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Depression Within Someone Else's Relationship

There is a tendency for those of us outside of a particular relationship to see the walls of it as fixed, solid, and most certainly not to be crossed - and for a lot of activities that is absolutely valid and correct. If there is depression with one party within a relationship however, it can have problems. Firstly it puts the expectation, from those of us outside, that the partner will be all over it, the support required will 'obviously' be being shared, the skills an techniques are all within the relationship. In essence, it's being sorted and there's no need for us to stick our noses in. That may be correct. Or it may be a very wrong assumption. A partner living with someone with depression is not only "just" another human being with no more skills, experiences, tools, or techniques than you or I, they may even be the opposite, someone that lacks the worldview to be that support. That person, having to stand next to the depression, may also be s

Anger & Depression ... And Affairs

This post was originally written a few year's ago - the ending has changed and so I have updated it, but the rest of this article stays even though I am a lot different to the person writing back in 2016. Even when it's broken it's beautiful End of the year [Mike: 2016] . Traditionally it's a time of reflection, contemplation and rest from the year's hard activities - bollocks if you ask me but here I go anyway. Whilst this year has certainly my brought a lot of change to my life it's fairly well known that I thrive in change , I love working out the future, planning for the differences and never standing still (ish). When I had my crash in March I made the promise to, “Never do that again!”, and the only way I could even attempt to keep that promise was to demand that I STOP! "Never do THAT again", it's a small word,”that”, but it covers a lifetime of anger, pain, confusion as well as feelings of worthlessness, being lost and lone