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Things to work out, back soon

Sorry, gonna be a lull in the updates with the blog for a week or so as I work through some issues down here (nothing to do with Riversdales, family or friends).

Life is not all serious and beige

Every year there are three most wonderful award ceremonies that, in their own way, celebrate all that is truly wonderful with us. Enjoy: Winners of the Ig® Nobel Prize The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest Darwin Awards

Oh! My! ... What The ... Who is this ...

... Speechless is not necessarily a good move when writing a blog ... but sometimes, just sometimes, I am ... just visit ... (hat tip-ish to Dave Barry one more time) [Update: 27-Sept] And another sirte discovered by a mate: StuffOnMyCat ... equally silly.

A little something special for my laydee readers

They're Men of the Internet ... and they uphold all that is good and fine when you're separated by a network connection. (hat tip to Dave Barry )

Future rants

Just so I don't forget to have a rant/discussion/natter about these things: 'A' is for anticipation More attractive girls in Christchurch than Wellington - true or false? Comments part 2 "Tea Nook" and other such colloquialisms

Gonna have sort out the tie

[Updated: 30th March, 2007] New links, new diagram and even a link to a video. Got the new tie, the new shirt (well, a month old now) and I'm really gonna have to learn how to tie the tie properly. Currently I'm a school boy, up-and-over-and-in sort of guy ... looks bloody naff. So, this week is practice week. I've printed off the "How to tie a Windsor" and am ready for feedback. Also, check out this video and the Google "how to tie a Windsor" results

New men of the world untie

One of my favourite bloggers ( counted on one of my hands ) is JonnyB and he's written an article for Baggage Reclaim , about which he says: NML, the editor, asked me to write it. I think it is good that in these 21st Century days of diversity and equality women are allowed their own website, and will support it all I can. So, enjoy JonnyB Queries the term 'New Man' I giggled (sorry, manfully chuckled, ho ho ho) loads.

Blogging for bosses - What Makes A Good Blog

This article is now at Enterprise 2.0 Blogging for bosses - What Makes A Good Blog

12 weeks to go and they're colouring in Kong

With only 12 weeks to go the Post Production Diary is all about colour (with a 'u' as it's being done in New Zealand!) grading. KongIsKing is you only place to find out more, such as this: With 12 weeks to go the color grading department is working full tilt on getting the right 'look' of the film. Color grading, used almost throughout 'Lord of the Rings' is an interesting process, we get to see some great examples of how it works on a few scenes with Naomi Watts, Colin Hanks & Adrien Brody. On the pure fanboy side of things we get to see some great (if small) shots from the film! Skull Island, New York, the Venture and more! Take a look! First trailer is still the only one doing the rounds on the official King Kong movie website .

Interesting peek into Microsoft and how it's had to change

As you'll probably have devised I'm a bit of a Google fan but that's not just the software they give out for free but also the way they work and operate that I like. Microsoft are having to change (for the better for us all) and Wall Street Journal has Battling Google, Microsoft Changes How It Builds Software article that'sa very interesting.

Company meetings, this is the way to survive

After Cliff's Company meeting posting I can see me doing the same in the future. Will I be as funny though?

7 weeks to go, we're starting to think about planning

Work is extremely busy for me (in a very good and totally loving it sort of way) and one of the key components of this busy-ness is the major deliverable I have to produce for mid-November (well, probably a week or two before that). This, of course, is exactly the same time as Meg's impending entry into the world of the Riversdale's. All a juggling act. But it has concentrated the mind somewhat. We know where we're going for the birth, we know where we're going if we have to move (all digits crossed that we don't have to - Liz is thinking that we won't anyway; put it out to the universe and make it so). I haven't chosen who I'd like to have with me during the whole malarkey. Last time it was Emma and that worked an absolute treat. We had a laugh in between the boring times (quietly, of course), kept each other alert and ready and generally ready for any action required. It also meant that one could go and have a rest, get some food and the like and L

Go Jerrrrrrrry!!!

