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The Best Suburb Is, Of Course, Miramar [updated]

And I said so in the Weekend Dominion Post, "Coastal cool: embracing the lifestyle" by @brontorrie . To be honest I think Meg is stealing the limelight in the photo :-) Here's the Miramar section of the article - I've added links as newspapers don't seem to grasp that links are good! And get your very own "Proud to be a Miramarian" t-shirt from Worser Bay School. Coastal cool: embracing the lifestyle - BRONWYN TORRIE Wellington likes to celebrate its status as the coolest little capital, but there's more to the metropolis than the hubbub of the inner-city. In a three-part series, Bronwyn Torrie finds out why Wellingtonians are proud to live in the coolest little suburbs. Part One: The South Coast . Wellington's South Coast has been dubbed the new "Nappy Valley" as young families flock to the area bringing elements of cool with them. It also helps that many celebrities call the area home. So how do the suburbs on the wi

Giving Up Smoking And I'm Gonna Need Your Help

That's it - keep on my case, follow how I'm going and give me all the praise you can think of. I'm using a new Kiwi site called to keep me on track!