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Rita Angus, Self Portrait, 1936-37

Rita Angus, Rita Angus, Rita bloody Angus ... if you're thinking that then strap in as there's gonna be a few more over the coming weeks. Rita Angus, Self Portrait , 1936-37 ... Rita Angus Smoking is what I call it but she's also correct. My current favourite of the ones I've seen in real life. It's illusive for me to pin point exactly why I adore this painting, colour and form combine, the pose itself and of course the beret & cigarette, however currently I don't have the little grey cells working in harmony to fully express my love for it. See also: Photo album: Rita Angus at Te Papa Rita Angus And My Days Of Joy I Love Rita Angus Work Decades Old Love Of Rita Angus' Work

Are You A Wave Or A Particle

Simplest of questions, what is the fundamental building 'block' of everything you hold dear - yourself, the phone you're reading this on, the universe, that FB post you're about to comment upon. Whatever it is, this 'something', we know it gets smaller and smaller every time a scientist looks inside the last 'something' they discovered. So what's the current 'something' at the bottom/base of all the other something's we know about, particles making up the 100 or so atoms we have?  Well, it seems that each atom can be EITHER a distinct particle existing like a stone does AND/OR a wave on a pond like a ... wave does. In modern physics , the double-slit experiment demonstrates that light and matter can satisfy the seemingly-incongruous classical definitions for both waves and particles, which is considered evidence for the fundamentally probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics . ( source, Wikipedia: Double-slit experiment ) Funny old univer

Rita Angus And My Days Of Joy

I visited the Rita Angus exhibition put on by Te Papa in December 2021 and again in January 2022. To answer Richard Herring's emergency question , " If you could take one item from any museum or art gallery – and you’re allowed to take it home with you – in the world, what would you take? " That would be the Rita Angus self portrait of her smoking, I'll post that up over the next few days. This painting, Central Otago , though was the first Rita Angus piece I ever saw and I stared at it for so long my partner at the time got quite annoyed - great art will do that to ya. See also: I Love Rita Angus Work Decades Old Love Of Rita Angus' Work

The Sun Goes Down On Vivian Street

Looking down in time lapse on Vivian Street (December 2021) and there is so much to notice, takes a few viewings tbh.

Save Shelley Bay

I don't know what happened to the Save Shelley Bay 'occupation', one day it was there, the next it all seemed resolved to someone's benefit and those that were protecting it were gone. All the old Shelley Bay buildings have now been knocked down or 'accidentally' burnt down excepting the big house and the Chocolate Fish Café , long may it live. Full "Save Shelley Bay" photo album:

Hair SHOULD be Coloured

There's many ways to individualise but the best is to colour your hair. Fact!

Birth Of Colour

From a green body, green food, and a green transformation pod out pops a gorgeously coloured butterfly with nary a speck of green.

Barbie Movie, ASTOUNDING!

As we all know back here in 2023 there's only two movies that are making any waves in the cinema complexes, Oppenheimer and Barbie . Oppenheimer , I went hoping for a movie about the physics, for the scientist characters, and the journey to the Trinity test and ultimately dropping the bombs. It had a bit of that but unsurprisingly, given the movie title, it was focused on Dr Robert Oppenheimer and he's an ok character but I really didn't care (and already knew) about the shenanigans of his post war life. So, a 4.5/10 for me. Barbie . I had NO expectations, no real idea how on earth a movie could be about a bloody plastic doll and why that would matter. As you've read though it's pink, silly, and throw away for a very focused reason - what it is to be a woman in today's society AND what that may mean for us men. I laughed, cried, cheered, was captivated and most of all in the zone, totally lost track of time and the outside world, which is ironic coz it hits you

"Theres no bath in there."

Infuriating, tedious, and even bloody annoying, that's how I imagine my mates feel. SCENE: In a pub, or anywhere public. MATE: I'm just gonna pop to bathroom. ME: There's no bath in there. See what I mean, every damn time.

High On A Hill

Looking down on distant Lyall Bay beach goers. They look like teeny tiny toy people eh.

22 Minutes, Or Is It?

This is either a terrible job at editing for accuracy OR something scientific and makes sense to those that know. I think it's the former. A mysterious interstellar radio signal has been blinking on and off every 22 minutes for more than 30 years

It's A Sign

The end is nigh, lock up your daughters, the Apocalypse is upon us, the boys are back in town! Dramatic eh, especially after the editing fun I've just had with it. Mind you, it was pretty bloody special to begin with.

