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Blast from the Past: St Basil

I don't know who St Basil was ( Wikipedia ) but I do know he has the most magnificent Roald Dahl / Quentin Blake 'church' named after him. Much like the Interisland ferry between the two New Zealand islands (incorporating Pelorus Jack ), was the most amazingly exotic place in the world for a 12 year-old boy in Wales ... Russia was "so far away". Going there was a dream (or itch) to be fullfilled and when I did, it was just as good as I'd hopped. As is Aotearoa . Only Iceland to go! previous Blast from the Past photo >>

Goodbye to the Christchurch City Council

I've learned loads and, I hope, made a small difference in my short time at the place . It's an interesting place to work and I wish all those that are striving to make it a better place to work and therefore serve the fine upstanding citizens of Christchurch more easily and efficiently all the best. Thanks everyone but especially those in the pod - Anemone, Jane, Don and Fraser! And how timely was this in my Inbox this morning (not that it is in anyway relevant to my leaving - but funny as!)

Oh ... my ... gosh - what a name NOT to laugh at

Crickey! (hat tip Dave Da Man )

Carrot Cake recipe

This Carrot Cake recipe is becomming a legend within the family. It came down from Auckland many moons ago (early 80's) with Ginny as a gift on first meeting the Christchurch family. Apparently such exotic wonders hadn't made it so far down at the time and it wowed them. Liz has since introduced many a person to the joys within and now it's yours to share. Enjoy. I'm not a cake sort of person so it doesn't do that much for me. By the way, this is an example of us being able to instantly share any 'Word' documents using Writely , easy as - simply pushed the publish button, confirmed and voila. Oh, and many more recipes at The Open Sauce

Blog header - how can I get a good one?

All the best blogs (examples here , here and here , oh and here ) have wonderful blog header graphics ... I'd love to have one but am not cut out as a designer. Can you help? Can you draw me one? Can you put me in touch with those that can? Leave a comment or send an email to Many thanks.

How to write a good blog headline (Digg v Google v Microsoft)

Inspiration for this article from Richard MacManus and his How to game Digg and the blogosphere rant, hence the spurious geekness of the article headline :-) I notice that as I click like a madman through my desktop feeds each morning catching up on the Northern Hemisphere and then through the day as the Kiwi's post that I am extremely judgmental in what I click on. I rarely read articles that indicate a "diary" entry - give aways include: has lower case all the way through - " i've just got a new tv " assume I know the person - " One more move and then we're done " talk about places I don't know about - " Great meal at the Toowoomba cafe last night " talk in a completely different language; not just -" Wedi bron i flwyddyn mae'r blog yma wedi dod i ben, am y tro " * but also, " He continues: "I was totally cute....and I had a really big D. Too bad the big D didn't really stick with me." &quo

So this is why Rob is in Stockholm

The rock stars go crazy - W. Axl Rose arrested near Stockholm - Wikinews "Potter, Harry Potter" - welllll, the hints for the seventh and final book are starting to come out of Rowling. Potter might be one of the two characters that will die. Shame she has to talk about "hate mail" at such an early stage, aren't people just a wee bit mad sometimes. Flock/Firefox+Meebo user - I'm sure you are. Then check out this extension bringing them together. I echo the "... Meebo’s support of the project ..." call - go for it guys! And finally ... *sheesh* , whatever next - Kiwi's wear more socks than Thai's but not as much as Canadians ... Kiwi's are only the fourth most fantabulous people in the world ... !?!?

A desktop that works like ... a desktop

This is a prototype electronic desktop that is soooo much easier to understand and use than the one you're probably using right now. Basically it's what we all do with the oodles of printed stuff we put on our real desks. I love it and would love to use it ... via the Web, of course :-) (hat tip to Seth at the Enter Conter Here blog )

Isn't that the point, punishment (ie, don't do it again sonny) is meant to "hurt"

Guardian Unlimited Arts | Arts news | Boy George hits out at 'raking leaves' punishment - and this has certainly got under his skin, hee hee ...

How much can you find out about me?

