Wooden Owl

A wooden Owl sculpture in a city bin.

Indiana Jones is back

Wellingtonista: Free tickets to Downstage (limited time, conditions apply)

What a morning!?!

My brother and his wife are about to have a baby

Google Docs - new front page, much easier to use

Skype in New Zealand - free calls and local for international calls

Spot the humour in this - very subtle

I agree with the CIO of British Telecom

TVNZ signs up with Google/YouTube

Eric is even more of a god PLUS the moral high ground has been mapped

Shared Contacts - Google (who else) may scratch my last online itch

Tell me if you like ...

Wellingtonista: TheNewDowse goes ape sh*t - FREE

Alternative Rugby Commentary - any good?

Great wekend of sport

Tag clouds - what they are with examples

Cleverer ... handsome-ler and probably better-er

My own librarian - me

Big Ass Table - ha ha ha ha

Phases of man, the research seems weighted

And Google Presentations comes closer

mini-Webstock: Open Source Awards, apply within

Web 2.0: get involved with 24hour Full Code Press

mini-Webstock, my thoughts

Using email - the reality bites

See me at the mini-Webstock tonight

Email as the driver for everything

Cable Car Challenge

Tell me if you like ...

Gmail now handles PowerPoint

Four Candles

TWTFTW*, the best of MiramarMike, 4th-17th June, 2007

How do I show my Google Calendar in Facebook?

Happy Matariki everyone (17th June)

Follow your dreams - Mr Potts is leading the way

Sanatravious - your word of the week

The Poisoners at Te Papa (FREE)

Pohutakawa flowering now, is this normal?

I agree with Nic, Photosynth is stunning

Facebook and other 'social networks'