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Barmy Army enthusiasts - a survival guide

( as seen on Stuff ) What exactly is a Barmy Army enthusiast?. Firstly, and most importantly, they are English . They are not Irish . They are not Scottish . They are not Welsh . (and that's the order to say it - England , Ireland , Scotland , Wales - you listen to a Pom ) I know this can be quite difficult for non-UK type people that regularly mistaken "England" for the " UK ". The times I've had to quietly state, "Britain", to a, "I'm off to England on my OE ". Of course "England" might actually be correct for those that don't get out of London (capital of England and Britain - get your head around that). I digress. The Barmy Army will be English fans . Don't be sucked into the Clive Woodward , "We're all one family now" * attitude. It might be surreptitious to say such airy-fairy stuff at press conferences and I suspect the squad will be trying to think as non-English/Irish/Scots/Welsh but scr