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A Hitler or C Chaplin?

As you may know I have been growing a mustache for the Movember thingy here in NZ . I had a cracker in the fashion of Merv the Swerv ... well, maybe not quite as luxurious as his. Today I shaved off the lower strands (!) in preparation for the full shave. I am now sporting a complete 'suburbian' - you know, I look like an accountant that lives in Tawa. Tomorrow I am gonna shave off the rest BUT leave a little bit on the top lip just under the nose ... yep I will be sporting a: Who has the naming rights to the wee mustache? Adolf Hitler Charlie Chaplin View Results

New Zealand Word of 2006 - read what others think and send in your own

Public Address are asking for your views on what New Zealand Word of 2006 should be. Some entries are: Truthiness suppression unbundling ...

Synergy - do you know someone that works here?

Seems that everyone I know in Wellington knows someone that either does or did work at Synergy - how 'bout you ? Of course it's probably just the wee 'Wellington is a small fishing village' thing coming out (" six degrees of separation " and/or " small world phenomenon " for those that want a more global term) and I could pick any other company and the same would happen. Just hasn't happened to me before.

Morning people, how was your evening - some random news items from my feeds

I have around 100 feeds that I check each morning (skim, headlines are key if you're writing articles) and here's a couple that caught the eye: Google is truly an advertising machine using IT as its delivery method - and you thought they were all about search :-) ZDNet: Google Radio EXCLUSIVE: Audio Ads in pictures! Re-usable printer paper - nice but damn expensive OhGizmo!: Toshiba B-SX8R Rewritable Printer Google researchers talking about online collaboration - key phrase for me that indicates a system (theirs is Google Docs ) is truly collaborative: The two of us sit separated by thousands miles, telephones tucked under our ears, talking about this blog post and typing words and edits into Google Docs . As we talk about the title, we start typing into the same paragraph -- and Lilly gets a warning: "You've edited a paragraph that Jens has been editing!" Lilly stops typing so she doesn't lose her thoughts and coordinates with Jens over the phone. CSCW 2006:

More of my UK childhood dies - Alan "Fluff" Freeman

Freeman was a stalwart of Radio One and Top Of The Pops (itself buried earlier this year) and later on both the inspiration for and sometimes star of Smashie And Nicey from by Harry Enfield . Much like Tommy Vance who died last year this is quite sad for me ... I must be getting older and starting to face my own immortality. Read all about his death and life at the BBC , Independent with more from Evadne Google *

Seeing the happier life

Funny how just the concept of "researching happiness" seems weird, flaky and a little bit pointless but, if you think about it, it's what we're all about. Here's a Yahoo! article entitled, Researchers seek routes to happier life - key quotes: Every night, she was to think of three good things that happened that day and analyze why they occurred. That was supposed to increase her overall happiness. In fact, she says, there has been very little research in how people become happier. Why? The big reason, she said, is that many researchers have considered that quest to be futile. Other studies show an effect of specific life events, though of course the results are averages and can't predict what will happen to particular individuals. Results show long-lasting shadows associated with events like serious disability, divorce, widowhood, and getting laid off. The boost from getting married, on the other hand, seems to dissipate after about two years, says psychologi

Where to put your bookmarks / favourites

With the release of IE 7 I would wholeheartedly recommend that you no longer use the browser (be it IE 7 or Firefox) to store your bookmarks (favourites) - move to Why - because is now integrated (once you use their add-in/extension - IE | Firefox ) into the browser and your bookmarks are available from anywhere you can connect to the Interweb. Benefits Store your bookmarks in one place, accessible whenever you can get online Tag /label bookmarks in any way you want and get away from having to put a bookmark into one (and only one) folder See who else is sharing the sites you bookmark Keep a sneaky eye on people with the same interest and what they're bookmarking Get your most used / latest sites in one view Do it and thank me afterwards. [Updated] Although it's good you don't have to share if you don't want to

Browsing the web using Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox ... who cares

Here at work I have IE 7 and Firefox 2 and I use whatever one the mouse lands on when I need to open a web page (all the time - it's nearly 100% my platform of choice at work as well as away) I wouldn't worry too much about what browser you're using as long as it's one of those. If you're still using IE 6 (as most probably are) then make the move and be pleasantly surprised. However, do make sure you have customised both to meet your own specific quirks: Make sure the search bar is using your search engine of choice Firefox | IE You've added all the wee 'add-ins / extensions' you want to make life easier Firefox | IE Skinned it as you see fit Firefox | IE