Just seen the man, JC, himself wandering through the Square looking, well, to be fair looking a little like an extra in a Japanese Samurai film :-) Of course here at work they're getting used to my friendly banter but I think it's the first time someone else has stood up and barracked (Aussie phrase) for another side ... but that's OK, there's 3 of us here that I know of: Donna (who's coming with us tonight) and the boss Roy :-) And at the game, of course, there will be Cantabrian tears. And I've worked out why (following on from my other rugby fan theory's ). Without the rugby team winning (and flowing down to generally supporting the team) there's not a lot else to do . There's not the buzz of Wellington where you can actually live a wild and crazy life and not even know there's a game on. Here it's a much bigger percentage of the "what's on". Which will make it all the much better when they loose tonight and the Ranfurly

Haven't these people heard of power ones

Ones that don't need a human to push them along the damned ground. Ones that, anywhere else in the civilised world (ie, have some sort of electricity supply and/or petrol pumps with cheap ... oh, ok, just the electricity then). But anywhere else these things would be in a museum waiting for little Johnny to go, "Eeeewww, Daaaad, did you ever use one of those things before you got old?!?!" But here, in the Garden City ... the GARDEN City for lordy-lawks sake. The city that prides itself on being up with latest in garden activities, down with the latest planting info and hip to all things horticultural. The push-lawn mower .. I mean, come on, really ... And not a new fandangled modern type of push (or "reel" as I think they're technically called) lawn-mower. Oooh, no - the old fashioned, the "last time I saw such an item it was in black and white and everyone walked a bit too fast" type affair. The actual push lawn-mower you fondly remember your Nann

Snow in Redwood

After the snow fell and I got home from work I took these photo's: (sorry about the two almost identical photo's but once I uploaded them I don't have the heart to delete one) Yes that's a chicken coop, bloody cold for the chooks I 'spect As I sit here at 3pm it's looking like it's melted as much as it's gonna (about 50%) and we're in for a cold old night - hail every now and again but no more snow. If it lasts the night it'll probably be gone by mid-morning. All good clean fun though. Everyone was being like kiddies, giggling and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Work in the snow

As we all know, it's been snowing here to down here today. Here's a few photo's I took. Leaving the house at 8am and off to the bus stop: Once in the city I still thought that it was nothing and we'd all have a normal day at work: I took the bus home before they all stopped, allegedly, at mid-day.

It's snowing

[Updated 2:30pm] Well, it all seems to be melting away. Took me a while to get home and it was quite a hairy ride on the bus. I wonder if they're still running. What next, flooding from all the melting snow? See everyone tomorrow back at work and try and start the week one more time. Ahaaaaaaaar!! Photo's: Work / Home I understand that this is a once-in-10-years event, snow in Christchurch. In fact the last time it happened Jack's nearest cousin (in age) was being born. [Updated 10:42am] All buses stopping at 12pm (midday) I'm off home [Update 10:30am] Oooh, still snowing heavily and they're now shutting all the schools. The buses are still running but not up to the hills - this may change. Thankfully there is only one set of hills, The Port Hills :-) We may have to go home early - yaaay! One thing - there's nothing on-line to let people know what's happening. Shoddy! I had to call the Metro Info (03-3 66 88 55). This isn't a little bit of snow on the

A few of Jack over the past week or so

Jack and Dad Home made burger time Jack on his own, with various cousins, aunty's and grandads ...