There's been some rumbling recently in blogging-land (see end of the article around how much private information people seem to be willing to share using the interweb, especially on MySpace (which I don't use). There seems to be the perception that Big Brother is just around the corner (if not having arrived already) ... I'm not so sure that's true but I don't know what to base that on ... I need to think harder about it. As you know I touched upon the nastier side of life with my Flickr photo's. That experience hasn't, however, stopped me thinking that life online is fundamentally safe - and that's the prime issue, safety . Is it safe from physical harm, safe from mental harm and safe from financial harm? And that safety should encompass not just myself but all those that are somehow "connected" to me and the content I put up. For instance - if I put up a picture of someone on my publicly available photo album will that person be safe from i

12 days and it's nearly real

We've packed and our "stuff" is on the ship on its way to the UK ... we think, last we heard it was in Wellington (ironic) waiting for the containers to fill up. Mind you, Liz got a call from the shippers about "customs in the UK" - we thought we'd filled in all the forms and paid all the money, can you see where they think they're gonna go can't ya! All the NZ money has been paid, collected and the remainder will be transferred to the UK ... not a whole heap of spending cash but enough to get us through to the end of the Swedish wedding. Carol and I finished the 2-parter of House last night (he survived), that was nice. Liz and I even got into Boston Legal , which is a pain coz I'm sure it won't be on in the UK :-) Ooh, and Meg and I even watched a whole game of soccer this morning (France 3 Spain 1 - missed one of the goals as I cleaned up Meg's "bottom explosion") I'm now tracking the temperature of Singapore (31°) and

Naughty soccer players - here's the low down

WebFOCUS Active Report gives you the latest on those naughty soccer players. Who's been bullying the referee the most (Croatia), who's been awarded the most/least yellow cards (Portugal/USA)and who's gone for the most fake injuries (Paraguay). All kept up to date as the competition progresses and let's you sort, filter and calculate to your hearts delight. This is an excellent piece of product demo from Information Builders - well done!

Bad politician, bad bad politician

No Right Turn tells us that the Western governments have failed to live up to their "make poverty history" promises ... not good Mr and Mrs Politician, please try harder and see me after school today! (hat tip to Hard News for the reference)

All Blacks - good on 'em for picking the best squad

Well done to Reuben and the management for going with the best All Black squad possible - I suspect this is the core that will be playing in the French Rugby World Cup Finals next year. Oh, and Conrad Smith once he gets back into it all! So it's now bring on the Aussies and the Boks in a full on Tri-Nations series (one extra round of games for everyone ... is this a good idea, hmmm) - check out the fixture list Full squad Dan Carter, Canterbury Jerry Collins, Wellington Jimmy Cowan, Southland Jason Eaton, Taranaki Rico Gear, Tasman Scott Hamilton, Canterbury Carl Hayman, Otago Andrew Hore, Taranaki Doug Howlett, Auckland Chris Jack, Tasman Byron Kelleher, Waikato Luke McAlister, North Harbour Richie McCaw, Canterbury (Captain) Leon MacDonald, Canterbury Chris Masoe, Wellington Aaron Mauger, Canterbury Keven Mealamu, Auckland Mils Muliaina, Waikato Ma’a Nonu, Wellington Anton Oliver, Otago Greg Rawlinson, North Harbour Joe Rokocoko, Auckland Greg Somerville, Canterbury Rodney So’

The world as you've never seen it before

These maps are totally amazing and, as they say themselves, Worldmapper: The world as you've never seen it before They do some clever mapping "blowing up like a balloon" malarkey using the political map of the world using statistics - here's an explanation of what and how . Why? Well, it casts a light on how things truly are with the world, who's gets all the royalties , where the tourists go , who owns the the most tractors , who makes the worlds toys , who uses the most fuel , veggies or electronics etc etc. They're picture so it's best to see them and not for me to try and explain. Here's a few examples (click to see the originals in glorious big size). The first set are the net immigration (that's countries that have people coming into them - I am an immigrant into New Zealand) and emigration (I'm an emigrant from the UK). How about these two, cigarette imports and exports Oh, oh, how's these, computer exports and imports There&

14 days to go and more of the NZ life slips away

We (well, I say "we" but really I mean Liz ) has given away the old car. Now whilst it was never "my" car as Liz brought it into the relationship in (much the same way I brought all the good music) I did get quite attached to the old girl ... the car, not Liz. It did the Riversdale's proud as it traveled the length of the country taking us here , there and everywhere and never complained (too much). Mind you Liz never expected to get any money for it so we gave it away to a mate of Graeme's . I hope the new owner cultivates the mould growing on the floor where Jack used to sit as much as the wee fella did by feeding it lollies, crisps and assorted sandwiches.