Wellington awards night this Friday, you are invited to the free ceremony

Come along to the Wellingtonista Awards Ceremony - here's the whole deal: By now you've either cast your votes for the First Annual Wellingtonista Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence , or you're still trying to decide whether you love Good Luck or San Frindigo more. You might want to get a wriggle on with that, as voting closes on Thursday. Thanks very much for voting, it's very choice that you got involved. If you'd like to get even more involved with us (ooer!), please come along to our awards ceremony at Mighty Mighty (above Mr Bun in Cuba Mall) on Friday night. Drinks will start out at 6.30pm and the awards themselves will probably kick off around 7pm. If you haven't met us yet, you'll be able to spot us easily as we'll be the ridiculously attractive people patting ourselves on the back. We'll be drawing names for prizes then too, but as we are good people your attendance is not mandatory in order to win. However, wh

Nice end to the All Black Northern Hemisphere tour

Reactions to the All Black win against Wales collected by The NZ Herald and a full match review from Independent (UK newspaper). As for the Haka performed off the field , fair enough and it's always tough educating people of other cultures what it's all about ... on 'em for sticking to their guns. Wonder how the Welsh public are taking it, as a slight? World Cup news Pools are slowing filling up as Japan and Georgia qualify. Updated World Cup fixture calendar always available for you. Rugby Union calendar Subscribe (RSS) | Subscribe (iCal) | Download (CSV) | Preview

Happy birthday to Meg

One ... already! And she's seen, done, been and bitten so much in her first year. Oh, and she's walking ... not 100% of the time but by god she's determined to make it at least 50%

Air NZ Cup (ex-NPC) fixtures now loaded into the rugby calendar

I have put all the fixtures into the Rugby Calendar as happening on a Thursday (yep, Thursday kick-off's from now on) but not the actual times or venues as they're not known yet. My comments on the revised format and fixtures : Good to see it's been simplified Seems a wee bit fixed that the "top" sides don't play in the round robin stages Two games at the same time on Friday is dumb - couldn't they have managed that better?! Sky TV (here in NZ) is obviously a huuuge player and influence on the NZRU, I wonder how much it's influencing the 2011 World Cup planning Quarter, semi's and final on the same weekend as the equivalent World Cup games is gonna make for some huge weekends of rugby (October weekends 6th/7th, 13th/14th and 20th) Rugby Union calendar Subscribe (RSS) | Subscribe (iCal) | Download (CSV) | Preview

Whiskey and Villians, the perfect combination

Oldest whiskey in the world up for auction - go on, make them an offer they can't refuse. And then you can sip your glass of whiskey planning world domination in the perfect Villain chair (hat tip Smothfruity and bookmarks )

And now we have a home ...

... and you'll never guess where. Firstly - I am just amazed that we found the "perfect" house* with one viewing. We did a drive-by of a few yesterday afternoon in Ngaio and quickly discovered that $400/week was gonna be our minimum rent and even that was bringing up a lot of crap. And then this particular property came on the market (well, before it was advertised actually - right phone call at the right time by Liz). We popped over this morning and there was our new home. The new landlord came to say hi an hour later and check us out and we obviously passed as he nearly gave us the keys there and then. Oh, and it was a cool work vehicle the landlord drove up in - a full on fire engine, can you imagine Jacks' glee. And so ... where is it? Miramar . But not just Miramar, the same number as previously and only one street away. Maaaate, it was meant to be. MiramarMike will return in the new year once we are a wee bit settled. (don't worry, I will sort out all subsc