Politics, what's it all about g'vnor

(Friggin' IE/pop-up thing lost my first posting!) Here's an email I've just sent to a Kiwi mate living in London. She's been txt'ing me over the past few hours asking me about the NZ Election and the like. Now, as you're probably aware, I'm not one to put much energy into discussing politics but she's been quite insistent with her view that this extremely important and can have dire consequences on us all. She may also (not that I've asked) be suffering from that strange malaise people have when they're away from home. One of being minutely interested in what's happening back in their homeland. I recall that I couldn't get enough UK/Welsh news for the first year or so when I moved to NZ - keeping hold of the rope attached to the 'home shore' as the immigration boat drifts further away. Anywho, here's the email: Politics is a facet of life that may or may not have direct and tangible affects on my life. No-one can ever know whe

Week 32 (8 weeks to go), the countdown starts

I'm gonna countdown the weeks from now on ... it's getting that serious. Of course the week's countdown isn't like an accurate thing, ooh no, it's not like an election poll or a pop top 10 , no, nothing so accurate as that. We've a date of 13th November for the arrival of Meg which is a .. hang on, let me just check ... it's a Sunday. This date is calculated waaaay back at the first scan ... in fact, it's done even earlier using the date of Liz's last period. So it's all made up and terribly indicative. It does give us something to aim for, something for us to hang our hat on, something for me to countdown to. I've pre-warned the new workplace (probably can't call them "new" for much longer - anyone know the etiquette here?) that I'll be taking 2 weeks off whenever Meg pops out. This could possibly be from any time now up to, and including, 23rd November. How can I be so certain of the last date? As Jack came 'out v

The Sound of King Kong's Music

Yep, with 13 weeks to go the latest Post Production Diary (PPD) is all about scoring the film. The NZ Symphony Orchestra are holed up in the MFC in central Wellington doing whatever Howard Shore asks of them. Here's the KongIsKing words: Howard Shore score! Howard Shore score! I can hardly contain my excitement over this PPD! Howard Shore (sans retro cool glasses...what is it the 'thing' now to go without glasses?!) down in New Zealand with PJ working on the Kong score!! The production team have taken over the NZSO concert hall and retro-fitted a recording studio and soundstage. Take a LISTEN to a few small seconds of the Kong score! They are recording this thing RIGHT you read this! Someone get a mop for my drool!! The world premiere is in New York on December 5th. The NZ premiere is in Wellington (of course!) on December 14th. General worldwide release is from 14th onwards. First trailer is still the only one doing the rounds on the official King Kong movie we

Your government to be decided by a spreadsheet

This will be my only "Decision 05" (ick!) posting after keeping my election pledge of no election garbage on my Blog(s). And I don't really have that much to say. I seemed to go on for bloody ages but on clear reflection it didn't actually. Having voted some time ago I was very much over it for the past week or so. The banter from the parties was all fairly normal and I don't subscribe to this, " It was the dirtiest campaigning since 19... " view - it was standard politiking without much point. The Winston electorate stuff was the closest I got to interest ... oh, and Blumsky's night escapade was quite humourous Last night Liz and I wandered off to the movies to see Wallace and Grommit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit around 7:45pm and both TV channels were getting into the spirit of things. I did like the slightly less pompous approach from TV3 and particularly John Campbell towards the end of the evening. We returned from the film slightly u

What was the strangest item you managed to get onto public transport?

A series of comments at a previous posting has got my weird brain ticking. What's the weirdest thing you've managed to get on to public transport (bus, plane, train, Tube , taxi ...)? How did you feel and what was the reaction? So far (from the comments) we have: Coat hanger: conservatism brain overload Tailor's dummy: didn't have to pay for two seats :-) Two 5' (feet) paper poppies onto a plane Riding handmade cardboard hobby horses on/off plane: laffs all round ... Leave a comment with yours!

Further to the awesome Google Desktop

I've had a bit more of a play with the Google Desktop which brings all the info out there on the Web to your fingertips and I have to say I'm starting to really love it. It's grown from the kick-ass Google Desktop Search (which is, I have to say, still the finest and most used feature - I lose nothing anymore) into a fully integrated 'info centre' / 'portal' / 'personal service' - whatever you want to call it. But apart from the slobbering from me why am I posting this - four more things I'd like to bring to your attention: Google Talk - Desktop is fully integrated with this IM . It's all there in one place. And, the IM replaces the previous GoogleMail Notifier - all in one place again. Note: this is a separate download item at the mo' but once both are running they integrate themselves. Integation with Outlook - if you're still using Outlook (and not moved on to Gmail ) then do not fear, the Google Desktop Search is fully integra