Family tree (genealogy) software - any recommendations

Carol's finished a major writing project and wants to direct her energies towards the family tree - any software (free is always better) that I should be pointing her towards - leave a comment Or maybe websites to help her as well - am looking at the recommendations from BBC - Wales - Genealogy Software - any others?

C4 comes up trumps one more time with the 48 Hours Finale

C4 can be very good ... it's got its fair share of "music channel" dross but it's willing to do more than just play the latest hippity hop. Last night Liz and I settled down to a bottle of red (very nice) and stumbled across the 48 Hours Grand Finale ... and we loved it, heck Liz even voted (for the eventual winner). If you're a regular reader of Wellingtonista then you'll know all about it .... if you've no idea then checkout 48Hours or watch the finalists at New Zealand Short Films . When I get back to Wellington (Jan 2008 if not earlier) then I want to be involved in such a crazy scheme - more than happy to be involved with those that know what they're doing OR be part of a "lucky first time winners" :-) And it's passion like Brewster Kahle (what a name) that'll get us into the finale ...

Keep your dirty little secret to yourself

Chances are, if you're reading this you're a fellow 'blogger' and well, you're into "new techie stuff" ... embarrasing isn't it! This is for you

Leaving is all about timing

Carol , in whose house the Riversdale's have been living for the past 9 months (it was meant to be a lot less but then Rob announced the wedding and ... see many previous postings) ... she's into House , the TV show, and this week (Tue I think?) is the final in the present series and as well as being the end of a "To be continued ....". A main character is probably gonna die - I could look it up but I don't want to know. And, it'll be the penultimate Tue (is it?) in Christchurch. Timing ... almost. Of course, this is much like buying a new car (stick with me) ... when you buy a new car then suddenly the road is full of the same model, colour and accessories. If you hear a new band and love their new single then all of a sudden all you hear is that song or songs like it. Coincidences don't exist ... or, they exist all the time. I'm looking for Christchurch endings. Not all will be as neat and convenient as House ... but I'm glad that I can share thi

If giraffes lived in America

Emailed from a mate, hee hee. I could probably substitute "America" with a lot of other places but hey, it's easier sticking with the cliches and, of course, all Kiwi's hate Americans (*sigh*)

Anyone read "The Big Over Easy : A Nursery Crime" - good/bad?

The Big Over Easy : A Nursery Crime by Jasper Fforde Love to know if it's worth buying ...

6°c in Christchurch but looking foward to 29°c in Singapore

1 week and 1 day to go at work and I'm looking forward to hotter climes ... Already we're having to say goodbye to things. The final Wednesday lunch time with Jack, Me gand Liz happened a few weeks ago and it occured to both Liz and I that, well, that was it. Since recognising it I've got very VERY excited about going ... even if the money situ will be tight (and tighter after I've left work for many a reason, *sigh*) But, we'll have enough to get there, look around and find me a job . Now that Jack's 3rd birthday is done and dusted we are totally focussed on the trip from here (Christchurch) to there (Monmouth) via Singapore (where it is 29°c). I have almost closed my mind down to the current work place (one more review on collaboration tools to publish) and then it's totally on! And on that (or more correctly, a completely different) note, check out DoF's sign's here and here which lead me, via a conversation and Google, to here and ultimately

Anyone read "The Big Over Easy : A Nursery Crime" - good/bad?

The Big Over Easy : A Nursery Crime by Jasper Fforde Love to know if it's worth buying ...

