate physical area and therefore the word should travel to the distant offices (Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Dunedin). Because I knew and the boss knew I assumed that EVERYONE must know. Not necessarily true. It also means that the blog is not the favourite visiting place of many (if any!) of my colleagues. Cool. I can dish the dirt later on. Ha ha ha. 9 working days to go

Got a couple grand to spend on movie memorabilia

If so, there's some kick ass stuff going at the Hollywood Memorabilia online auction I've got my eye (but not my wallet) on some of the Star Wars stuff . How about $60,000 for Luke Skywalker's light saber - and you just know some American thinks it'll actually work! Or an Imperial Officer's tunic for that special occasion, perhaps the first day at a new job?

Daypop Top 40 Links

Daypop Top 40 Links Get on and get with it

It's the way you tell 'em ... apparently

This film, Aristocrats , sound like a lot of fun: 'Aristocrats' filmmakers shrug off fuss over joke Anyone seen anything more about it? Oh, and be careful when clicking to find more info as the movie is all about the worlds most disgusting joke and I mean What The! / Oh! My! God! type shocking. But still looks like a lot of fun ;-)

Is this who we think it is?

(click to find out) Top row, 3rd from the left - gotta love the 80's!

Resigned but not alone (10 days to go)

It's funny (funny peculiar not funny ha ha) how life is attracted to threes. Three buses when you've been waiting for ages (33mins). Three pieces of bad luck one straight after the other. Three, um, three amigos .. well, you get my drift. And there are three people who've got a new job ion my circle of friend: myself, Adam and Pete. Adam, in fact is doing exactly the same as I - finishing on 19th but taking a weeks holiday and therefore his last real day is 12th. Always a good idea to have some time off between engagements I say. I caught up with Adam today and it seems we're both going through very similar feelings: Glad the "when will I tell them" is all over Weight off the shoulders now it's all done It's not close enough to get truly excited about but I'm sure it'll come Work seems to be something to be watched as it happens around you Another interesting discovery is that people work around me now. By that I mean that once I

Remember the lady I passed in the street?

You recall I told you how we smiled and said, "Hello" as we passed but I couldn't remember anything about her. Well, I stopped her and had a chat today. I was correct, we did know each other from our days in the Dept of Corrections up on The Terrace. She worked for another part of the department called CorrLand (as was) . She remembered me: my name, where I worked and even what I was working on. I struggled to recall that I knew of her, embarrassing eh! Luckily I'm the sort of person just to admit it and find out, no point being all coy about these things is there. We had a wee chat , caught up in 5 mins and then off she went to one of her many charitable ventures. What a cracking person. Glad I stopped her to have a natter.

Our house contents sale on TradeMe

Check out the malarkey we're selling at Auctions | lizzard3 listings All good value, excellent nick and well worth it.

My Election 2005 pledge to you

[hand on heart ... ow, my chest doesn't 'alf hurt today, must go to the doctors] I, Miramar Mike, pledge to you, my highly intelligent and very attractive loyal readers, that there will be no Election postings on this blog . This includes, but is not limited to: Updates/links/views on the canditates in any electoral area Updates/links/views on the parties election manifestos Updates/links/views to the latest election scandal (whatever form it may take) Updates/links/views to any political party Updates/links/views to results "as they come in" I will also not leave any comments about the election on any other blog. I reserve the right to break this promise in true political fashion if something truly momentous occurs ... Don Brash declares himself tto be he next Messiah, Helen Clark pashes Charlotte Dawson live on TV or Winston Peters turns out to be a right-wing whitey from Christhurch wearing a mask. If you are after political blogs may I respectfully suggest y

Eat Well(ington)

Great review site giving the low down on everywhere and anywhere to eat in Wellington: Eat Well(ington) Found after trawling through the Wellingtonista: Wellington Personal Blogs: Full List

I love libraries (and a recommendation for another good read)

