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Guilty Upon Accusation In The UK - Say No

Here in New Zealand we were one of the first countries that the forces that be tried to implement the "3 strikes and you're out" law with regards to alleged copyright infringement via the Internet - in essence if you're accused 3 times by a copyright holder of illegally copying their work you will have your Internet disconnected by your ISP. I have no qualms with copyright holders protecting their goods BUT the issue is that the disconnection would occur immediately on the third accusation and before any evidence is produced and way before you have a chance to defend yourself - therefore you are guilty because someone has accused you. In NZ the law was defeated by a concerted effort (called "#blackout"), a change of government and the support of many high profile supported including Stephen Fry. Today Stephen Fry tweeted the following: I'll keep at this till a million sign! We mustn't let Mandy do this WRONG thing. Please sign & RT: http://is.

Pigeon Stealing Crisps ("Chips")

Unlike the last pigeon post this is real ... cheeky wee thing From Adam's Email JokesList to which someone added this find link:

Victory Book Launch And Signing At The Weta Cave

There is something VERY cool about the steampunk genre* and those fine folk at Weta totally get it! In fact they get it so much that they're young kids TV programme, WotWots , is infused with it's feel. And it seems the driving force behind all this is a fellow by the name of Greg Broadmore with his award wining (should be if it's not yet) Dr Grorbort and the fantastical "laser guns" . Grorbort seems to be very much like Sir Harry Paget Flashman from the awesome series by George MacDonald Fraser . And it seems Greg is releasing a new book with the glorious title of VICTORY - Scientific Adventure Violence for Young Men and Literate Women , wonderful. Welcome to the most politically incorrect of colonial uchroniae, where Lord Cockswain and his cronies wreak jolly havoc and merry mayhem. Travel to far planets, walk wide horizons under myriad moons, encounter exotic life forms - and blow them to bits, then atomize what's left. A fine occupation for a gentleman,

Worser Bay School TradeMe Auction - Closes Friday

No, you can't bid on owning the school but you can on: ROLL UP! ROLL UP! Your last opportunity to score an amazing deal!! Would make an ideal Christmas present. These are the two items from the Silent Auction that did not meet their reserve and have now been put on TradeMe to see if we can make a little more for the school. Please feel free to pass these links to as many people as you can - auction closes Friday. Dynamics Gym Membership : One night’s Bed and Breakfast at the Abel Tasman Hotel :

Pigeon: Impossible

Tell me again why I need to watch TV?

BBC, Why Have You Made My Kids Sad?

Living in NZ means that kids TV is generally crap . Yeah, I know, coming from the UK means I have grown up on top TV from the BBC. And so, my kids Jack and Meg have popping onto the Web for as long as I can remember to watch snippettes of BBC kids shows on their once top site, CBeebies . We also download the CBeebies podcast and get to travel around with the BBC for kids in the car. Yesterday my daughter wanted to watch Mr Maker but the CBeebies site had changed in structure and she was a little lost. "Dad, I need help! I can't find Mr Maker!!". I pop on, and think nice update (much cleaner) and a little clicking around to get used to the new layout we find Mr Maker and I watch as Meg starts from her own homepage and re-routes her brain pattern. And then she clicks on her chosen video snippette. Oooh, using the BBC iPlayer to stream, nice, heard lots about it ... And that's that then! I've tried to let the BBC know but all the links to their 'Contact us'

Wanda Harland Mt Vic Gallery Opening (Free)

Martha is a whirlwind of a entrepreneur and Christmas is a big time for her, her team, her online business and her two shops , her tweeting as well as being Mum to an ever increasing family ... *phew*, where does the energy come from! And that incredible energy has now been put into an art gallery! Art, I get the impression, is something Martha has a passion for (much like Courtney :-) and I see the opening of this gallery as a fascinating way of bringing that side of her life into her work arena and having them play together both for fun and commercially. A lesson for us all :-) So, the details of the Wanda Harland art gallery opening* to which YOU are invited: Date: Thursday, 19th November 2009 Time: 5:30pm - 7pm Location: 24 Elizabeth Street, Mt Victoria [ map ] Our lovely gallery is opening on Thursday, and we would love it if you could join us. We'll be featuring prints by Sally Shand, Sam Broad, Emma McCleary and Moira Gaerty. You will be able to purchase and take away

Russia's Got Talent [Video]

Yeah, OK, it's probably a "viral marketing" campaign for the red can but still, what if it's not? Check out Snopes: Thanks to Dean for this over a beer at Hashigo Zake

The Golden Age Of Video

I like this

Anika Moa And Her "Aroha Tour 2009" - You Going?

It's not a secret that Anika Moa is my dream gal (yeah, in reality she'd scare the crap outta me ... and I her ;-). Anywho, she's touring this fine country and I'd recommend you get along for a fantastic night of fucking awesome tunes, brilliant comedy (she does banter to surprise) and an overall top night! All of her dates and tickets at Wellington gig details: When: Fri 4 Dec , 7:30pm–11:00pm Where: Bodega , 101 Ghuznee St, Wellington Show map Restrictions: R18 Ticket Information: General Admission: $32.00 Anika Moa T Shirt - Pickup At The Show: $40.00

How To Recognise A Gay Terrorist

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ... Yomma Bin Shoppin' (thank you Adam)

Best Chocolates EVER! Hand Made In Wellington For You

I had a balsamic vinegar chocolate a week or so ago that was handmade here in Wellington* and was blown away. I'm not normally a choclate sort of gal but by golly that was good. So ... Christmas is coming ... get yourself along to Bohemein Fresh Chocolate at 109 Featherston Street and buy up large! (if you're a boutique shop of any sort then maybe there is room for some sort of deal to share the love in Petone and Mt Vic ... damn, gave away who I was thinking of ;-) * Hataitai actually

A Week Of Fucked Technology

It's been: Broken Ubuntu upgrade on the blue laptop Probable broken Ubuntu upgrade on the ancient desktop Upgraded iTunes no longer connecting with iPhone Remote Broken iPhone headphones (x 2) FUCKING ANNOYED! Am reading books, drinking alcohol and attending makeup parties