Hot and Cold - Complaining and Dealing With It

Whilst we in New Zealand/Aotearoa (so good they named it twice) are struggling through wind , snow and general coldness there are those in the world complaining (albeit with humour and superb writing)about how hot it is ... Some just get on with what they know best!

RSS/Web has made the world smaller ... but!

This article is now at Enterprise 2.0 New Zealand style: RSS/Web has made the world smaller ... but!

More pictures for you to marvel at

More at Flickr: Archives / date taken/ 15-June-2006 More at: Flickr: Archives/ date taken/ 17-June-2006 More at: Flickr / Archives / Date taken/ 18-June-2006

OhGizmo! does it again - how's this little lot for cool things

OhGizmo! is a blog about cool things that everyone (well, possibly the "boys" that want "toys") will go, "Coooool!" In fact, the more I think about it the more I know this is a site for me and my mates - the lads. So, here's my pick of today: Computer Turns 2D Images Into 3D - watch the video, it is VERY cool Stonehenge Pocket Watch - ha ha ha ha ... this I'm thinking about purchasing The Headless USB Bear - nice. Pointless but funny The Kenguru, A Car Designed For The Disabled - and why the heck not ... in fact, I'd love one! iCarta iPod Toilet Paper Holder - music whilst in the "library" And one more for the Web Usability geeks out there: Jacob Jensen Jabra JX10

Blogged soap opera - Nine Rooms

I'm sure this has been done before but it was a while ago and for the life of me I can't remember where, when, who, why or ... well, maybe I don't remember it really. Aaaaanywho - check out Nine Rooms and the relevant characters blogs for, and I quote from Cliff the director : It went live today and it's a dramatic comedy narrated by its characters though their blog postings. I've been planning this for a couple of months and trying to find out if anyone has done anything like this before and amazingly, I don't think they have. So I contacted some of the best writers I know and every week we post to our characters's blogs who follow a plot which rolls out in all kinds of twists and turns over next several months. Please read it and if you enjoy it like I hope you will then please tell your friends about it. Apart from this post and this site, my name doesn't appear on it anywhere so there's no connection from Nine Rooms back to me, so you can send N

Moving to a new Wiki

Moving what to a new what? I said, I'm moving to a new Wiki ... a new place to stick all my "knowledge management" ideas, approaches and techniques on the Web and anyone can edit. I'm moving from the current Wiki (based on Mediawiki which runs the beloved yet always under fire Wikipedia) to a new Wiki doo-fangle called Wetpaint . Why? Coz it's a gazzilion times easier to use and I like it. So, new KM wiki is at: All though the content hasn't yet been moved from Thanks for the heads-up at TechCrunch » Blog Archive » Wetpaint Launches: Wikis Evolve

Arriving here is a multi-faceted journey involving sex, rugby, Fawlty Towers and Julian Beevers

Like all good bloggers I track every movement of every second of ever reader that comes to this blog. I do this by installing software on your work and home computers, hooking it up to your digital watch and via the live satellite feed of your exact whereabouts via Google ... I use Google Analytics . And, like all good bloggers, I am want to publish the finest of search entries that somehow ended up on a page created using my fair hand (in conjunction with the scanky hand) - here's the best over the past few weeks: Rugby fixtures Easily the top feeder of search results and people are looking for the fixtures both here in NZ (particularly the All Blacks) and the Southern Hempisphere but also the Northern Hemisphere and the 2007 World Cup in France. Everything you ever wanted to know is here and here . (PS: Sorry if you ended up here searching for the FIFA World Cup ...) Sex and things ever so slightly naughty I don't tend to get the truly smutty stuff that Vicus , Martha and L

Official Union advice about getting time off for the World Cup

Amicus the Union - World Cup fever - hee hee

Party games for a 3-year-old's birthday party

So far it's: Statues - play music (Wiggles), everyone dances, I stop it, everyone has to stop and be a statue Pin the ... on ... - not sure I can draw a donkey but something Bobbing for apples - might be a wee bit 'old' for 'em but we'll give it a go Jumpy Fing - a Jack/Dad Riversdale game involving cushions, launching oneself off the sofa and general rough and tumble Treasure Hunt - pray for good weather so we can get them all running around like idiots Keep The Balloon Up - a filler-in as I'm sure it'll only last 30 seconds Mummy Wrapping - in which the children wrap willing volunteers up in toilet roll -- the best mummy wins Mike Says - coz I like the power Pop-the-balloon - nice idea found on-line All the children gather in a circle, holding hands. Everyone moves into the center and on the birthday child's mark begins blowing. The circle expands getting larger and larger until you can no longer hold hands and "POP" everyone fal