As we know they're my favourite place to hide away and they are normally full of such awesome people. Once such person is Frances at Miramar Library . She works there and, to be fair, isn't really Jack's favourite person for the reading as she doesn't sing or play the guitar ... there can be only one Tom! But, she reinvigorated my view that book finding is about people and not just books. When, a few weeks ago, I stumbled around humming and har'ing what book to take home whilst trying to ensure Jack didn't run out into the street and cause merriment on the roundabout she approached me and asked what type of book I was looking for. "Oh, I dunno - something good?" Clear, concise and easy to interpret instrucitons eh? "How about [American crime book] , it's very good and I loved it?" "Nah, it's about America and probably full of Americans" - sorry, but I get enough of that filtering into my system by just turning on the TV o

Ooh, I got a visit from Iran

Hello to all you people in Iran, how's it going? I see you were looking for " ali abtahi " which lead you my " Mohammad Ali Abtahi " posting. He's a pretty cool guy eh - read his argument to the MP that wants to ban Yahoo! Messenger and Orkut because they are "immoral".

I will still be a Huricanes supporter

With regards to us leaving for Christchurch the most popular question so far has been: Will you still support the Hurricanes? And the answer is an unequivocal YES! I moved from the UK to Wellington, not NZ. Whilst this move to Christchurch is good in so many ways it can't take away the fact that Wellington is my NZ home. But, we all have to leave home sometimes - I will be visiting plenty of times and there's always the distant future to remember. And I will be loud and proud down amongst the one-eyed come the Super 14.

MiramarMike as Google

Now we're talking - MiramarMike-logogle

Answer a question and ask one back

What a cracking concept - give it a whirl at // strangers helping strangers

Diary of a resigned person (11 days to go)

Well, it's not gonna happen for quite a while (probably) so I thought I'd drop a line per day(ish) about me leaving a place of work. Today was the first real day that everyone knew and were 'free' to come and have a chat with me about it. There's been the general chit-chat from those closest to me about when am I going, when's the leaving do (Sat 20th - come along) and how/when we'll be arriving in Christchurch . Interstingly people seem only a little interested about the new position and where it is I'll be working. Maybe that'll become more prevalent as time goes on ... or maybe people don't care. I must remember that my life, despite the blog, isn't the centre of everyone's universe :-) Also, the word is travelling out amongst the business users (my "clients" if you will) so it'll be intersting to see what the reaction will be. I'll be dissapointed with anything less than gnashing of teeth and general wailing about ho

Guitar picking Jack

Jack loves his play guitar and I think therefore Murray Wiggle must be his hero :-) If he's still into it by Christmas I'll definitely get him a real one. Gotta get the higher notes (boom boom) (PS: I think Jack might be left handed ... the legacy of Hendrix lives on)

Week 24, it's starting to get very real for me

After feeling my growing daughter (oooh, weird feeling in my tummy when I wrote that) kick in her Mum's 'tummy' I am seriously starting to get thrilled about her impending appearance. Also, suddenly 30 weeks isn't that far away ... 30 weeks, that gives me 10 left ... and then it's into single digit figures. Crickey!!! ! .. !! With all the changes that we've been through recently it's been quite tough to concentrate on the growing girl. I'm most certainly not as 'attentive' as I was when Jack was cooking. Back then it was a daily and sometimes minute-by-minute expansion of the mind. It was also a walk into the dark ... I had no (NO!) idea what was going to happen. This time, as I've mentioned before , I'm a lot more relaxed about the whole thing. No ... actually, I'm not. I just haven't thought about it enough to truly get scared but now I am starting to. Being scared is a whole part of becoming a parent. It's scary that t

Watch the empire grow

Check out Park Road Post being built (it's all finished now and looks very nice. It was built over 2004/5) And you don't know what/where this is? Fair enough, allow me to put you right, give you the gen, clue you in ... tell you. It's Peter Jackson's movie post production facilities here in Miramar currently being put through its paces for King Kong .

Cousins on the Miramar Central playground slide

Jack and his mates at Frank Kitts Park

Cute as!