All Blacks v Wales - THE test of 2006

Can't wait for this game , it's gonna be huuuuge! New Zealand "All Blacks" Mils Muliaina, Rico Gear , Conrad Smith, Luke McAlister, Sitiveni Sivivatu, Dan Carter, Byron Kelleher, Rodney So’oialo, Richie McCaw (c), Jerry Collins, Ali Williams, Keith Robinson, Carl Hayman, Anton Oliver, Neemia Tialata. Reserves: Andrew Hore, Tony Woodcock, James Ryan, Reuben Thorne, Piri Weepu, Nick Evans, Ma'a Nonu. Wales Kevin Morgan, Mark Jones, Tom Shanklin, Sonny Parker, Shane Williams, Stephen Jones (C), Dwayne Peel, Duncan Jones, Rhys Thomas, Adam Jones, Ian Gough, Ian Evans, Jonathan Thomas, Martyn Williams, Ryan Jones Replacements: Matthew Rees, Gethin Jenkins, Alun Wyn Jones, Alix Popham, Michael Phillips, James Hook, Gavin Henson [Updated] Welsh, 'village idiots' - this is classic sport related news that's so unrelated to the actual game it's brilliant. As I've indicated in the comments I actually agree with most of what the guy says EXCEPT that act

KM going the way of the dinosaurs - I agree with one of it's "innovators"

Dave Snowden is a recognised "celeb" on the KM circuit and as such I'm generally a wee bit wary of following every word but this time I think he has knocked the Knowledge Management nail right on the head : One of the questions at KM World was the now familiar one question: Is KM dead? My view for about two years now is that it is on its last leg as a strategic movement (otherwise known as a fad) in management. We also have that infallible predictor that a fad cycle is coming to an end: government adopts it as industrial best practice. Now don’t get me wrong, the objectives of KM theory and practice persist and will continue to be of great importance. They are clear, simple and important and can be summarised as follows: To support effective decision making To create the conditions for innovation All the methods and tools of KM from communities of practice to corporate taxonomies are subordinate to those two primary goals. In so far as the IT function supports those go

I am gainfully employed in Wellington

Doing stuff for and with Synergy . Start Monday. We (the Riversdales) moved up from Christchurch yesterday (car trip and a ferry ride - loved it) and, with the hunt of the new home, are on the final legs of settlement back into normal life (so it has been labeled by those that enjoy beige and live in 'suburbia') . We will be entertaining folks of a creative and odd nature in the near future.

I know stuff about [ politicians | celebrities | sports-type fellows ] and have written it all down

Will you ensure my book / blog posting / magazine article / badly written Letrostat flyer is therefore publicised via all New Zealand media channels (all three if at all possible) and double the publication run up to 6,000 items. Nicky Hager must be a happy wee fella . And he enabled (was the catalyst for) the resignation of a minor b-list politician in opposition . Success all round I'd say. And now what's happening in the real world ...

Spam, sometimes it's funny: Pls help wife wants me dead!

Enjoy ... and then bait To: me Date: Nov 22, 2006 7:23 PM Mailed-by: From: John Grisham Subject: Pls help wife wants me dead! Dear friend, Please note that I am aware of the so many scams on the internet.All with just one aim:To defraud people of their money.In my case,please discontinue any further correspondence if I ever ask you to do anything with your personal money.I am simply on the internet to save my own life from iminent danger.My wealth seems to be capable of causing my untimely death.My wife seems to want me dead because I have been donating most part of my wealth to charity.She does not like the idea. I am looking for someone I can confide in as regards my current situation.People might think I am crazy but I am not,My wife has been seeing some other guy,I hired a detective to follow her and discovered a lot of things I would not want to talk about.I intend giving out all my wealth to charity organisations before I die. Please be nic

If man disappears tomorrow, do you expect to see herds of poodles roaming the plains?

I've long thought about this - what would the Earth like if we all just disappeared? How long would it take for the cities to disappear? What would be the last item that hinted at our brief presence on this planet? Well, I think about it with a wee bit more science behind me after NewScientist published it's, Imagine Earth without people article . Key quotes include: "The sad truth is, once the humans get out of the picture, the outlook starts to get a lot better ," says John Orrock, a conservation biologist at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis in Santa Barbara, California. ... there are few better ways to grasp just how utterly we dominate the surface of the Earth than to look at the distribution of artificial illumination . By some estimates, 85 per cent of the night sky above the European Union is light-polluted; in the US it is 62 per cent and in Japan 98.5 per cent. In some countries, including Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlan

All Blacks, 419 Scam and, "Stop that bloody phone!"

