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September 2008; A Look Back With Colour Photography

September was, much like August , a quiet month with only a few photo opportunities. Enjoy EYC after conference drinks Jack and Meg watch the "water filter" lady Karori Wildlife Sanctuary visit Skateboarding time All photos taken by Mike Riversdale

They Want You To Ignore This Film

I support* two agencies that are trying to make this world a better place - Greenpeace and Amnesty International - one is "foreign aid", the other is "focused closer to home" in the sense that Greenpeace is for everything on this planet including fallow deer , gekko , barn owls and eels . Amnesty International is closer to home for me - it focuses on humans on this planet. Dear Unsubscriber, Torturers, traffickers, executioners, rapists, THEY all want you to STOP READING NOW. Warning: Some viewers may find this film disturbing A man in Algeria who tortures people by forced ingestion of urine to simulate drowning. A businessman in eastern Europe who sells women to the sex trade. A general in Burma who uses soldiers to silence monks. A militiaman in Sudan who wages war by raping women. THEY are all real people. THEY are all going about their business as you read this email. And THEY all share one hope: that you DON'T WATCH THIS FILM . DEFY THEM. A lot of people

Inspiring Adventure In Honour Of Mum

From a good mate who's Mum died a few months ago ... Hi my dears, I am forwarding a request from my little sister Jenny. I am so proud because she has never been out of the country and she and her husband don't have much money. This is the kind of thing Mum always wanted to do so she is doing it in memory of her. Jenny is registered to go on very special trip to Nepal in November with Save The children. This was one of the charities that Mum supported for a very long time. As it is a fundraising adventure she has to meet certain fundraising milestones and then is part of a group visiting Nepalese villages and also spending time helping build a classroom. She will be away 13 days. I am giving her money toward her travel costs and if you are interested in sponsoring her even for $5 and supporting Save the Chn then all the details are in the attachment. Thanks everyone Lots of love Ruth > I've set up a web page at > http:


Ha ha ha ha ...

August 2008; A Look Back With Colour Photography

After July we have a very quiet month was August 2008 for taking photos at the Riversdales with the highlights being a mid-Winter trip to Eastbourne Beach (where my photo was taken by Liz) and then Jack's first rugby game at the stadium with awesome tickets from Adam. Kids playing at the homestead Liz & Mike, suppliers of ... Eastbourne beach visit Jack's first rugby game (Wellington Lions v BOP, 2008) All photos taken by Mike Riversdale

Swine Flew

[boom boom cymbal-crash] Thank you, thank you very much ladeez and genleman, I'll be here all night and may I recommend the veal, than-u verry much

July 2008; A Look Back With Colour Photography

OK, that was a bit of a blip with my "2008; A Look Back With Colour Photography" with June being posted back in February, *ahem*. Sooo, anyway, what happened back in July 2008? It was a quiet month really with sunsets, dinner with mates, visit from "the girls", another Junglerama visit, walks on beaches and in parks and birthdays. Sunset in Miramar (Wellington, NZ) Dinner at Ruth and Steve's The girls visit Wellington Petone Foreshore and Riddiford Gardens Meg painting Jack creating Jack Meg Meg and Betty as wild animals All photos taken by Mike Riversdale

Irish Music - Gráda, - Sunday 17th at The Paramount And All Around New Zealand

A mate has fallen for this band, Gráda , and raves about them and, to be fair ("to be fair" - Oirish accent required for that joke) I would pop along as I love fiddley - dee music that gets the feet tapping and the smiles appearing. Here's the Wellington gig details: Gráda New Zealand Tour Sun 17 th - WELLINGTON – The Paramount Theatre Doors 6:30PM Show starts 7:30PM Tickets from the Paramount (04) 384 4080, " Gráda is to Irish music what Arcade Fire is to the Indie scene - informal, prodigious and full of spirit." (The Washington Post) Gráda is one of Ireland's most successful touring bands, performing over 150 concerts across the globe annually at major festivals and venues such as Dublin’s National Concert Hall, The National Geographic Headquarters in Washington DC, The Royal Glasgow Concert Hall and the Sydney Opera House. The group was founded in 2001 by two New Zealanders - double bassist Andrew Laking and

3 Things I Do Online For The Love Of It

Slightly strange when I think of it but I am ... 1: The Flickr Group coordinator for Monmouth (Wales, UK) Monmouth is where I spent my formative years, see chapter 2 of the life story . BUT, I didn't start the Flickr group until I was well and truly settled into my New Zealand life and so I find it quite humorous that one of (if not the) biggest online photo collections of my home town is managed/wrangled by a Kiwi living in Wellington. Where: I also help wrangle the Miramar Peninsula (Wellington, New Zealand) group 2: Lead Wrangler For NZGovtFeeds My passion for open, shared information knows no bounds. To show off qhat can be done I (with some anonymous help) have created a Twitter account called NZGovtFeeds that shows off what can be done with the RSS feeds pumped out by New Zealand Government agencies. Whilst the Twitter account has garnered 322 followers with a huge majority being Kiwis and I am quite proud of it I want to experiment mo

Huh? What's Been Happening Over Here, Wellll ....

... stuff really. Liz and I have been the socialites of old taking in the mirth of Steve Coogan (maaaaan alive he can belt out a song as well as have you wetting your pants with jocularity), parties involving bogan-ness and general out-and-about-ly behaviour. More of this to come so hold up your hems and come dance with the fine folk of Miramar. Kids are doing swimmingly thank you very much for enquiring. Meg has started her swimming lesson phase of life and is the proud shower-off-er-er of being able to star jump, stick her head under water and float as a star fish on her back without drowning or anyfink! Jack takes one day at a time in the manner of a sophisticated 5 1/2 year old boy about town that's just, well, ya know, seen it all ... *sigh*. He is a man with girls swooing after him (really, if I was as popular in my late teens as he is right now life would've been a lot less full of angst and solo walks by the river) Liz - she is (praise all the gods you believe in) all s

Spam - Its Not Been So Good Recently Until "FROM CAPT. MICHAEL JAMES"

It's been a goodly number of months since fine spam has made it into my InBox. We pine for the days of Ms. Tracey Williams , of being referred to as "Chosen One" or being truly blessed . Even the offers galore have never hit the heady heights of Marie D'Esple and P.R. Nelchael . The following is only OK but really the shout out needs to be, "Come on spammers of the world get more creative. You need to get through the awesome GMail spam filter and then to make me smile!" Dear Friend, With a very desperate need for assistance, i have summoned up courage to contact you. I am presently in Iraq with the USA marine platoon; i found your contact particulars in an address journal. I am seeking your assistance to evacuate the sum of $500,000.00 (Five hundred thousand dollars) to you, as far as i can be assured that it will be safe in your care until I complete my service here.This is no stolen money and there are no dangers involved. SOURCE OF MONEY: Some mone

The Hunt For Gollum - Bloody Impressive Tolkien Film By The Fans

Crikey, who needs millions to make a Tolkien film eh!

The Dark Tower ... As A Movie

The Dark Tower series of books ( my review ) from Stephen King could (that's a massive could ) make an awesome series of films. And it looks like J.J. Abrams is thinking about taking it on ...