Now isn't that just the cutest? I know, I know - your own always look the sweetest and all that but really ... what a cute expression

Jack and his cousins

Char(lotte) and Jack reading Zoe and Jack and after Zoe has told Jack a naughty joke ... or something else that makes her look a little guilty Jack and Jacqui - Captain Feathersword would be proud of 'em

King Kong (21 weeks to go): Pick-ups starting

The actors are back in town ... probably, not that I've seen anyone but I know the art department kicked off last week and so it's all go for the next few weeks once again. Check out why with the latest post production diary . From the KongIsKing site : Peter Jackson and his crew are preparing for pick up shooting. Costumes, Make-up, the Art Department, Greens, Props and more are being prepared. Sets are being re-created in small, compact versions of their previous main shooting incarnations. Skull Island sets next to the SS Venture, Anne Darrow's room next to a poop infested animal's controlled chaos! Behind it all PJ's team prepares with a quick game of '9-Square' (seems like a hopscotch and dodge ball love-child), take a look..and get ready...the cast and crew are heading back to Skull island again! As you all know, I'll be outta Miramar by the end of the month which ties in nicely with the new supermarket blocking the view of the studios

We're off to Christchurch

Yep, I finally handed in my resignation at my current work and, after a month, will be down amongst the one-eyed working in Knowledge Management as I help improve the lives of Christchurch City ratepayers. When I say "finally" I don't mean to imply that I've finally managed to get out of here after years of trying, not at all. I have had a cracking time working with some extremely cool people. The processes, focus and plan haven't always been the best and that has got to me. I've also grown towards different stuff ... and still am. No, when I say "finally" I mean to say finally after over a month of some quite slow and turgid processes to get the offer of a contract. I had the interview some time in the distant passed here in Wellington gaining a verbal "offer" (I was the 'preferred candidate' was the actual terminology) after a day or so. And then I've waited. Every week or so I've been in touch with the agency asking

Longhorn to Be Christened 'Windows Vista'

Liz had better watch out as Microsoft are now on her case - Longhorn to Be Christened 'Windows Vista'

Singles for anybody that wants them

And that's not a suburbian swingers type thing. I mean the 12-inch, vinyl single thing. So, who wants one, a few, all of the following? There's a photo at the TradeMe auction ! Chas And Dave: Rabbit (ROCKNEY 9A2) Paul McCartney (and the Frog Chorus): We All Stand Together (R6086) Toni Basil: Mickey (TIC 4) Auf Wiedersehen Pet: That's Livin' Alright / Breakin' Away (TOW 46) The Police: De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (AMS 7578) The Hollies: He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (EM 74) Toy Dolls: Nellie The Elephant (VOL11) And a few Deep Purple ones: Lady Double Dealer (WB P-143W: Japanese) New Live & Rare (PUR 135) New Live & Rare Vol 2 (PUR 13& Child In Time (PUR 132) And finally these flexdiscs (from music mags probably): The Dog D'Amour, Medicine Man (LYN 21300) various: side 1: Our Daughters Wedding; Red Alert / The Tubes; Talk to ya later side 2: Gary US Bonds; This little girl / Kim Carnes; Miss you toni

noizyboy: Google Moon

noizyboy: Google Moon They're managing to keep that sense of humour and still be a giant corporate News | My gay therapy session News My gay therapy session This is the second part of a four-part investigation into the USA Christian netherworld of "reparative therapy," a disputed practice to convert gays and lesbians into heterosexuals ( read the first part ) The article starts so ... well?: Christian counselor and licensed clinical social worker, is explaining to me what causes homosexuality. "Take the young boy who is more sensitive, more delicate, who doesn't like rough-and-tumble, who is artistic," he says. "He can't hit the ball, fire the gun or shoot an arrow. There is a high correlation between poor eye-hand coordination and same-sex attraction." And how's this - every played with willy?: The causes of homosexuality, Levy explains, are many, but childhood loneliness figures prominently. "When a child is neglected -- if not abused, then neglected or isolated -- loneliness is often experienced as genital tension," Levy says. "When kids are u

It's no fair, they're saying nasty things about me

I love this from Don Brash: The New Zealand Herald: Brash hits back at Labour's attack ads . Welcome to election year presidential politics Don ... keep looking ahead and stay focused. And don't take anything I write to mean I'm a lefty pinko communist OR a right-wing Nazi bastard either. I love the National ads, I think they're very clever, very clear and are getting the message (Nationals message that is) across brilliantly. I suspect the Labour's will do just as well. But will you let it influence you , oooh no, of course not because you already know what's right and what's wrong eh! Yeah, right ... damn, ad influenced ending to the posting

People List - where your money is ending up

During the 5 minute quiz today the name Tony O'Reilly came up and that, eventually, lead me to the Forbes Lists - Award List - People List . What a giggle - you can stalk someone as they move up the rich-list ... handy tool for you extortionists out there :-) Oh, and make sure you check out America's Most Overworked Directors Yeah right!

