An interesting argument from Dr Brash this morning

East India Club: Smoke RoomOnce again I'm listening to the radio as I shower the body down for a new day. The National Radio news program (gosh-knows what it's called, "Good Morning" or some such malarkey) and Geoff Plun-whatisname is talking with Dr Brash (here, here, here and more humorously here) who is the leader of Her Majesty's Most Honourable and Well Dressed-in-Blue Opposition here in Aotearoa, The National Party (no relation to the radio station). They are having a fire-side chat about the electricity "crisis" which is either here and we're in deep doo-doo already or not gonna be an issue this year so chill out bro', depends if you pay heed to the previously mentioned Nationalistic Party or the ruling Helen Clark(no-'e') Party that used to be called Labour.


Part of his argument, well a swipe at the next person to pull up a chair near the fire and join in the gentleman's discussion (you can see how investigative journalism operates in this part of the world), who happens to be the Left Honourable Dr Cullen (here and here but no 'official page' so one up for Dr B) who seems to be Labours' Spokesperson For Every-darned-thing. Oh, and he's the Chancellor so he's got the key to Helen's Piggybank.

So, Dr Brash says to holding-on-the-phone Dr Cullen (neither would I trust with my slight bout of flu I've got) (and I paraphrase despite making it look like I've remembered word-for-word, I was in the shower for heaven's sake):
Geoff (gentleman's DJ): The electricity marketplace was set-up when National was in power and surely that was designed to alleviate these situations. But it isn't working, is it?

Dr Don "It's a crises I tell thee!" Brash: No, I don't believe the marketplace is working as well as it could but this government has done nothing during the previous three crises either.

G: So do you accept that the market reform laws put in place by National seven years ago have exasperated this situation?

Dr B: No, I don't. But if that were the case, that those laws had in some way caused this crisis then why has the Labour Party done nothing about them over the past seven years?

Quicksilver G: Dr Brash, you've heard the ...

And off they wander into yet more standard playground chatter.

But did you spot the argument from Dr Don? In summary:
We caused no problem, we admit to no problem with those laws BUT why hasn't the Labour Party done something about it?

Niiiiice ...

To listen to the chat yourself listen to the audio feed from Morning Report


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