Fire Over The Hill

Can't remember what the fire was, maybe it was the Rongotai warehouse used by the movie folks used.

The Sevens hits town this weekend

Wellingtonista - Flickr: Wellington is more than just a Group

Facebook cull

[Updated] Wellingtonista: Wellington social networker going for US$1m

Is this spam ... I think so!

New AND Improved - yet again!

George MacDonald Fraser - RIP

Boxing Day 2007 - Jane's house and all the family

Christmas Day 2007/08 - Christchurch in photos

Is he strong, listen bud, he's got radioactive blood

New computer wallpaper - C 1848, HII Region in Cassiopeia

You vs the Chimp

Tell me if you like ...

These are stunning - liquid sculptures

The Forum: "Nutter Attractor" by Fi

Who wants US$10,000?

Ed Hillary - a tribute for us young uns

Pop this into your diary - Craft2.0, March 22nd

Freedom from English

Virtual Cable for your driving experience

$10m for a house in the city

Formula 1 racing for the Empire

The Golden Compass - print this voucher to see it for $9

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Pictures good enough to eat

Spire Framed by Winter

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Breathtaking coastline of Wales

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Ubuntu eye candy - keyboard shortcuts to get the effects going

Sir Edmund Hillary dies at 88

A flight attendant's safety talk that is brilliantly funny

His Dark Materials - the real story behind the The Golden Compass movie

"universe as virtual reality" theory

Heavy metal ... it was so me in the 80's

Earth Hour: Open letter to Kerry Prendergast and Ray Ahipene-Mercer

8pm, March 29th 2008 - turn out ya lights for one hour

Golden Compass review - Dan says it for me

Bill Gates' last day at the office - his own CES video

Google Maps get's even more up close and personal with Wellingtonians

I'm in town if you fancy a coffee - 027-657 7144

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