Stuff from today for you ... I hope it pleases and delights. All Blacks - prediction 1 : large good win against France this weekend followed up by a big win against Wales next weekend (despite Wales' walkover of Canada this morning ). Prediction 2 : All comments will, once first prediction eventuates, focus on, "Have the All Blacks peaked to early" ... it is already starting . The answer is no. Rugby World Cup, 2011 (NZ) - will run between September and October . The final will be in Auckland. The final will be in a stadium. I won't be in the stadium and therefore I'm not bothered which one it is. Having said that I am impressed by the passion and "let's make it iconic" of the Waka Stadium dude, Jonathan Gunson . Nigerian scam emails - nice site and we've been hearing a lot about it in the past week or so as newspapers repeat the same bloody article and the site master appeared on National Radio this morning. Still, good work fella. Spicy w

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! get chummy with searching

On them for not letting any competitive malarkey get in the way of providing a means of website managers showing search engines how their website is structured . That's the biggies and I'm sure the rest will follow suit pretty soon. [geek warning, 99.99% of us don't need to know the following] I'll let Google give you the low down: Last year we published the Sitemap 0.84 XML protocol as a free and easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about URLs on their web sites so that search engines can more effectively crawl them. We released it under the Attribution/Share Alike Creative Commons license in the hopes that other search engines would adopt the protocol too. And today, we're excited to announce that Yahoo! and Microsoft are joining us in officially supporting the Sitemap protocol . As the web becomes more dynamic, Sitemaps will enable better and fresher search results for everyone who uses the web. For site owners, Sitemaps will help improve website vis

Icebergs off the coast of Otago (New Zealand)

I just love this encroachment of another place and whole other 'world' into the day-to-day modern Kiwi life ... love it. Icebergs Spotting In Otago (video: TVOne news item) ... Google news 'iceberg new zealand' I looked for a YouTube vid to add but couldn't find one, sorry.

Kiwi: an animation

Hat tip to Russell Brown via the OurTube section of Public Address System

British celeb, who wot, when: one of many strange notes I seem to leave myself

I wonder what it can mean! I use my mobile to leave wee notes about things I'd like to blog as I wander through life, here's what was on the mobile today gathered from the past month or so: Transitions: William Bridges Book on managing transitions (changes) for organisations - seems to be quite popular so I'm gonna give it a read at some point soon ... once my own tranistion from unemployed to employed is completed. Nz aid, mfat web sites A couple of sites that someone recommended I stick my details on to during the job hunt ... I haven't yet. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Working for us (mfat) NZAID: Vacancies A blog commenting on ... something, have to go check it out to refresh the memory. Oh, it's a general "technology/gadget/cool stuff" blog found via reading Wired at the Library., Zoomr - another photo place for you that is probably different to Flickr but I can't recall why I made the

Fuck! Google buys another of my 'life online' services

I started with the following independent and quite fabulous online services to help me live my electronic life online. Somewhere to stick all my photo's, documents, websites and anything else I needed/wanted to store; these are my desktop apps all accessed via Netvibes del.icious - website bookmarks Writely - documents (think Word online and with collaboration) Flickr - photo's Wiki - KM info Photobucket - photo's in a non-camera way Remember The Milk - todo lists iRows - spreadsheets, little that I use you gotta have somewhere to stick 'em 30 Boxes - calendar Blogger - blog, um, er, this page Gmail - mail openomy - file storage; not really used but bloody handy for the Word CV's during the job hunt meebo - IM; MSN, Google Chat, Yahoo! Messenger ... all in one handy web site - I love this service As of mid-November this set of services has contracted to 8 distinct services as iRows announces they are now off to Google : Yahoo! del.icious Flickr Google

10 reasons you should never get a job

It's all about timing ... and I happen to agree with most of what Steve Palina says ... just a wee bit too coward right at the moment - but it will come, plans are forming and SPECTRE will rise once again. So, don't forget, all positive energy directed from 2pm onto me and the job, *ahem* Income for dummies Limited experience Lifelong domestication Too many mouths to feed Way too risky Having an evil bovine master Begging for money An inbred social life Loss of freedom Becoming a coward Hat tip to Michael for the link .

