Kitten In The Tree

🎶 There's a cat in my tree, dear Liza, dear Liza 🎶

Things to work out, back soon

Life is not all serious and beige

Oh! My! ... What The ... Who is this ...

A little something special for my laydee readers

Future rants

Gonna have sort out the tie

New men of the world untie

Blogging for bosses - What Makes A Good Blog

12 weeks to go and they're colouring in Kong

Interesting peek into Microsoft and how it's had to change

Company meetings, this is the way to survive

7 weeks to go, we're starting to think about planning

Go Jerrrrrrrry!!!

Haven't these people heard of power ones

Snow in Redwood

Work in the snow

It's snowing

A few of Jack over the past week or so

Politics, what's it all about g'vnor

Week 32 (8 weeks to go), the countdown starts

The Sound of King Kong's Music

Your government to be decided by a spreadsheet

What was the strangest item you managed to get onto public transport?

Further to the awesome Google Desktop

Who hasn't got a Gmail account


Flowers at Mona Vale

A Sunday at Mona Vale gardens

Week 31, Starting to get wearisome

14 weeks to the King Kong premiere

Just had this forwarded to me

Jack and Dad have brunch at The Corner Bistro, Sumner