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Diverse Cityscape

It's not quite enough but Wellington does have great pockets of architectural diversity.

The Latest Version

Since I moved to AoNZ back in 1996 the New Zealand Rugby have had a 'House' in 3 different locations around Wellington, can you name the first? ? the ill-fated Centre Port location, current location on Molesworth Street. So, where was New Zealand Rugby housed in 1996 before their move to a fancy but ultimately unsafe Centre Port location?

Concrete Jungle

At certain angles and in a specific light Wellingtontownland can look like a real city, but we all know it's a small fishing village really.

Wairarapa Sunset

An amazing sunset paints the Wairarapa clouds, um, this colour:

Compound Stockholm Tar

Oils, tars & greases right thro' Australia.

Awaiting The Warmth Of God

Tickled me, that Jesus, or perhaps 1970s Robert Plant, seems to be waiting for someone to click the heater switch and the warmth of the unknowable will bathe upon his painted face.

Bad Space Comics

Scott Base* is a local comic artist and writer and I love his (I assume, coz "Scott") work and once I get back into my old Patreon account I am definitely popping a couple of bucks a month their way. Bad Space ( ) is the website to go to, I also subscribe and get the latest delivered straight to me, love it when the machines do the work. Scott Bases says: Love comics. Love science. Less fond of the rich maggots killing our planet. Based in Wellington, New Zealand. If you want to support my work, throw a couple of bucks at me on Patreon or buy my prints on Redbubble. Here's the strip, Empires Of Light , that introduced me to the work - they are always 10 panels, no more, no less. * great name, can't believe for a second it's real, but great name

People Who Say It Can't Be Done

Hah, quite happy with this sign as painted onto the 3Mile window in Carterton.

Insect Nibbles For All

One of the more 'eclectic' of events Raj and I got invited to during our Access Granted NZ days, Hemp & Crickets - Oh My! Sustainable food using alternative sources of protein is the way of the future… and something pretty exciting is launching in Wellington in a few weeks – not only will it be the healthiest product of its type in the supermarket, it’s a NZ first. The hemp came via the wraps , and the crickets were, well, deep fried crickets and were gorgeous - highly recommend you have them if you ever can.

The Greatest Netballer Of All Time

Irene van Dyk was the reason I fell in love with netball and I miss her on the court (as does the current NZ netball team, but we're getting there eh). .. the most capped international player of all time: in every game she consistently attained over 90%. She is recognised as the greatest goal-shooter of all time. Every now and again I get to meet someone I hugely respect and it's always a privilege to take a selfie and tell them how much of a positive impact they've had on my life.

Layers Of Three

I am quite partial to a photo that is split into layers and have shared many over the years. I don't know if it's the order, the juxtaposition, or even just the love of threes. Some things just appeal and some things don't. 1: Houses on the hills 2: Low white cloud 3: Glowing sunrise sky

Mediterranean Beach Front Apartments

Could be Mediterranean beach front apartments. Or maybe the Gold Coast of Australia a street back from the beach. Perhaps it's apartments of Santa Barbara overlooking the Pacific beaches. Surely it can't be a Honolulu hotel facing Waikiki. Nope, none of those, it's the Cable Street Portal Apartments overlooking Te Papa Museum in Wellington.

Morning Ripples

The ripples of a morning harbour as it gently laps against the land.

Maupuia And Beyond

Harbour view from the 'ring road' around Miramar Peninsula.

Beach Run At Sunrise

She's a bloody beaut place and that's for sure, eh.

Sunrise Over Inner City Beach

Gorgeous eh, a sunrise over the inner city beach of Oriental Bay on Wellington. As a mate of mine says, "Living the dream Mike, living the dream.'

La Dee Da

Look, I know it says LADADA but I am never gonna stop reading it as, "Oooooh, la-de-daaaah!"


Draw an iceberg and see how it will float ... that's it. Apparently my name floats upright.

"My Favourite Year" movie

Finally, I own this little slice of classic movie making, My Favourite Year . Comedy with Alan Swann as the movie idol with a fondness for drink,whose forthcoming appearance on a live TV show sparks nervousness among the TV executives. Peter O'Toole is magnificent, channeling not only colleagues ( Errol Flynn !!) but a certain joie de vivre from his own life. The whole feel of the movie is 1954 even though it was filmed and released in 1982. It captures a certain Jewish comedy that I associate with Woody Allen in his early days, with Mel Brooks, and Sid Ceasar. But is it based on real life, a bit yes , bit no, and a bit who knows. Check out the movies Wikipedia section, " Relationship to real life ", which is replete with [citation required] :) I love it, and I am so glad I now have it and can watch it to my heart's content.