Blogging and partners

Many moons ago I started this blog with the idea of empowering us all with a new world view, creating solutions to world issues via the democratic power of the interweb and to inform/entertain all correct thinking and intelligent people. Oh, and to get as many pictures of my son published as possible so I don't have to email them. To the best of my knowledge I have managed to meet only one of those objectives. More pictures coming soon. Behind these obvious goals, ones that I believe most bloggers start of with (except posting pictures of my son - I will sue!), was the attempt to try out new stuff. Does blogging work? What's it all about? Who actually uses it? How can I best pimp the heck of of the blog ? Hidden in the back was even some actual career type things - what works on a web interface, what doesn't, why not, why do people use one thing and not another ... usability and all that. Also a little 'community theory' type malarkey. Hence the almost constant

The Vile File: Small Talk & The Mandatory Law of Mingling

The Vile File: Small Talk & The Mandatory Law of Mingling Hee hee ... enjoy

And why haven't I used this before?

Generation Blog - New Zealand blogs aggregator All the Wellington and NZ blogs I want (well, nearly) in one handy page - love it.

Psychometric/personality testing - what a bunch of cock

[Updated 20-July-2005] I've had my results and a chance to provide feedback - I will not get to see the report: I have a cracking personality, perfect for all types of work excluding manual and low pay I will be a good people manager but need to be mindful of reputation (pah!) I am well above the NZ manager average in mis-named tests I had the joy and pleasure of experiencing 3 hours of these tests this morning. Firstly, I had to run through a timed 'verbal screening' questionnaire ... which wasn't verbal. It was written and displayed via a tacky PC application. The design was awful. After 10 minutes my eyes hurt from staring at randomly changing font size (VERY large to VERY small) against badly chosen background colours. But mostly I am still gobsmacked that it's called 'verbal' ... when it's not. It's written!?! During it I was presented with stuff written using the best 1990's business speak about numerous subjects such as the insurance worl

NZ Folk Chants * Playground Rhymes

NZ Folk Chants * Playground Rhymes Nice stuff. A few of my favourites: Roll, roll, roll your dope Scrunch it at the end, Puff, puff That's enough Now pass it to your friend. God of Nations, in the scrum, Kick the Aussies in the bum. If it hurts, serves them right. Blow them up with dynamite God of Nations, smell my feet, In the bonds of Shortland Street. Hear our voices, tweet, tweet, tweet. God defend our toilet seat. Maybe these are the versions I should sing when I attend my citizenship ceremony , hee hee. Ching ching to the Make Tea Not War posting for the link

King Kong - 22 weeks to go

Almost a race between Kong and Meg - she'll win by a good 4-5 weeks :-) Anywho, the latest Post Production diary is up on-line. As the site says: Marc Ashton, 2nd Unit Assistant Director, takes us on a tour of the WETA Digital soundstage being used to film elements for King Kong...what is an element? Watch the PPD and find out! Who needs 100% CGI when you can smash wood, rocks, dirt, plants and other items with cricket bats, golf clubs and more! Take a look! And listen closely at the very end of this PPD for some exciting news about...pick up shooting Ha, pick up shooting news is so last week ;-) First trailer out on the official King Kong movie website .

Week 23, I feel kicking babies

I got to feel Meg kicking for the first time last night - very cool, very cool indeed. Liz is reporting that she's put on some seriously large kicks in the past week - we may have to invest in some soccer boots for the birth :-) And, unfortunately, that's about it really. The picture , by the way, is of a baby at 6 months - of course it's not actuallly Meg but we all get the idea of how complete she is. From now on it's a bit of tidying around the edges and bulking up. Pretty amazing eh! I'm sure we've been to the mid-wife recently (in the past few weeks at least) but as nothing really happens there's not a lot to report back. Jack and I play around with the toys whilst Liz fills in forms and chats to the mid-wife. Jack does like watching Mum as she gets the heartbeat microphone thingy applied. But that's probably the highlight for him. Oh, and if you're feeling generous then don't hesitate to peruse this . (more Meg postings)

Bored at work - try this

If you're having a quiet day , try this: While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction.

