Wooden Owl

A wooden Owl sculpture in a city bin.

Very 'Carry On' and quite a laff

Jack having a last evening (for a while) with his mate Josh

Celebrating NZ Citizenship

Crashing Adam's leaving do

The car museum (part of WOW)

A few from the trip down to Christchurch

Jack and his cousin's 13th birthday

An old friend's bits

This is what they want, this is the stuff, this is why we pay our TV license fee ...

Canterbury blogs

The replacements start

Google upgrades and releases new stuff

I've truly arrived at the new place of work

First day survived, might even go back for another

My mate is a star and should plant his handprint

1st day at work

Meg: Weeks 28 and 29

Wireless home connection in Christchurch, anyone got any ideas?

How to get in touch

New All Blacks haka

King Kong trundles closer and closer


My head hurts

Le roi est mort. Vive le roi!

Don't feel left out, enjoy your own Citizenship ceremony

Leaving Do - the low down

Kong is getting there

She gets me

I am a Kiwi

Just off to become a Kiwi

Riversdale for the last time in a while