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Message From The Wellington Police

The police are investigating a local incident and are seeking help from the public. CLICK FOR FULL PDF

Genius, Both The Subject And The Presentation

From Oatmeal - Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek that ever lived

The Gig Was Awesome But Now What?

You pay your money for the ticket, you get along early and rark each other up, the gig was awesome and then ... then ... it's all over. BUT, you're still on a high because the gig was AWESOME! Youu want to shout it from the rooftops, people need to know just how amazing they were and they MUST go next time they come to town. Sound familiar? Certainly is for me - evidence #1 , #2 , #3 and #4 And that was just one band. Imagine all those gigs, all those excited people wanting to do the same. Now you can, with the recently launched Fantale : You're a fan right? So are we. Fantale is a place for fans to chart their gig history and share experiences. We created Fantale out of a desire to help fans connect and share with each other around live events. Every fan has a story to tell. Maybe it's about an amazing three encore set by your favourite band, or a chance encounter with the bassist at the merch table. You probably have a photo to prove it, or a signed set l

Miramar Town Centre Improvements

Get involved! Miramar Peninsula Enterprise says (I have tidied it up a bit): HELP ENTERPRISE MIRAMAR PENINSULA SUPPORT MIRAMAR Dear Miramarians - Wellington City Council wants to can Miramar’s $900,000 town centre upgrade. The Council’s new Annual Plan proposes concentrating money on the central city because that’s where “the Wellington economy is based and everyone goes….”. Enterprise Miramar Peninsula believes this decision is wrong. HELP US PUT OUR BEST FACE FORWARD BY UPGRADING MIRAMAR’S TOWN CENTRE AND CONTINUING TO ATTRACT NEW BUSINESSES AND VISITORS. STEP 1. See what the upgrade would look like: Background to the upgrade: STEP 2. Make a submission supporting the Miramar Town Centre upgrade by 5pm, Friday 18 May 2012 . Your submission can be as short or as detailed as you like. You can make a submission: Online:

Australian Politicians Make You Proud You're Not From There