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When Your Strut Fits The Music

When it happens it rocks. You know, you're walking along the street feeling all good and special with yourself and you enter the bar / cafe / shop and the music's beat they have playing exactly matches your very own strut. You feel like this ... I know I do Translation: "There's only one thing to do at a time like this: strut!"

What Do You Do? Hashigo Zake Does Something!

It's easy to wonder, "What do you do?" when faced with an event of the magnitude and devastation of the Tuesday's Christchurch earthquake ... the answer is something, No matter what, no matter how small, do something. Hashigo Zake , a small cult beer bar here in Wellington are doing their bit this Saturday evening: So it's time we did something drastic. This Saturday evening every cent taken over the bar at Hashigo Zake from 6pm until midnight will be set aside and donated to two causes. One is Atareira , in recognition of Matthew Hall. The other will be Christchurch earthquake relief. All you have to do is go and drink as much of the finest beer to be had in Wellington ... simple! Drink them dry!

Charity Fringe Show Friday 25 Feb 2011, 9.30pm

Fringe Bar 9.30 Friday 25 Feb El Jaguar and Friends heart Shakeytown! Hands up if you feel useless? Hands up if you wish there was something you could do? Hands up if you’re feeling so grateful right now for all your friends and aching for those who have lost? To try and capture and deal to these feelings, ‘El Jaguar and friends heart Shakeytown’ is an Earthquake Benefit variety happening this Friday night, 9:30pm at the Fringe Bar, Cnr Vivian and Cuba Streets, with all proceeds to be donated to Earthquake Relief, specifically Red Cross. Ex-husband and wife duo, ‘El Jaguar and Es Sposa X’ put aside their differences for a night and will host some of Wellington’s best loved performers who will bring a smile or a tear to your face. There'll also be a raffle containing meat vouchers and baking from some of Wellington's finest bakers! Line up to be confirmed, but so far confirmed performers include: - Sarah Harpur and Jim Stanton- The Comediettes - Jerome Chandrahase

Beached Whale - Donate To Christchurch This film is just about getting people to help out those affected by the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. We're not tied to any charity or relief organisation, but we just want people to give what they can where they can. Giving is the act of spreading love. The NZ Red Cross seems a good starting point so we have provided a link at the top of this description if you just want to give and ignore our cheap cartoon. If you have a charity or want to promote another way to help, feel free to leave a comment below. A beach-load of love from J-Rad, Macca and Bosh.

Beer In The South Island

The fine folk from @EpicBeer spent the New Zealand summer touring the South Island discovering the finest breweries, videoing them and showcasing the best beer that NZ has to offer. And the best in NZ is equal to the best anywhere else in the world ... prove me wrong!

Philip Pullman On Freedom Of Speech

This is, in my mind, a companion to So You'll Be Offended

Minimalistic Spam

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Most Popular Autocorrects for January 2011 - HA HA HA HA

Damn You Auto Correct is a great blog that I wholeheartedly suggest you subscribe to and pop into your "read when I have time" (it updates fairly regularly during the day). Here's my favourite from their top 15 of January 2001

Join Us At Summerfest 2011, Feb 27th

Join esteemed beer critic Neil Miller for Summerfest 2011 - a family friendly celebration of great beer, food and music Sunday 27 February 2011 3–6pm at Worser Bay Boating Club Marine Parade, Seatoun Pre-purchase tickets $5 (children under 12 free) For all the details and to follow us on Facebook , go to http// All proceeds support Worser Bay School

Google StreetView In Museums

Google StreetView is still one of those technologies that makes me gasp at it's scope, delivery and sheer brass bollocks to get it done. And now you can pop off the streets and wander around some international museums taking care to look as close at the art as you like. It is amazing. Check it out at (or on Google Maps at ) What museums? How did they do it? Is it really amazing Mike? Watch this ...

The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained

In a nutshell!