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The 2014 'Days Of Christmas'

  Keeping this blog's  tradition  going, this is my Yuletide posting about all that you should know for Christmas. But let's just take a moment in the busy day to remember what it's all about - the people you love. I'm thinking of the people you love right now ... are you thinking of mine? Of course, it's not just about family and friends (if that's who I was thinking of) but also presents, alcohol and oodles of sitting around in the sun (hardy har har Northern Hempishpereans!). And luckily this year I have ALL of my Northern Hemisphere family coming out - gonna be choice If Jesus is you thing, I mean, if he's your bag, what you're into man then do the religious thing as well. Just don't get all "God" over Christmas and try to remember that it was originally a pagan festival around the longest day, certainly don't want you Christians foisting your ideas on people and trying to subvert the real message! Fun. that's the real

FREE Light Projection Show At The Roxy Cinema

Who hasn't heard about this ... you, then this is the post for you (as supplied by Kristy who manages the Miramar BID ) - salient details Where: Outside The Roxy Cinema , Miramar (5 Park Road) When: 9pm - 9:15pm, daily with the last showing Friday, 12th Dec Cost: Free ------- FREE Light Projection Show at the Roxy Cinema, 5 Park Road Miramar. Middle Earth will be brought to life on the front of The Roxy building every night, as a state of the art projection show will play multiple times a night just after sunset FOR FREE. This will kick off on at 9pm on December 1st and finish on December 12th, as we count down to the NZ release of the film – The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies . This amazing light show lasts 10-15 minutes and plays several times – so you can see it after a dinner or movie inside! Showcasing the breath-taking special effects created by WETA Workshop and WETA Digital using sound and projection, the presentation follows the film’s characters