First XV All Blacks team to play France in second test

They (Henry and his crew in the 'brains trust') have said for a while that the final two tests will be using the full strenght team ... of course they've been putting a wee bit of a spin on the term 'full strength' of late. Here it is ... will this, barring injuries and citizenship scandals, be the team to run on to the field on Saturday 20th October, 2007 ? Leon MacDonald, Josevata Rokocoko, Mils Muliaina, Ma’a Nonu, Sitiveni Sivivatu, Dan Carter, Byron Kelleher, Rodney So’oialo, Richie McCaw (c), Jerry Collins, Ali Williams, Chris Jack, Carl Hayman, Keven Mealamu, Tony Woodcock, Reserves: Andrew Hore, Neemia Tialata, Jason Eaton, Chris Masoe, Andy Ellis, Nick Evans, Luke McAlister Piri obviously not quite up to the mark just yet ... shame. Other comments from the wild world of rugby: Midfield shock in All Blacks' best 15 (NZ Herald) All Blacks omit Mauger for France (BBC) ... Google News 'all blacks france' Rugby Union calendar Subscribe (RSS) |

A job, a job, my kingdom for a job

Weird thing to crave for isn't it, a lifetime stuck at a job between the daylight hours serving the vision of someone else. Ach, whaddya gonna do ... Without wanting to jinx everything I am very close to being able to announce good things for me in Wellington ... let's hope those wonderful, intelligent and probably extremely attractive referees will do right by me :-) Other news from the winds of Plimmerton. With all things going well the family will be up to Wellington end of next week with a new (to us) car via the Interislander. From a mates house Liz and gang will venture out to find the perfect home - so please, keep an eye out for anything going and let us know, ta verily. Nothing else to report really - loving the All Blacks in the northern hemisphere, loving being back in Wellington (despite the weather ... that's just as bad in Christchurch), loving having a good Internet connection and time to research the future. Have a cracker and all will be revealed by the end

Making money out of blogs - who does and how?

Just thought I'd ask.

Super 14 rugby calendar - NO LONGER PUBLISHED

Sorry everyone - took on more than I could deliver to the quality and breadth I'd like. Maybe in the future ... A good place for calendars is iCalShare

Cracking rugby (and sport) podcasting blog at The Dropkicks

Enjoy The Dropkicks ... as much as I enjoyed the highlights of the England v All Blacks test via YouTube Or enjoy the space pictures and facts from MLR

MythBusters, my sort of programme

Next to Green Wing , MythBusters is probably the only TV programme that I give the time of day to (7:11am ... somewhere in the world. MythBusters - this from Wikipedia : MythBusters is an American pop science television program on the Discovery Channel starring special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, who use their skills and expertise to test the validity of various rumors and urban legends in popular culture. Myths they bust or prove that I've seen include: Jet airplane blowing over a car Movie quicksand A rolling stone gathers no moss Oh, and that is one serious mo on Jamie Hyneman ... now there's a serious porn name (I know, it's a stage name but even so)

Straight from Dave Barry - prepare to laugh out loud

This isn't mine, I've copied it, it's Dave Barry's ... I laughed and laughed and laughed: CRIMINAL MASTERMINDS OF THE DAY The Runner-Up and The Champion (Thanks to leemedia and Schadeboy, respectively) Posted by judi on November 6, 2006 at 03:33 PM

Movember - Grow a Mo

I know, I know, it's nine days into the whole deal and I've only just caught on but, well, I've been busy, alright ... So how ya going with the mo ? Once I've a job signed up then I'm in with a grin!

TradeMe - not here, over there

For those that are searching for Trade Me, it's not here, it's over there at What the flip is Trade Me? Think eBay for Kiwi's - check out their "How it works"

All Blacks for this Sunday (NZT) game with France

Team : Leon MacDonald / Josevata Rokocoko / Conrad Smith / Luke McAlister / Sitiveni Sivivatu / Dan Carter / Piri Weepu / Rodney So’oialo / Richie McCaw (c) / Jerry Collins / Ali Williams / James Ryan / Carl Hayman / Anton Oliver / Tony Woodcock Reserves: Keven Mealamu / Neemia Tialata / Jason Eaton / Chris Masoe / Byron Kelleher / Ma’a Nonu / Malili Muliaina The French team has also been announced . Finally on rugby - Jonny Wilkinson injured again ... OK, someone is messing around with his voodoo doll! Subscribe to my rugby union calendar including all 2007 Tri-Nations, Six Nations, Super 14 and 2007 Rugby World Cup (Sep 7-Oct 20, France) fixtures: Subscribe (RSS) / Subscribe (iCal) / Download (CSV) / Preview RSS explanations here , here and at Wikipedia . Similarly for iCal here , here and at Wikipedia .