The Internet Is Funny

Back in the day we had faxes that were sent from office to office with "funnies". Then email lists were the thing, sending the "funnies" out. Now it's whole websites dedicated to finding the "funnies" and sharing them out. Of course "funnies" are almost never that funny, but every now and again something pops through the Feedly and I have a giggle, or a snort, or even and out and out laugh. These are the ones I pop on the Feedly public board, " Funnies - things that make me smile. " Enjoy! Also see: Are You As Interesting As Me?

Water Power

I am always forgetting the power of nature, the sheer force behind a gust of wind, or the might of water squeezed through a small gap. It's this forgetting that we human beings get caught out by. We think we are bigger and stronger, but we never are. My Mangahao National White Water Centre (NZ) video playlist

Venus, I'm Your Fire

Simple and yet I've just spent 15 minutes losing myself in it.

Are You As Interesting As Me?

Unfortunately the Betteridge law will insist that you are not, soz. I use a service called Feedly that takes the feeds from websites all over the world and gives me an update on the things people are sharing. It's not the whole Web, I'm not bloody Google, just the sites I deem interesting. I'd say a good 80% of it flits past my eyes whenever I check in without a tap or a click. A good engaging headline with a photo usually works though. I also have some well regarded stalwarts that I will always read. This Feedly service I speak of allows me, now I'm paying, to pop the crème de la crème of articles onto 'boards' and I can share them out to YOU! So, back to the question, are you as Interesting as me referee to the board I have cunningly called, " Interesting - Articles for the mind and soul " which holds articles that have caused me to be intrigued, fascinated, or even confused. Have a look , you'll enjoy a peak into my brain workings ...

Spring Coastal Sunset

The sunsets at Waitārere Beach can almost rival the sunrises at Breaker Bay 😁

Across The Harbour

The Petone pier (not wharf, quay or, jetty ) gives the impression of streaking across Wellington harbour and joining up with the other side.

#153, Things We Used To See: Spam

Where is all the  #SPAM ? Spam is not something I see anymore. I assume spam still happens, or has it moved to message / text spam ?  I certainly don't get any physical spam as I once did. Some spam was so funny that I wrote about it - they're all here under the #spam label . P.R. Nelchael is still the gold standard spam , and remember: Your intimate Yi-King Mandala, which has been consecrated and magnetized especially for you!

Beer Family Tree

A lovely poster/sign at the Boneface bar, very helpful for when talking beer bollocks to those that know way too much.

G.W. BENNETT Sign And Some Detective Work

On the side of 92 Dixon Street here in Wellington is a sign, which proudly proclaims in uppercase G.W. BENNETT IMPORTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIAL. MANUFACTURERS AGENTS. Unfortunately this is no longer the case as G.W. Bennett shut it's doors some time ago. I can't find anymore definitive about G.W. Bennett and his (I assume) photography suppliers shop over and above the photo from National Library  taken around 1903/4. I have found the following: A "Bennett, Geo White" was aboard the ship Cuba when it docked in Wellington Harbour on 3rd January, 1840 [ Shadows Of Time, Early NZ Settlers, A-C ] Then again so was a "George Bennett", but I think this one died too early, drowned on Barrett's Reef in 1855. [ Geni, NZ Settlers Ships, Cuba 1840 ] A "Mr G.W. Bennett" married M.J. Hebden ("Mary Jane"? - if so more on her next time) on November 21st, 1840 [ Victoria University, NZ ] Also an ad from our man (maybe) in the local paper: WELLINGTO

Garden Spring Magic

I'm no gardener, there, I've said it. I thank all those that spend hours moving dirt around, plucking and pruning flora, putting photogenic plants into places that the light can catch them just right, you're all good people.

Sometimes You Should Walk Away

I don't know about you, or the person next to you, however I do know myself quite well even if I am still learning. Sometimes, there's times to stare the moment in the face, step up and out of oneself and ask, " Is this working for me? " ... and then ... " Is this working for them / anyone / everyone else? ". If the answer is No to either then, walk away .

On Guard


Green Plant

Makes for a wonderful phone wallpaper if you wanna download it. And if you've Android 13+ you make everything match green, and you know that's a good thing!


