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It Was Back In 2001 That I Applied To Be Manager Of A "Sex Shop"

I had returned from my two year "single man adventures" in Sydney* with a pot of gold under my arm and no great desire to work for the man. I joined any number of societies, clubs and communities. I had dinners, lunches and even the odd breakfast with friends. I even managed to desist from trying to shag the whole of Wellington after it was pointed out to me that I was off on that particular circle of life once again. The life of leisure. A man with more money that time ... God I got bored pretty bloody quickly. And so I started looking around for something to do. I most certainly did not want to go back to working in IT every again ... hmm. In fact I wanted to do something more people focussed. Now I can't remember the exact order of things but there was the Counselling Degree at WelTec and ... well, something very different. I spotted in the local paper (ah, the days of physical newspapers :-) that d.vice ("Quality Adult Toys for Adventerous Everyday Peop

Be Prepared For Something Quite Spectacular

The Wilderness Downtown - - is a Google Chrome experiment that will have you dropping your jaw. The words used to describe it, "An interactive film by Chris Milk, featuring "We Used To Wait" built in HTML5" don't really do it justice. And for full effect, enter the real address of the house you grew up in. Note: this requires the latest browser (I used Google Chrome ), speakers and a fairly grunty machine (although I use my wee widdle Dell laptop with nothing else running and all good). Enjoy your very own music video

A Thought Experiment Around "Intentionality" For You

Imagine this ... A vice President of a major corporation goes to the Chairman of the Board and says, "OK, we've got this new policy and it's going to make huge amounts of money for our company but it's also going to harm the environment". And the Chairman of the Board says, "Look, I know this policy is going to harm the environment but I don't care at all about that, all I care about is making as much money as we possibly can. So let's go ahead and implement the policy." So they go ahead and implement the policy and sure enough it ends up harming the environment. Question: Did he harm the environment intentionally? Now, let's change one word, "harm" to"help" ... A vice President of a major corporation goes to the Chairman of the Board and says, "OK, we've got this new policy and it's gonna make huge amounts of money for our company and it's also going to help the environment". And the Chairman of the

Wow, Trippy Man


NZ Steampunk Exhibition 2010 - Open For Exhibts

Did you even know there was an NZ Steampunk Exhibition ? Well I did, and it's held down in the fine Southern town of Oamaru and is run the The League Of Victorian Imagineers . So, the exhibition is open now to all those that would love to show off their steampunk-ness. You'll need to jump though a few hoops, firstly by filling in a registration of interest by 3rd September . The expression of interest document is a basic heads up to us that you are interested in entering an art work. You tell us your contact details, the materials you are using, the size and weight of your art work and questions on how we can help you. You may wish to know details of security and insurance cover. If you want to enter but are unsure if your artwork fits in the Steampunk category this is the place to ask these questions. Please don't assume that your artwork fits the criteria and leave it until the last minute to find out otherwise. The League of Victorian Imagineers is more then happy to hel

The 200 Yard Gong Shot

I love the "we're in this together" as each guy groans at each miss. Many more great golf shots on the Every Shot Imagineable's YouTube channel

Well I Would Support This Eh!

(click for the details) From @JackYan

Mushroom Spam, Quite ... Weird Actually

In the world of spam I have encountered money making spam , classic spam , dumb spam , spam that's just naughty and I now have spam that is weird. So weird that I am still questioning quite if it actually spam as I do love a mushroom but, seeing as the 'To' was full of email addresses, I am pretty darned sure it is really ... but the again a quick search reveals validating (ish) results . Read on ... Subject : INVITED TO MUSHROOM MELA (Mushroom Festival) ON 10th Sept.,2010 AT DMR, SOLAN Dear Sir/ Madam, ALL ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO MUSHROOM MELA ON 10th Sept.,2010 AT DMR, SOLAN Mushroom Mela Visit link The mushroom mela was started in the year 1997. It was started on experimental level but now it has been recoganised by farming community. On seeing the response of farmers/mushroom growers, the DMR has considered it as a regular extension activity and it has taken shape of national mushroom mela as it is being attended by the participants

The Greatest Story Ever Told

HA HA HA HA - classic. A mate (client, someone I know, cool guy - take your pick) told me about this a few days ago and then through the power of StumbleUpon there it is in front of me, spooky. Greatest Story Ever Told - Watch more Funny Videos

Digital Books And License Agreements, Why?

It's a simple as they say: Buying digital books should not bind you to a complicated service agreement. Link from ReadWriteWeb

Names Are Powerful

The perennial "We don't want our street/suburb/town to be renamed to a Māori name" seems to be heading my way as the New Zealand Geographic Board Nga Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa has proposed dual naming Miramar Peninsula/Te Motu Kairangi ( source ) I would love say that I live in Te Motu Kairangi, very cool for a Welshman to be able to confuse the family with :-) And, as we know, the name Miramar has nothing to do with New Zealand :( 'Miramar' means "behold the sea" or "wonderful sea" in Spanish, and was thus named by the first settler on Watt's Peninsula area, resident James Coutts Crawford, who arrived in Wellington in 1840. In 1872 he changed the name of Watt's Peninsula to Miramar as that was the name of a house built for him by his brother-in-law, Major McBarnett. The original Māori name of the area was Whataitai. And so I look forward to being able to mangle the Māori name for my home suburb. AND, I also look forward to seeing h

Gotta Love Apple's Direct Approach

We're always telling the kids, "If you want something, ask for it" ... how's this from Apple - this is almost the whole email I received!

Is This The Birth Of The Matrix?

Amazing stuff from Tan Le at TED with "A headset that reads your brainwaves" Enjoy