Lions 2005 - the awards ceremony

Lions 2005 - the awards ceremony

How's your day? Had a good week?

What's going down with you? Just had the urge to see how you, dear reader, are today! I'm constantly telling you how I am , what I think , what's got under my skin recently, theories of the world but I rarely ask how it is for you. So, what's up? Had a good week? How was work? Name: Email: My website/blog web address: How I am today:

It's Friday ...

... and nothing really going down in the world of MiramarMike. Well there is but I can't tell you just yet ... oooh, secrets . We've had the nieces up from Christchurch for the week (ages 12, 14 and 16) which has been a lot of fun. Jack has had a blast, so much so that he's knackered himself out and caught the flu which has passed on to Liz - green snot galore. I seem to be OK ... I know you're concerned. The mornings have been bloody (BLOODY!) early though - 4am for Mon-Wed ! Jack had '12' and '14' sleeping in his room and for some reason he would wake himself up at 4AM to play. It was bloody dark so why he thought he could get up and play is beyond me. I would get him out of his cot and he'd come into bed with Liz & I where he'd fall fast asleep again. But when he wanted to turn over there was always something to fight, me, Liz, the blanket, a pillow ... always something, He'd cry, we'd wake up, move him and he'd instantly fal

Hollywood releases for 2007

So we're gonna get more regurgitated pap from Hollywood in 2007 - Shrek 3, Spiderman 3, The Transformers ... just bloody weak really. Harry Potter could be good if it happens ... possibly.

London bombers 'were all British'

Tough to hear that the London bombers 'were all British' . I can hear the cry from the nasty (male) whiteys already, "See, they're not really British. Send them back to [ fill in nasty place, probably Iraq] !" I hope this isn't the majority voice, I'm sure it won't be. Will be bloody tough for the British Muslims who are equally shocked and horrified by this information. They may have so much more to deal with alongside the general, "I might be blown up by an idiot" worry with the, "I might be attacked as being responsible by idiots". (nice page about the reaction at the BBC ) Sir Iqbal Sacranie of the Muslim Council of Britain said ... "It appears our youth have been involved in last week's horrific bombings against innocent people. "While the police investigation continues we reiterate our absolute commitment and resolve to helping the police bring to justice all involved in this crime of mass murder. Nothing in Isla

New Zealand bloggers, are you all gay?

For a month now my Google Adsense (right-hand side, under all the good stuff) has been showing Lions ads (camper van sites, buy ticket sites, where to stay sites ...) but it's now gone back to it's normal 'general NZ ads'. And for some reason there is always the following ad: Not a problem really but I'm curious to know why Google thinks this is relevant. Is there a large gay NZ blog community? Have I got gay keywords scattered liberally around the site? Is it my Jemsweb link?

Google search in funny languages

Well, funny for me. Google in Elmer Fudd Google in Bork, bork, bork! Google in Hacker Google in Klingon Google in Pig Latin ' Complete list. ' And don't forget the amazing Google Earth . Here endeth the advert for Google .

Mayor of London - Mayor's Statement 7 July 2005

Mayor of London - Mayor's Statement 7 July 2005 I'd heard how powerful Ken Livingstone's statement directly after the bombings was and I've finally got to read it. I want to say one thing specifically to the world today. This was not a terrorist attack against the mighty and the powerful. It was not aimed at Presidents or Prime Ministers. It was aimed at ordinary, working-class Londoners, black and white, Muslim and Christian, Hindu and Jew, young and old. It was an indiscriminate attempt to slaughter, irrespective of any considerations for age, for class, for religion, or whatever. ... and the end ... Finally, I wish to speak directly to those who came to London today to take life. I know that you personally do not fear giving up your own life in order to take others - that is why you are so dangerous. But I know you fear that you may fail in your long-term objective to destroy our free society and I can show you why you will fail. In the days that follow look at our a

