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Stephen Fry Talking [video]

I'm loving Google Buzz as I'm getting such newness fed up to me, awesome! (and yes, I know Google Reader, Twitter and Facebook can all do the same - take my statement as a good thing and not a slap-in-the-face challenge to what you might be using) STEPHEN FRY: WHAT I WISH I'D KNOWN WHEN I WAS 18 from Peter Samuelson on Vimeo .

Kiwi TV Classics - The Solid Gold Hits

Please excuse the lazy blogging but this newlestter from the fine folks at NZOnScreen has to be shared amongst all Kiwi's :-) (note: all links will open in a new window and I suspect bugger up their email tracking as it's using the URLs from the original email - sorry Brenda) June 1st 2010 represents half a century of seeing ourselves reflected on the telly. To celebrate, NZ On Screen presents a  collection of the solid gold hits , from  The Governor  to  Gliding On  to  Gloss , from  Country Calendar  to Close to Home , from  Shortland St  to  Selwyn Toogood ,  Billy T  and  Thingee .< Included in the collection era-defining dramas ( Pukemanu ,  The Governor ,  Close to Home ,  Gloss ,  Shortland Street ), cultural cringe-defying comedy ( Billy T ,  A Week of It ,  Hudson and Halls ,  Country Calendar’s spoofs  and  Town and Around ’s turkeys in gumboots), iconic newsreaders through the years, current affairs classics (Dennis Conner’s walkout, Post Office strike break

Under The Most Comfortable Circumstances Possible [video]

The maternity ward stuff is ... fantastic! Having said that I'd love that my (full) medical records arrived before I did ... still seems something of a futuristic dream here in NZ

Ubuntu On The Beast Just Got Fantastic For ME!

Before we start: Ubuntu = the operating system running my computer. The most common operating system for PCs is Microsoft's Windows, Ubuntu does the same but licence free and far FAR better "The Beast" = the name given to family laptop because it is large and glows. So, now we know what I'm talking about, what am I talking about? Ubuntu does what every other operating system does BUT, what I love about it is that, it is "compartmentalisd" - there is no one overarching system that is in control of everything AND there is no one company in control of everything. I know for some that is the issue with using Ubuntu and other "open source" systems but for me it is the joy, freedom and fresh air that I get on my desktop. Let me give you example of what I mean by describing what I mean by "just got fantastic" in this post's title. I use Google Reader to subscribe and follow a whole stack of blogs and news sources, one of which is

Adding Twitter @anywhere Hovercard To Your Website (incl Blogger)

If you don't know what the title means, all good ... I wanted to added Twitter's new @anywhere functionality to this blog - used these two posts: Cool Tips n Tricks:  HOW TO: Add Twitter @anywhere In Blogger Blog Motyar:  Set Twitter Hovercard Aanywhere And now you should see @MiramarMike has a link and a hover-over card to get my information. Just so we're clear, the link wasn't put in by me in this post, all @ names will now have this, thank you @twitter.

High Five Etiquette [video]

Top stuff, popped into my iTunes (grrr, Windows only) in The Best Of YouTube podcast

Arovideo Keeps On Plodding With Censorship Reform And I Suddenly Notice

Hadn't been aware of this at all which is a surprise as it seems from the Arovideo Censorship page  that they've been plugging away at getting the Guvmunt to reform the prohibitive/unfair parts of the law since 2004 ... wowser. But today I read the following from 'em: Hello AroVideo member / My-Aro subscriber Please forgive our blatant politicking, but we interrupt our usual newsletter program to bring you an update on the Campaign for Censorship Reform that we initiated nearly a year ago. (Apologies to those among you that have already lent their support by signing the Campaign and will have already received this update) We have posted a Campaign Update on our official forum at to outline what's happening at Government level - the short answer being "not nearly enough", but as it is at least on the table of discussion, it is vital that we keep applying public pressure. As this Campaign is of grave importance to the service that we (and

Brilliant Ad For The Football World Cup

The Rooney segment is pure class! (thanks Rich on Sport Review )

Home Dairy Evenings At Cultured - Make Your Own Halloumi And Ricotta

I love the passion and "let's do it!" attitude from a lot of my friends but none more than Wendy and Conrad who have been an inspiration to a lot of people over the years. And this just in from this amazing duo: Just in case you haven't already heard, Mindi and I are teaming up with the New Zealand Cheese School to hold Home Dairy Workshops at cultured, starting this Sunday. Mindi is leading the class and it will be awesome! The details are below - do pass on to anyone you think might be interested. A great gift for the person who has everything! Warm regards, Wendy and Conrad HOME DAIRY WORKSHOP Halloumi and Ricotta Learn how to make Halloumi and Ricotta. Enjoy the fruits of your labour with a light dinner. Take home all you need to make these delights in your own kitchen. $100 per person includes lesson, recipes and light meal (Please bring a clean apron and advise us of any special dietary requirements) Limited to 8 places, so book now! Reserve your

Inside The Capitol Cinema (Miramar, Wellington) ca 1928

Great find by Rob McDonald on the "We love our restored cinema: from Capitol Court to THE MIRAMAR" Facebook group Interior of the Capitol Theatre, a cinema on the corner of Miramar Avenue and Park Road, Miramar, Wellington. Photograph taken by Gordon Burt circa 1928. Source : National Library NZ - I am taking fairly regular snaps of the The Miramar (as the new cinema will be known) as it is rebuilt from the ground up:

Mr Chow's Peking Restaurant serving shark fin dishes

Mr Chow's Peking Restaurant serving shark fin dishes - Originally uploaded by Mike Riversdale This is SO wrong - do NOT go there 120,000,000 sharks are killed every year and mostly just for the fins, the rest of the animal is thrown back into the water. QI on YouTube about sharks:

Vodafone Roaming - HOW MUCH?

Was in Sydney last week giving and receiving some Google Apps love for the professional side of myself through WaveAdept . Did I take my phone, of course I did. Did I remember NOT to answer calls when it rang, ooooh yeah. Did I turn of roaming data, hell yes - AND THIS IS WHY: FUCK ME! NZ$10 per megabyte ... ! .. !?!? Who in this world thinks that's OK ... Vodafone excepted

Red Shoes Day - Friday 18th June

Get ready, get red, get HAPPY!

Mother's Day Isn't Always Happy

Thanks to Adam's Jokeslist email