With so much c@#p to watch at the cinema

There's oodles of films ("movies") released every week and to a large degree most of it is missable rubbish. Even the ones with all the money and "stars" are normally not that good. How many films released in 2005 would you rate as "Will watch again and will be telling my friends to watch" - 2, 3 maybe 10 ... which is a very low percentage of the number of films released (and money spent making them).

In the past few months I've realised that I don't miss out on anything (well, very VERY little by not going to the movies - for which I have my two beautiful kids to thank for that ;-)

But, I do like a good story and movies can sometimes tell them much more effectively and 'betterer..er' than other media. With too many to watch, not enough time to see them all and knowing that most is crap I love having someone guiding me to the best - the key is the find that 'someone' that fits your tastes, Llew over at SunnyO is pretty good for me but he seems to have dropped off the movie/film 'review' :-(

Which is why I like the Guardian Unlimited: Film of the book: top 50 adaptations revealed article.


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