In Good Company

Access Granted NZ sticker at Goldings Free Dive, anyone know if it's still there?

Concerns that 'in-person' social-networking could corrupt children

Hear here

The Forum: 'Legally Blonde' by Andrew Llewellyn

2 pieces of photo humour brings in fresh air to my surfing/researching/discovery

Dead kids ... my response is so guttural now I am a father

13 links to blogging tips

Culling the RSS feeds part 2

Tell me if you like ...

The Daily Show - best political satire on TV takes on NZ

2 things to make you smile this weekend

Craft 2.0 - Buy From local Crafters. support your community. Make a kitten smile

Technology for technology's sake - we, the silent majority, don't care!

Harry Potter ... done. SPOILERS!

Will be back very soon - only about 200 pages to go

WELLINGTON Flatmate wanted? Perfect flattie is available

The best sporting commentating I've ever heard - Major League Eating

Ooooooooowwwwww ... the end of the story

Buying the final Harry Potter in New Zealand - do good as well

Rugby, Racing and Beer - come on people, it's time to get your black on


Small (but significant) changes in Wellington based web apps

PC wallpaper for the week link of the week

Shared RSS item of the week

Not vintage All Blacks but I see an underlying pattern of improvement

Eye tracking and article layout (and crotches)

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Is this real?

iPhone ... blended

7 minutes left to blog - links you MUST follow

This is NOT me ...

What is it with 'mushroom' as THE colour in Wellington

What's wrong with this graph?

Left, right, left, tap ... 5, 6, 7, tap

Top "fvcking stupid thing to say" this week

Wanda wants you ... to answer this question

Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters

Live Earth was brilliant

MiramarMike is rated G - General Audiences

Summer of International Cricket - thanks Morphyoss

TWTxxxTW - a new approach and links from June 18th to July 8th, 2007

Nod that head and tap that foot

It's all about the "user experience"

Giant screens across country for 2011 world cup

SkypeIn - I now have one phone number that will travel with me

Web 1.0 - ahhh, the good ol' days

Why doesn't Gmail contacts have a link to Maps

How geeky are you ... I'm 38%

New Zealanders in world sport - the latest

Boots Randolph is no more

I am becomming Mike, Killer Of Mice

My brother and his wonderful new baby son, Ben

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Wellingtonista: Pecha Kucha Dontcha Know

A weekend of sport

Is this your research/marketing department/guy?

What I'd look like in The Simpsons

Jane (and gang) 2nd placed 'animal made out of vegetables'


Paris Hilton

Who can take 'old' Blogger code into 'new' Blogger prgamming language?