Who hasn't got a Gmail account

Gmail, what the bloody hell is Gmail - Google Mail. If you're using any other Web mail 'system' then you're missing out big time. Gmail beats any current mail system hands down - including Outlook, Notes, Eudora, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and any other you'd care to mention. So, if you're not on Gmail you're missing out. Which would all be a complete pain in the arse to read if I agreed with me but couldn't do anything about it. But you can. Drop me a line ( ) and I'll send you an invite. Why now? They're obviously getting a lot closer to going live (yes, it's still by invite only) as available invites has jumped up to 100. There's no way I have a 100 friends gagging to get another Gmail account so one is yours if you want. Send me an email ( ) and you're in.


That's the word, conservative . I was warned that the good folk in Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region would be leaning towards the conservative side of life. They're not rapid about it all. The ones I've met that is, or even seen. But you can just sort of tell that there's something deep inside them holding them back, not letting them be at one with themselves. You know, looking across the bus and wondering why everyone's not "normal anymore". It's all changed, it used to be better then ... is another thought I see flicker through the minds. Not everyone . Of course. I don't know everyone ... yet. And as people will gladly remind me - I dislike assumptions intensely. But a lot of people. As an outsider it can be a little disconcerting sometimes. Today I got on the bus to work with a coat hanger as I want to hang my jacket on a coat hanger when at work and not on the back of the chair. The looks of, "'Ere, that man's got a c

Flowers at Mona Vale

A Sunday at Mona Vale gardens

It was a beautiful day and so off we went for our first 'gardens visit' - Mona Vale Avenue Reserve If you don't already know Christchurch is known as The Garden City and it does seem to have a lot of places for people to enjoy the greenery. During Spring this is particularly nice with all the flowers and blossom trees out. I have to say that I have a preference for NZ natives ... if you want be in England then go to England. But hey, that's not what the current Mayor thinks. And it, as I say, it is pretty. Putting the head back on a flower

Week 31, Starting to get wearisome

Whilst it's always cool growing a baby (I mean from a non-"actually having to do it" perspective, of course) Liz seems to be moving from "glowing in motherhood" to " crickey, this is getting more and more tiring ". She's getting quite round and very sticky-out in the tummy region with the prospect of the final few weeks producing quite a cartoon-like person. Oh, for those that don't know it's the final 10 or so weeks that the baby really pushess out the tummy of their kind and caring host, demands more and more nutrients and basically wears poor old mum down a lot. By then the, "Be glad when she's out" becomes quite a common response to, "How's it all going". From my point of view ( a caring father ) I have to be lot more watchful and attentive of Liz. She's gonna need more and more "protection" - not from wild animals or jealous mates from within the tribe but from from the day-to-day rigors of l

14 weeks to the King Kong premiere

The Miramar team are probably starting to feel the heat as the deadlines get closer and closer. The latest Post Production Diary (14 weeks to go) is all about digital doubles - read the KongIsKing blurb: is all I can say about this weeks doubles! PJ gives us a quick lesson on how a digital double is made, how the digital teams go from scans to (naughty naked) computer models to fully rendered, photo-realistic digital versions of the actors! Watch Naomi's double walk on a computer screen with eerie realistic movement..amazing. Some great shots from the film as well, Kong running and jumping and throwing..really great stuff! 'Ok, I've been cloned...I'm going to lunch!' Take a look! Release dates and Premieres The world premiere is in New York on December 5th: The New York Daily News reported early this year that the film's backer Universal Pictures had been in discussions with New York City officials about the premiere.

Just had this forwarded to me

It's nice when you get to see the actual, real, email ... even if it's a copy-of-a-copy-of-a... Firings off an e-mail

Jack and Dad have brunch at The Corner Bistro, Sumner

We popped over to Sumner (beach suburb of Christchurch) to catch-up with Pen & Ally. We go there a bit early so we had brunch at The Corner Bistro .