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1st Week, Dry July, Tough

It's been a fascinating first week of my Dry July adventure which, combined with giving up smoking (YET! AGAIN!), has lead to some terse conversations but much better health. First of all - go give some money to the Cancer peeps (whether you think my adventure of interest to you or not) as no-one choose to have cancer. $50 is a good and popular amount but anything helps them and their families. For me not having alcohol has had a number of changes, mostly internal. I definitely find I have more time on my hands and, of an evening, find myself wandering the living room wondering what to do with my hands as I watch the bears. Funny eh, i obviously use alcohol to avoid myself a tad. Also, catching up with people has been one of, "No, sorry, can't do that" as they invite me for a quick beer after work. Of course, I could go into a bar and not have a beer ... possible, but I need to break the habit a bit more first and become a conscious drinker. I reckon another week.