30Boxes is my calendar of choice

Putting things in is a breeze. Moving things around is a snip. Overlaying other calendars not a problem (iCal). Feeding it out in as many different formats I could want is a doddle.

And when I type in people's birthday s it knows and asks me if I want to repeat the entry each year and, if I know the birth year, it'll show me their age each time. Same with anniversary's. And it's this thinking that makes me happy to say ... 30 Boxes, sold* to the man on-line in Christchurch!

So, nearly done with phase 1 of life online, finding what I (we'll :-) be using:
Just numbers (spreadsheet) and file storage to go ...

Phase 2 - use the stuff in anger without resorting to PC stuff ... can it truly be done?

* it's free, of course


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