Amongst the dross there are these (good Web reading recommendations)

Flickr: Just one drink AlanIt's tough surfing this interweb isn't it - most of the content is either ancient, too technical, not well written, boring or unoriginal (or all!).
I add to the pile, I know.

But, there are shining lights amongst it all that keep me going. Dave Barry was my first regular Web read and even though he no longer has a column his blog entries are still amongst the funniest despite most only being a sentence or two. Jonny B, with his secret diary, is probably my favourite blogger and never fails to have me shouting out to Liz, "Liz! You have GOT to read this" (and when she does she invariably agrees that it was worth it). Another that usually (not 100% but pretty darned close to it) has me smiling out loud is Cliff over at This is this. Both Jonny and Cliff are wordsmiths by profession and it shows in their blog content, wicked stuff!

Closer to home (New Zealand/Aotearoa) I am really only pulled back to two as a must read - Llew at SunnyO who's turn of phrase and view of the world is probably the closest to mine and yet he manages to express it in such a funnier manner. The other is irregular, where-has-she-gone-now Caroline at Trivial Pursuit - all I can say is, if she's not posted for a while then keep popping back as the reason/excuse will be amongst the funniest thing you'll read for ages.

Recently, via Caroline I have for some time now been chuckling away with Vicus Scurra. Once you "hook in" you'll probably never want to leave (is that a song?). Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an RSS/Atom feed out so I frequently miss out on the latest.

To be fair I, like David Farrar (see, I can say anything and not feel dirty), have a soft-spot for Martha (Wanda Harland) as well and for probably the same reasons. I do also think Tom over at WellUrban is probably the best advert Wellington has. Dodderyoldfart raises as frequent smile and I usually cast a quick eye over at NZBC (same problem as Vicus Scurra though).

To add to the list I think I have discovered another (via Cliff) - The World of Jill Twiss:Where Good Things Are Good and Bad Things Are Comedy Material. I'll let you know if the high standard is maintained, it certainly seems to have been consistent.

So life isn't all bad, good writers do exist! Anyone you believe I have just must visit?


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