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[UPDATED] What To Do In The Aftermath Of The Christchurch Killings

The outpouring of aroha around New Zealand and across the world for the Muslim victims, family, and whanau of last Friday's shootings in Christchurch has been incredible. The vigils, the flowers, the speeches, the introspection, and the determination to grow from this disgusting event is a testament to what it means to be "Kiwi". A lot of what should happen can seem out of our control - 'the government will sort it', 'I'm not a Muslim so I feel disrespectful', 'those in Christchurch are closest to it all', and many other feelings. The event has also brought up a metric tonne of issues that New Zealand needs to work upon, use and control of social media, gun control, media reporting, SIS surveillance (or lack of), "free speech", the trial, immigrants and refugee support, racism in New Zealand ... so many big hairy problems that we, as a country, need to work upon. So what about little old me? What could I even do? Take care