They must use a manual or something

The language that has been and is being used against Iran is quite purposeful and obvious (if you want to look for it).

Over the past 2 years they've been engendering a feeling of, "something's not quite right over there" by questioning what's going on. It could've happened anywhere but it didn't, it happened about Iran.

The past month or so the language has changed from one of 'unease' to one of 'they're up to no good everyone'. Leaks of building up the US war machine have been part of the purposeful use of language. Also the change from calling it "Iran" to the "Iran regime"

And yesterday I made the comment that all that we need now is to demonise one particular Iranian to start to focus the public/voters unease on to.

Iran president tagged irrational

We have that person.

Further predictions from Mike:
  • Phrases around how "diplomatic means are being pursued" will come to the for at the same time as preparing for "any other action"
  • Language designed to separate the general public of Iran from the leadership
    Use of 'insurgents', 'dictator', 'freedom of the masses' - all designed to allow the "taking out of the head" in the name of "bringing freedom to the oppressed"
  • A direct threat to the voters will also need to be generated - "weapons of mass destruction" and "supporting terrorists" are top; although I can see WMD dropping down the list after the Iraqi experience.
  • We'll hear how bad it is for 'the common Iranian" and the indignities they have to put up with day-to-day; again designed to allow the bringing of 'freedom'
Notice also how the language of the people (not countries as we'll be told, "The US says ..." - no, someone from the US Government says) will change and come together - the US and the UK have already started to swap key phrases and expect Australia to do the same.

So, my subject - is there a manual for this as it's running like clockwork!

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