What is it that differentiates you from them?

After finding out what the world (online) might think about you and your sort I was wondering what it is that makes, say, a Kiwi be a Kiwi. Apart from holding the official documentation (passport normally) what is it that makes someone a "Kiwi" ... or an Aussie, or a Englishman ... or whatever? I suspect it's an external set of "social clothing" that's placed on us by others and when we're on our own no-one would be able to burst in and declare, "Aha, a Welshman" without first asking questions etc.

I watched the Hurricanes v Crusaders game (we lost, 11-20) at a booze barn (Legends) here in Christchurch and, as is expected, it was full of Crusaders fans. I, being the shy and retiring person that I am, gave mighty shout-outs as Jerry plowed up the middle and I was quickly rounded on by a few of the others (all with good humour and banter, nothing dumb).

First comment was, "Where's your colours?" from someone wearing a Crusaders top. I had no answer as I had donated my "colours" (otherwise called 'expensive rugby shirt replica') to a mate when I moved down to Christchurch. I did, however, ask him why there seemed to be such loud support for the Crusaders but only a handful of shirts ... he smiled and had another drink.

Later, someone gave me shit for supporting the Hurricanes and even having the temerity of talking about rugby after I then "claimed" (the actual word used) to come from Wales. Wales, as you may know have had a shite run in the recent Six Nations.
I asked him what he thought someone from Cardiff saw of Super 14 rugby in the vain attempt to see if he could take on board that most people from other countries probably don't know what a "Crusader rugby player" is and think only in terms of The All Blacks. He refused this, "it's not all about you" point and lambasted me with phrases of, "Are you saying the Super 14 isn't the best competition in the world?" and, "But maaan, watch the Crusaders, they'd beat anyone, ANYONE in the world!"

Maybe my timing could've been better ... he just wanted to rub my "opposition" nose in it :-)
(oh, and he definitely saw it as "our" win ...)

Some of the people around me were pretty racist, sexist and very "down to earth" but I'm not gonna throw stones there as we've all got prejudices and maybe they're the lucky ones to have such obvious ones that get pointed out - what are mine?

These people though raised the question, "What are they?" - if this bar was mysteriously transported to another country how would others know they were out of place? Language and accent would be weird, maybe. Attitudes ... I dunno, would they be? What would others see of these people (and you) to ask, "Where are you from?".

It's a particular attribute of Kiwi's to ask that question what with it being a new country (on the worldwide scale, it's older than me) and one I hook into with my colourful and multi-nationed upbringing.

The Quiz
So, a quiz - what country does the main character in each of these pictures come from and why do you think so?

Choices are: Canada, China, England, Germany, France, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, USA or Wales

Click to get the picture full screen ...

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