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Potential Problematic Petone Palm

This tree tends to trap those that try to travel to the top. Building barriers begat brief benefit but boys being boys brought bravado beyond builders belief.

Clothes Out, Cat In

Inky in his happy place, somewhere quiet and away from the other cats.

Classical Colours

The Michael Fowler Centre (MFC) is quite the most beautiful concert hall.

Bar Band

Pub band giving the punters good times.

Sparkling Nugget Or Poo On A Stick

It's a piece of street art that most people just walk past. If stopped to enquire what they thought the majority will have a view on one far side of the continuum or the other. Definitely doesn't illicit many, "Meh, it's ok I s'pose" type comments. That's art eh. The Philanthropist's Stone by Scott Eady

Amicus Certus In Re Incerta

Ok Google, translate "AMICUS CERTUS IN RE INCERTA" .  Here's why .

Old Bank Arcade

It's a lovely wee 'shopping arcade' inside an old Bank of New Zealand premises. If you ever go to Sydney and visit the QVC you'll get a similar feeling, because it was converted by the same company as the Old Bank (or vice versa). The Sydney version is a tad bigger.

Miles Of Shelves

Archiving actual things takes space, a lot of space.

Restricted Access

The tour around the bowels  of Archives New Zealand was fascinating and of you ever have the time then book yourself in. Like a rippling rag to the proverbial bull the "RESTRICTED ACCESS" labels on these flimsy cardboard boxes was almost too much temptation.  Let me know what you find when you take a peak inside.

Trolley Parton

No, of course not, it's absolutely not a new funny, it's been done before, it'll be done again ... but I have a photo of this one!

Ōwhiro Bay Sunset

The colours, look at the colours.

Feathered Sunset

Quite gorgeous cloud formations as the sun sets over Ōwhiro Bay on the Wellington south coast.

The Lonely Life Of Goalkeeper

The life of a goalkeeper in a team on a winning streak can be a lonely one.

The Miramar Marvel (circa 1927)

It's a rare find but here is Rav Riversdale, the "Miramar Marvel", circa 1927 playing a game of football at the old Mt Cook grounds.  Riversdale was a stalwart of the growing  Wellington football scene during the 1920s and into the 1930s with a burst of speed in defence that would leave many attackers wondering what had happened. In later years he became an inspiration to younger players with his rousing speeches and insights into the modern game.

Did That Shadow Just Move?

Another in the, May 2019 "Did that just move?" series of two .

Dramatic Harbour

The Wellington harbour can put on quite the show when the clouds are heavy and the waves are tall.

Stormy Harbour

Point Halswell Lighthouse being battered by ferocious winds back in May 2019.

Did That Painting Just Move?

Yes, that painting just moved ... WTF? Harry Potter time from Vaka !

Aotearoa In Chips

This is/was on the wall of the Vaka offices and I love it. As a geek I would so buy one for my wall.

Speldhurst Homestead Mural

As part of a larger mural on Stokes Valley village, pretty cool drawing.

Ukrainian Colours

Timing is everything in life. Back in May 2019 when I snapped this yellow leaved Ginko tree against the blue autumnal sky who knew it would represent a war in Easter Europe. #Ukraine #Україна


This looks like a standard photo until you start questioning how is that table in the middle of the road ... ???

Dawn Fires Up

Driving up SH2 on an early Hutt morning.

Modern Novel

This photo feels like a cover for a modern novel, or a DVD collection of Midsomer Murders (not 'country' enough possibly).

Light Shade Lines

Almost a physics graphic.

This Is How You Protest

When the kids are the adults and have to model how to protest at Parliament to successfully make a difference. The  Wellington #SchoolStrike4Climate, May 2019  was, like so many before them, loud, proud, demanding, full, focused, and most of all successful. Makes ya wonder about the adults who behave like children eh, sadly it's why the kids have to get out protest in the first place.

One Moment Of Discovery, Many Pieces Of Clothing

A tale of stolen underwear and a purloined Superman t-shirt  I moved into Sara's house, with her blessing I may add, around 7 months ago and whilst I didn't arrive with much "stuff" I did have clothes. These clothes have a tendency to get dirty and require a wash within a machine. Sara's machine, a "washing machine" is housed in a small laundry room. As my clothes exhibit this "dirtiness" I would throw them on top of a basket before a critical amount is reached and the washing machine is brought into play. This wicker basket is not my basket, it is in the domain of Sara and not for me to use. Over the months this regular cycle of piling up dirty clothes on top of the basket (it has a lid, not my basket to put stuff in) before chucking them in to be washed and hung up to dry outside to dry has kept me going. Sort of. I do recall in the early days wondering where my Superman t-shirt had got to. I checked all my drawers and just put it down to bei

Ollie, A One Man Protest

And yes, he made a difference. A tiny difference, but a difference it was. A positive difference.

City Offices

City Offices don't always look their best on the outside.


So important, especially "IN THE EVENT THAT" of ... something or other. Aaaaand, by entering this carpark you agree to the conditions set out. Um, ok, whatevs.

I Am Made Of Star Stuff

So are you. From ancient stars 65% Oxygen 18.5% Carbon 3.2% Nitrogen 1.5% Calcium From the Big Bang 9.5% Hydrogen