Entertain Me

Kiwis are the hardest of people to engage with in a formal "show / presentation" setting. You get very little, if anything, back from the audience and you can think you're dying on your feet when you're actually smashing it out of the park. It's a happy combination of laid back, unimpressed by stuff seen before, reserve in showing emotion on a grand scale, work for my attention, and even a little mix of "we're not worthy". It's the greatest feeling when you break through.

John Bercow's Absolute Power podcast

John Bercow , the ex-Speaker of The House Of Commons in the UK Parliament and famous for his particular intonation of, " Ooorrrdddeeeeeehhhrr " has joined up with Deborah Frances-White , the comedian, author, screenwriter and host of the wildly successful The Guilty Feminist podcast*, to outline how the 'corridors of power' actually work. John Bercow's Absolute Power podcast , week by week, takes a particular facet of Parliament and UK Government, outlines what the component of parliamentary democracy does before discussing what power it truly holds. At the time of writing they have had awesome 30(ish) minute discussions upon: Statutory Instruments Backbenchers The Treasury and the Chancellor Private Members Bills SPADs and Spin Doctors The Whips The Prime Minister The Speaker Whether you hold with his or her politics won't make any difference to the information you will gain, which might actually come in useful if you ever find yourself with the need to try

Corner Mirror Tease

Nothing to see, just an image of a bathroom corner mirror and the photographer.

Te Hotu Manawa O Rangitaane O Manawatū Marae

One of the last hackathons I facilitated was the most awesome AgTech Hackathon 2019 as created by Johnelle Hosking  from (at the time) The Factory. Before everyone dived into work a "get to know each other" dinner was held at Te Hotu Manawa O Rangitaane O Manawatū Marae.

City Grey

With a glimpse of the famed "long white cloud " lying across the Mt Victoria hill a grey Wellington city rumbles on with its work work work.

Trumpet Plant

A rare sight indeed, a flowering of the Trumpet plant as the young trumpets let loose their first paaaaarrrppp into an exciting new world. Or is it the Upside Bell Tree.

What Is That Phone?

I am full of awe and admiration for this 2019 tech event attendee sporting the finest of retro phones. Sometimes you just gotta roll with the vibe within.

Midnight Preview

A very special movie for my daughter, Captain Marvel . The start of the end of the Marvel movies phase she had dived into big time introducing a female superhero she can totally relate to. Captain Marvel, my daughter's superhero who just happens to be the most powerful of them all - hell yeah! It had been a long time coming and here we were. The Roxy Cinema had stepped up a level with the special preview showing hosting a costume prize draw, and lighting up the place with Captain Marvel - check out more photos . We all felt very excited ... here we go ...

What A Pisser

15 seconds. Maybe 20 seconds, that's how long I think it takes for me to stand in front of a pub urinal and have a wee. Someone thought 20 seconds was time enough to entertain, inform, and sell to a man in a pub as he had a wee. That very person then went ahead and created a whole system involving screens, databases, UI, and all the gubbins required by computers. This then failed to yours truly as I had a wee. Nothing like putting your brain power and resources to solving the world's big problems eh.

I Love What You've Done With The Place

As an office this is quite something. Unfortunately it's a bar not an office, but I'd work at that desk.

The Things You See Walking The Wharf

Are the lying down 'bikes' easier, or more efficient, or even just more comfortable? Are those that use the sitting upon bikes all fools that are missing out? Or is it just for show?

New Standing Behind Old

The old parts of Wellington CBD are few and far between due to a 1980-2000s building mission of Kiwi cringe and demolishing the old and popping up the 'new'. Of course the then 'new' is now the new 'old'. Unfortunately this old, the Turnbull House  ( photos ), has been shut for a very long time because of the 2016 Kaikōura earthquake that had a big affect on any buildings in the city.


The Beehive is the official working offices of the Government of the day and is attached to the more stately Parliament House  where the public work is done. The PMs office is at the top of The Beehive, surrounded by her closest Ministers with Ministers and MPs on the floors below. Any spill over then joins the opposition parties in Parliament House offices oe over the road at Bowen House which is joined with an underground tunnel. [ my photos of New Zealand Parliamentary grounds and The Beehive ]

No Whatnow?

The brain fills in the letters eh ... did yours pop in an "ic" or the full "rin"?