Positive discrimination for world leaders

God of balance and harmonyHere's a thought. To ensure that the world doesn't edge into extremism why don't we (the world "we" not just you, dear reader, and I) have a policy of positive discrimination when choosing our world leaders.

For example, at the moment we have a right-leaning leader in Britain, a right leader in the US and the same in Australia. In NZ we have a left-leaning (just) leader and the same in Spain. So, 3-2 to the right-ists. Now, in this small world if there were to be a new leader they would have to be of a left persuasion to ensure a balance.

Whaddya reckon?

Of course this might already happen - anyone know of a list of world leaders that can be sorted this (Wikipedia springs to mind, oh alright I'll go check for you ... bum, it's down) ...

We could also ensure, through positive discrimination, that we have a equitable balance of gender, height, outlook, Super 14 support ... whatever we wanted as we (you, intelligent reader, and I) are making up the rules.


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