It's an annual tradition to go whitebaiting in Aotearoa New Zealand with traditional estuary / river spots being handed down through the generations. Whitebait is a collective term for the immature fry of fish, typically between 25 and 50 millimetres (1 and 2 in) long. Such young fish often travel together in schools along coasts, and move into estuaries and sometimes up rivers where they can be easily caught using fine-meshed fishing nets.  There's rules about when, how, and who can catch them, it's a big deal. Most people make whitebait fritters, I don't eat them. ( more whitebaiting photos )

The Devil's Tree: An AI Story

The year is 1650, and Wales is a land of superstition and fear. The people believe that the Devil is real, and that he roams the countryside, looking for souls to corrupt. One of the places where the Devil is said to be most active is the Devil's Tree, a gnarled and twisted oak that stands on a hilltop overlooking the village of Llanfair. The story goes that the Devil's Tree was planted by the Devil himself, as a place to lure unsuspecting mortals to their doom. Many people have disappeared in the woods near the Devil's Tree, and their bodies have never been found. One night, a young woman named Gwenllian was walking home from the market when she took a shortcut through the woods. She had heard the stories about the Devil's Tree, but she didn't believe them. She thought they were just old wives' tales. As Gwenllian walked, she began to feel uneasy. The woods were dark and silent, and she could hear the wind rustling through the trees. She started to walk faster,

Mexican Mural

I'll let The Herald tell you all about it: The latest artwork of Kāpiti's resident mural artist, Theo Arraj is a stunning design on Marine Parade, Paraparaumu Beach outside Hola, Kāpiti's newest Mexican restaurant.

Cuba Tree Dude

On Cuba Mall you can (used to?) meet up with the tree dude. He's all about green, saving the planet, and things we should all care about. He's also a flautist, coz that's the type of vibe trees like. His sign says: Kia Ora and Namaste... I AM THE MAGIC FLUTE TREE If trees had voices humans could hear what songs would we sing? Listen closely. (A living statue and live music performance by Wellontonian and international music artist Woody.) youtube- Jarrod Wood instagram- woodybansuri 02108387680. HAVE A NICE DAY

Yarn Bombing

I absolutely adore the people that yarn bomb, especially in massively public areas. Street art ( my full album ) makes my heart sing to power of creativity and "fuck yeah!"

Float Down The Wall

As I was leaving the Surrealist exhibition (see yesterday and the day before ), I was held on the stairs by these four figures. Ascension  (2020, Michael Parekowhai) was delightful although I'm not sure I got all that Te Papa thinks one should out of it :)

Lips To Relax Into

I've always loved the Mae West Lips Sofa (1972, Salvador Dali) since I first saw photos as a young lad - I'm sure Freud would have a field day! Until I went a-looking for this post though I thought it was modelled on Marilyn Monroe, oops.

Surreal Art

From the Surrealist Art exhibition at Te Papa late 2021, Couple with Their Heads Full of Clouds , 1936, Salvador Dali.

Waiting For That Ōtaki Train

I wasn't there to catch the train, was just wandering around Ōtaki whilst a former friend was meeting up with ... well, we don't need to go into who she was meeting and why at this juncture. I found myself taking photos at the Ōtaki railway station and as soon as I snapped this I knew it would feature as a daily photo one day. AND would be a load of fun to edit, which it has been.

We Are The Mainstream

Mural in Ōtaki by local artist Hōhepa " The Hori " Thompson (Ngāti Kahungunu ki Wairarapa, Toa Rangatira and Ngāi Tahu). [..] at an exhibition that he did with artist Tame Iti (Tūhoe) where, Thompson says, a media reporter revealed his lack of cultural awareness. “I could tell Tame wasn’t vibing with the guy. At the end the journalist said, ‘it’s great to get these Māowry stories into mainstream media’. Tame then turned to him and said, ‘We are the mainstream’. That’s always stuck with me,” says Thompson. source: Newsflash, mainstream media: te ao Māori is the mainstream [The Spinoff]

Moss Grows On Which Side?

I was told moss grows on the north side of a tree because it's sheltered from the drying effects of the sun. Is that always true?

The Hydrabad, Waitārere Beach

Kiwis that know anything of Waitārere Beach will likely recall beach summers and, if old enough, climbing over and jumping off the 1878 Hydrabad wreck. This was all before my time. However, if you are one of those people and haven't been back for years you'll be a tad surprised to see that the Hydrabad wreck has been completed consumed by the dunes. Even the big solid sign is difficult to spot from the beach. Read more: Classic Kiwi holiday spots that no longer exist: Hyderabad Shipwreck (Stuff)

Time To Go

Moving house eh, even with my small amount of things (I'm not a thing collector) it comes with planning, packing, and a huge amount of emotions.