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Vote Earth! Switch Off Your Lights For Earth Hour by Shepard Fairey. iPhone Wallpaper.

Vote Earth! Switch Off Your Lights For Earth Hour by Shepard Fairey. iPhone Wallpaper. - Originally uploaded by Earth Hour Global We'll be doing it - you?

My Dreams May Be Coming True

Ok, not those dreams which are an altogether different post. This is one of my geek dreams that I've had for YEARS! Waaay back in April 2006 I posted this : The one major issue I have with life online at the mo' (apart from the ongoing time it takes to migrate everything up - but once it's done that's it forever) is the lack of sharing of contacts . I have my contacts (people, email addresses etc etc) in Gmail as it's where I use it the most BUT I could also use it in Writely (who can edit a document) and 30 Boxes (invites to calendar stuff). There's no (as far as I can tell) way of having a 3rd party place for people that can be used be all other services. A pain that only Import/Export seems to be able to sort out. I thought we were getting there in May 2007 Shared Contacts - Google (who else) may scratch my last online itch But finally there is this: Google Implements New Open Standard for Friends Lists Called Portable Contacts , the technical spec offers a

iPhone 3.0 - Demos Of The New Features

All coming to us for free (with iPhone, costs for iTouch) sometime in the Northern hemisphere "summer" (rumours are April 17th ... is that summer?). Anywho, there follows a bunch of links from IT Dojo at TechRepublic: On March 17, Apple gave a preview of what we can expect from the iPhone OS 3.0 Software. Sister site, covered the event and took videos of several stand-out features. Click on the links and enjoy the demos (they auto-start!): Buy content from within third-party applications Apple Push Notification Service Search for text across e-mails, contacts, and more Peer-to-peer networking support Send and receive photos, contacts and more Cut, copy, and paste feature

The Untold Story of the World's Biggest Diamond Heist

You know why this won't be made into a movie - because it's a real life version of every diamond hesit movie ever made! The Untold Story of the World's Biggest Diamond Heist - Brilliant

Ha ha ha ha, I love the effort someone is going to with this blog: , "A guide for Australians to living and working in New Zealand." This sample post, You forgot the hops, bro. , has 23 comments and rising with my personal favourite being the erudite yet playful: Cathy (March 24th, 2009 at 6:10 pm) - Get fucked, NZ is the best! Fantastic, that's put the ball fairly and squarely back in their court, *sigh* (BTW: some of the other comments are pretty icky - dickheads on both sides) The blog is actually quite fair and is getting press because, well ... I dunno, why is it getting press? Probably because it was a quiet day at TVNZ which seems to be a standard office day for that lot. I like this young tyke of a blog and there's nothing like having a tease with the locals eh :-) Anyway, have at it fellow Kiwis ;-)

Shopping Advice Required - WiFi Goodies

Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy two WiFi'ed up items and would love all/any advice, pointers, reviews, advice - leave a comment WiFi Flickr-ready Picture Frame Want to be able to select set / tags / timeframe of photos from my Flickr stream and have them appear on a good quality picture frame that cycles through once a day (or quicker, options are good). WiFi Speakers for Windows Vista (7?) / Ubuntu Have Amarok (Ubuntu) and iTunes (Windows) both accessing all our music ever - be awesome if we can plug in something into " the beast " and blast out the sounds around the house. Thanks everyone for your helpful comments

LED Lights + Sheep + Shepherds + Silly Buggers = Brilliant Ad Video


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Bad English In A Website Nav

As part of the NZGovtFeeds* hunting down of the New Zealand Government RSS feeds the following made me tickle at the Immunisation Advisory Centre website . I assume it's telling me "click here to find out what is new" orrrrrrr, "click here to see the news". Or is it some sort of AI and it's asking me, "What is news? As a concept, what actually is it?" :-) * Check out our site and/or follow the Twitter feed @NZGovtFeeds

The Crisis of Credit Visualized

Thanks to Rowan Simpson for the link The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo .

RyanAir - Cost Cutting For Your Safety (JOKE!)

Hee hee - liked this from Adam's email jokeslist

Sign Online to "Stop Wellington City Council from getting rid of the Green recycling bins"

Currently over 9,000 Wellingtonians have expressed their support of Jonathan Smith's   Stop Wellington City Council from getting rid of the Green recycling bins  petition . And the best bit is that it's as easy as filling in the form and clicking on the confirmation link in your Inbox - this is how petitions should be: Wellington City Council wants to replace recycling bins with plastic bags that you have to pay for. This will seriously reduce the amount of recycling done in the capital as it will be easier and cheaper to throw rather than recycle rubbish.  We will move further away from being a cleaner greener capital if we change to paying to recycle. There are "background details" at a Facebook group  which I think is a dumb move as it implies everyone is on Facebook - an open website/blog would've been much better. So, sign the petition (free, official and yours) IF you believe that Wellington should keep recycling (yes, I think it's that black and white)

Kerre Woodham Says, "Lighten up, people" - Hear, Hear

"You get what you expect in life" is a phrase that has more behind it than just a platitude so please, PLEASE fellow humam beings on these rocks in the Southern Ocean, lighten up a little. NZ Herald - Kerre Woodham : Lighten up, people Do not lock yourself in the house, cut off contact with the outside world and wait for the sky to fall in no matter what the media might tell you. One in five Kiwis might fear being sacked. But four out of five do not. And isn't that worth a headline or two?

An Australian Dust Storm

Wow! Impressive nature does it again ... A dust storm between Wilcania and Broken Hill in Australia on 21 December 2007 Link from The Presurfer

Dean Spanley - What A Brilliant Film

Liz and I were in the rare (but to become common) situation of having an evening away from the Miramar estate as a new babysitter looked after the kids (and a mighty fine she did, she is heaven sent). So what to do? Neither of us up for our normal "hit the bars and play last man standing". A film, sounds nice but what? Google the local theatres and there's nowt really to interest both of us ... BOTH, that's the operative word. Dean Spanley sounded quirky but ... and then Liz had an idea, let's go to Empire Cinema at Island Bay and luxuriate in the large chairs with a wine and the film being shown didn't really matter. And so we did. And the film, Dean Spanley , was an absolute joy. Funny with Peter O'Toole delivering some of the finest one-liners ever. Quirky with ... well, the whole story. Story-centric with a fantastic plot/purpose that made ya think. Actor POV - the 3 main actors are in top notch form delivering on all levels. The supporting actors br