1999 World Cup semi-final loss, a defining Kiwi moment

I've been reading a few books about the All Blacks recently what with the Lions tour and all that - and I didn't get them out of the library, Liz got for me, now isn't that a wonderful partner for you. So, reading these books and it's brought to the fore my theory of the 1999 semi-final loss to France and its effect on New Zealand . Just before I plough on, if you think this is about rugby and are sick and tired of me rattling on about "that bloody game" then be assured it's not. Rugby was the catalyst but most certainly not the whole of the reason underlying my theory. As some of you may be aware I have long espoused the theory that on Sunday 31st October, 1999 and during the following months New Zealanders took a large step out of 'adolescence' and towards adulthood. By 'New Zealanders' I am referring to the collective , the masses, the singly psyche a country gives out. The same feeling we have that America is a young bully, Engla

Week 22, boobs and bumps

Liz definitely looks pregnant and has developed boobs that would frighten ... something frightened of large boobs. (BTW: that is NOT Liz or Jack in the photo) I'm now just waiting for the first visible (to me) signs of Meg being in there as we're not qite there to be feeling movement with my hand unless I'm very VERY lucky. Will be a cool moment. And I wonder what Jack will think when he feels it. Think we'll be reading the, "Our new baby" book a few times. If you're another Dad-to-be check out the BabyCenter's Dads-to-be: Pregnancy info (more Meg postings)

Tourists and their cameras

In the past when someone is taking a photo of something (such as the Beehive) I try and wait until the click before walking past them. Nothing more annoying than getting everything all set-up to have the photo end up of a blurred office worker. But I am now gonna take a completely opposite tact. I will, if people are in my path, walk on by. They can deal with the potential crap photo. Why the change of heart from 'The Last of the Nice Guys' to 'Selfish Bastard'? No, you can't blame Don Brash and his "what about me" society ... yet. Two reasons: A lot of these people taking the photos haven't got the sense to stand on the near-side of the pavement. I suspect they're trying to get as much distance between themselves and the subject in question. Have they not learned to use the zoom/de-zoom function!?! Digital photography. Delete the picture of me and do it again. Or even better, take another another another and then choose the one you want to keep.

How can I get my very own Bledisloe Cup 2000 match program?

It's one of my 'things' that I get a match program from every game. Unfortunately the 2000 Bledisloe Cup programs were all sold out and I never managed to score one. Of course the game itself went on to be tagged as the 'greatest rugby union game ever' in front of 109,000 fans. Whilst I really was one I was a tad drunk but totally remember the Jonah try ;-) I've checked eBay , TradeMe and Google but no joy. So, anyone any ideas how I could get my hands on one? Leave a comment Send me an email (

King Kong: 23 weeks to go

Kong is - get the '23 weeks to go' diary ( Apple Quicktime 'mov' format) from the production here in Miramar. That's 23 weeks until the premiere in New York on December 14th. Post production : they've finished principal filming and are now trying to piece it all together and stick in the music and a couple (!) of effects. I understand that pick-ups (bring back actors and film little extra's they now need or re-shoot stuff if required) will start in the next week or so. Don't forget the first trailer out on the official King Kong movie website .

Lions 2005 round-up part two

After my general view of the Lions tour here's a little bit about the venues and the games (if you were there leave comments and flesh out my memory) Nice tour round-up from the BBC as well. Lions v Argentina: 25-25 Date : Tue 24th May Watched at : Arizona Bar With me : John & Mr Reasonable (at the start) Breakfast with rugby, nothing finer. The chairs were bloody awful to watch rugby in but as it was only 7am it's hard to rate this a future rugby watching venue. The game itself can now been seen to herald the whole tour! Bay of Plenty v Lions: 20-34 Date : Sat 4th June Watched at : Black Harp With me : Sean, Just & Paul The first real game and it was a lot of fun. Passion, a few Lions supporters and plenty of Guinness. We were a little too close to the big screen so the neck had to be clicked back at full-time. Probably a bit too small for future games but a definite winner on the night ((c) S. Fitzpatrick). Taranaki v Lions: 14-36 Date: Wed 8th June Watched at : Ba

Everyone in my immediate London circle is OK

And whilst that's very selfish it was my instant concern. What fucking awful events. Latest news at the BBC.

Playcentre / helping Mum weed

Jack at his Miramar Playcentre Weeding