Tender surnames with Jewish conspiracy as Bush apologises whilst Gates leaves Microsoft during a lackluster English win

I think the subject says it all really - enjoy: greavsie: greavsie is out for tender - what a cracking idea, I will be putting out an RFI very shortly | familyname - hat tip to Alan over at his half-pie The Jews And Avian Flu :: AO - *sheesh* Bush apologises after gaffe at press conference - 16 Jun 2006 - World News - "Doh!" and "Duh!" Gates to leave day-to-day operations at Microsoft - Business - International Herald Tribune - more interesting that it should be because at heart, deep down, I love being a geek Guardian Unlimited Football | World Cup 2006 | Witless England dig their way out - Bekham says they can only get better ... can't get much worse is what I hear I trust your weekend will be special. I'm off to get pressies and arrange games for Jack's 3rd birthday, coooool ...

When old doctors blub on TV

Maaaate, I loved it. That old fella ... well, not that old but expressed some fairly antiquarian attitudes ... John someone blubbed on about how these pesky junior doctors are killing the 'doctor/patient' relationship. And when I say "blubbed" I mean in a classic British way - chin wobble, shaky hands and out of seat with hand waving in front of the camera in a feeble attempt to not be seen. Oh, and the way the camera just kept on filming was classic, you could hear the director screaming into the operators ear, "Keep on him! KEEP ON HIM! This is gold" Three things, starting with BOLLOCKS! I want awake and competent doctors and whatever it takes to get that is good enough by me. I don't see any special "patient/doctor" relationship; I mean, there might have been 200 years ago but fuck off, it's a job - I don't have any special relationship with the postie, the mechanic or the shop assistant ... I don't, and I don't care what the

Film Sound Cliches and Walla

Looking for Walla (after a TV slot last night) and stumbled across Film Sound Cliches

New Zealand South Island snow from space

click for larger version

Emails and me

from Jonny's latest I receive an email!!! This is always exciting, as it allows me to stop work, read the email, think about the email, reply to the email, then do another little bit of work until the next email arrives. I scrutinise it with interest. ...

Ah, past lives are so much fun

Anyone you know DoF? Streaker's bikini is mine - jilted truckie / TradeMe auction And as Stuff has a history of removing articles within seconds of them being read here it is for posterity: Streaker's bikini is mine - jilted truckie 14 June 2006 By BRUCE HOLLOWAY A Waikato truckie says he should get any proceeds from the sale of the bikini that rugby test streaker Lisa Lewis is auctioning on the Trade Me internet site. In a twist to the tale of Saturday night's pitch invasion at the All Blacks-Ireland game in Hamilton, the 32-year-old driver – a jilted lover who does not want to be named for family reasons – said he had hired a lawyer to try to halt the auction until the rightful recipient of the proceeds had been determined. He said the bikini – latest bid $1060 – was among an estimated $82,000 of purchases he showered on Ms Lewis until their brief relationship ended before Christmas. When contacted, Ms Lewis rejected all the driver's claims. After saying she would se

Rugby calendars - subscribe and share

After having difficulty finding an RSS/iCal feed of the FIFA World Cup fixtures and results I thought I'd solve the rugby one myself and open up feeds to my own calendar - help yourselves: Rugby Union calendar Subscribe (RSS) Subscribe (iCal) Download (CSV) Preview Super 14 calendar Subscribe (RSS) Subscribe (iCal) Download (CSV) Preview 2007 Rugby World Cup calendar (Sep 1st - Oct 20th, France) Subscribe (RSS) Subscribe (iCal) Download (CSV) Preview Explanations: RSS explanations here , here and at Wikipedia . Similarly for iCal here , here and at Wikipedia .