NZ: Sale of Liqour Ammendment Bill - fails. USA: Democrats take the Sentate AND the other one

All good in the universe. Sources: No Right Turn blog (and here ) Scoop Stuff BBC Newswire ... and Mrs Evadne Google ( * ): NZ drinking / USA voters find a brain

Can't talk, Green Wing is on

Enjoy. Good to be back in Wellington - wish me ALL the luck you can spare for tomorrow. Oh, and enjoy these 'best inventions from 2006' via James' Ramblings ... um, did 2006 end or is it like an accounting year for those in the invention arena?

Two funnies from out there in the web world

Not geek stuff. 1: Roundabout shenanigans - Amanada at Darwinian Evolution But the best story I saw was one I missed by being away last Friday: ‘Council workmen in Coventry have built a huge roundabout and placed "no exit" signs before every turn-off, meaning that once you're on, there is no way out. ‘Motorists following the instructions have ended up going round in circles.’ The next bit is really sweet: ‘The signs went up five weeks ago but such is the polite demeanour of British drivers that no one told the council until now.’ (source: Daily Telegraph, 5-Nov-2006 ) 2: UK Sky Movies correspondence - Vicus at Kaliyuga Kronicles Original post: I have sent the following query to Sky Movies. There will be no prizes other than my sincere affection for the one who mostly closely replicates the response. I notice that Sky Movies is screening the film "Fantastic Four". I have not yet seen "Fantastic", "Fantastic Two" or "Fantastic Three"

Rugby Union World Cup 2007 tickets on sale

This is "phase three" of the pool and quarter-final ticket sales ... sorry, have no idea what the previous two were. I do know, however, that this is the start of the 400,000 individual game ticket sales - i.e., pick the game you want to go to, pray there's actually some left after the corporates and package deals have been taken into account (they claim to have sold 1,000,000 tickets already) and apply. A ballot system will be used to get tickets for the semi's and final ... won't open until April 2007. All the information here at the official RWC Tickets FAQ Subscribe to my 2007 Rugby World Cup (Sep 7-Oct 20, France) calendar : Subscribe (RSS) | Subscribe (iCal) | Download (CSV) | Preview RSS explanations here , here and at Wikipedia . Similarly for iCal here , here and at Wikipedia .

Greg Wiggle - NOT hernia not cancer

As far as I can gather ... but then I've been wrong before, anyone else with the real news? [Updated] As Martha pointed out, I should read the comments before pronouncing such things in subject headings. From what I can gather using the power of Evadne Google ( * ) the following is the latest: Wiggle cancer denial (Herald Sun, 1-Nov-2006) Mystery illness floors Wiggle (Sydney Morning Herald, 1-Nov-2006) More Wiggles mystery (Orlando Sentinel, 2-Nov-2006) Ailing Wiggle being tested (The Border Mail, 2-Nov-2006) Yellow Wiggle out indefinitely (loads of place but this from, 2-Nov-2006) Sick Wiggle thanks fans (, 5-Nov-2006) In January, Page had an operation to repair a double hernia but needed follow-up surgery the next month. Since then, the Yellow Wiggle has been absent from many of the group's commitments, but Field said doctors had ruled out any link between the operations and Page's illness. So, in a nutshell, it's a "mystery illnes

All Black Daniel Carters' name will be all over the British papers

Of course! After an OK 20-41 win - OK in the sense that it wasn't all conquering and dominating and the English backs were quite effective in breaking the All Blacks defensive line - the name of Daniel Carter will no doubt feature heavily in the UK sports section headline writers lexicon. Here's a few to start ya going: Carter guns down England (English RFU) Carter inspires All Blacks to Twickenham win (Gruaniad) Carter scores 26 points as All Blacks beat England 41-20 (International Herald Tribune) ... And the All Black site has Record win by All Blacks at Twickenham :-) Finally - good to see Tana earning his keep Subscribe to my rugby union calendar including all 2007 Tri-Nations, Six Nations, Super 14 and 2007 Rugby World Cup (Sep 7-Oct 20, France) fixtures: Subscribe (RSS) / Subscribe (iCal) / Download (CSV) / Preview RSS explanations here , here and at Wikipedia . Similarly for iCal here , here and at Wikipedia .