Fire Over The Hill

Can't remember what the fire was, maybe it was the Rongotai warehouse used by the movie folks used.

"Theirs was a New York love ..." - Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest 2008 Results

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"Mike Recommends" For This Week - WANDA HARLAND

Miramar Man In "Awesome Work Fella" Headline

EPIC 2015 ... Is This Where We're Heading?

Why Have Your Own Blog When You Can Get You Point Across On Somebody Elses

"Mike Recommends" For This Week - HELL PIZZA [Removed]

Nothing Can Be Believed Anymore, Not Even YOUR Home Video

'What Happens Next' Resource For Parents/Carers And Families/Whanau Of A Young Person With A Mental Illness

A Plug For A Mate's Choir - Songs of Spirit and Struggle

Best New Zealand Headline Of The Year

Should Child Abuse Be Legal In New Zealand?

The Great She Elephant Discovers God At A Conference

IT Conferences Are Not All About "Boooooooooring"

Happy 4th Birthday Twisted Hop, Christchurch (Saturday 23rd)

Third Olympic Gold For New Zealand - Tom Ashley, Windsurfing

Craft 2.0 In Christchurch - THIS Saturday, 11am-3pm

is:unread - Show All GMail Emails That Are Unread

Ahaaar, It's Coming ...

David Pauleen's Work-Life Balance Survey

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Great Night For Kiwi Sports

Slow Motion Video of Lightning

I'm A Three-Year-Old Kiwi

Never Let It Be Said That We're Squid Obsessed

This IS Why The World Wide Web Was Invented

Welsh Olympic Gold #1 - Nicole Cooke

Are You FAILing? If Not, Subscribe As It's Hilarious

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"Mike Recommends" For This Week - EPIC PALE ALE

I've Been Number-Memed

It's One-Liner Time!

Websites To Watch The Olympics On Your Work Computer

Every Now And Again Out Of The Noise Comes Pure Love

Star Wars Wedding In Photos

Monmouth From The Kymin

After Naming Countries Try And Pass 'The Idiot Test'

Oil Companies Making Record Profits - Surprised?

Superman, Men In Black And Spider-Man For Sale

New Zealand Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) - Heard Of It?

So This Is What The End Of The Universe Looks Like

5,000 Days, The Life Span Of Teh InterWeb [Updated]

Last Chance to Enrol to Vote in STV vs FPP Poll

My Calendar - Where Is Mike

What do people think of this as a "profile" picture?

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How Many Countries Can You Name In Five Minutes?

EPIC Armageddon - "... a clever way to use beer as an assault weapon."

New wallpaper - Anika Moa (not from Friday's gig)

Smut? Naughtiness? Nah M'Lud, It's All In Your Mind

Flickr hosts 'Another 24 Hours' - 8th August

Monty Python Life In Wales Comes Full Circle

Anika Moa tonight at Bar Bodega (Sold Out)