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Very 'Carry On' and quite a laff

100 rudest place names in Britain (via David Farrar ) Update: It's actually a book as reported by 'this is Scunthorpe' (via Dave Barry ) My personal favourites: 96: Great Tosson 91: Nether Wallop 68: Shingay cum Wendy 58: Pant 49: Wham Bottom Lane 34: Menlove Avenue 22: Lickey End 11: Hole of Horcum 6: Muff

Jack having a last evening (for a while) with his mate Josh

Red cheeked Jack, what a cutey - I know I've said it before, but come on, just look at him, cuuuute

Celebrating NZ Citizenship

First the ceremony at the Town Hall (6pm-8pm, approx) Before I start, here's my awesome "2 invited guests" and official photographers - Liz and Adam: Waiting for the dudes to arrive - we'd been split into heathens (affirm the oath) and gods-squad (swear an oath) :-) One at a time people went up to get their certificate ... and then it's me ... And after the ceremony(ies) there were two brand new Kiwi's out to celebrate at Zibibo: The Riversdale Kiwi's

Crashing Adam's leaving do

After the long, loooong day of drinking for my leaving of the Ministry of Health I then stumbled down town to Adam's at The Malthouse ... Neroli, me and Tracey Mike, Dazza's sister, Dazza and Adam

The car museum (part of WOW)

Whilst we were in Nelson the only thing I really wanted to see was the World of Wearable Arts (WOW). Jack was quite a bit scared of the actual exhibitions; I s'pose it was a series of 'dead bodies' hanging around wearing some very freaky things. I loved it and almost made me cry, the creativity was astounding. There's two parts to WOW, the fashion malarkey and a car museum. The car museum was much more Jack and we saw some very cool classic cars. You're allowed to sit in two of them, here's the dapper Riversdale family lounging around in the comfort they've become accustomed to:

A few from the trip down to Christchurch

On the Kaitaki crossing Cooks Strait Murchison where we stopped for lunch - very nice.

Jack and his cousin's 13th birthday

It was Char's 13th birthday and so we popped over the garden to celebrate with her (sisters were away at a soccer tournament)

An old friend's bits

Cats Bits: Doing It Differently A nice person, a very talented artist, kicks butt (karate or something) and needs to update her website more often. Or, even better Cat, get a blog as you write the funniest/most insightful stuff. I can still recall a road-trip 'diary' some years ago, hee hee. Come on Cat, share the talent.

This is what they want, this is the stuff, this is why we pay our TV license fee ...

BBC TV channels to be put on net Holy guacamole! (PS: anyone at all get the title reference?)

Canterbury blogs

No longer on this page but at my online bookmarks at blog+canterbury Also check out the blog+christchurch Want to be added to the list? Send me an email and I will add you .

The replacements start

I have discovered stumbled across an awesome replacement for what was the best video/DVD store going, Aro Video , this: Alice in Videoland It's huge (that really is the building in the piccie, they have the ground floor), full of awesome movies and I am so joining.

Google upgrades and releases new stuff

Google has release the next version (still beta) of it's desktop search product. They've moved it substantially away from just being search and it's now called " Google Desktop ". The biggest difference is the " sidebar " which integrates your Google mail, web/desktop searching, web feeds, US weather and much more. I'm not so sure it works as it's quite cluttered but then again I only downloaded it last night. They also released the Google Talk - IM/phone calls across the Internet. It's in direct competition with both Skype and Yahoo! Messenger with their USP ('unique selling point') being it uses standards and therefore communicates with any other client using the same standard ... we'll see. You do need a Google sign-on to use it - if you've a Gmail account you're sorted, if not then drop me a line and I'll send you an invite.

I've truly arrived at the new place of work

I'm in the Intranet staff directory, yay I'm findable! Uploaded using the new Blogger 'Add Image' button - seems OK but can't control the size of the picture uploaded. Pain

First day survived, might even go back for another

Yep, it was all fun and I quite enjoyed myself. I wore one of the new suits , the new shoes and shirt all topped off with the Hurricanes tie, sharp as! I had no problems at all with the buses and even managed to get a MetroCard ($10) from the bus centre. It's now costing me $1.50 each way, electronically ticketed as I wave the card on entering the bus - very cool. The trip is about the same distance and time as my #2 Miramar-Train Station but over half the price (not as nice a view though - suburbs). I was well looked after by Kaye (not a previous colleague llew) one of the two new Relationship Managers; Teresa the other one was also starting new today so we hung around for a bit together as we got introduced to a stack of people of whom I remember only a few actual names (about 5) but there is a Welsh connection already - awesome. I was happily logged on at a desk with a phone and whiteboard sending emails (Outlook 2003, very different) and checking my Gmail and this blog ver

My mate is a star and should plant his handprint

I so hope Adam gets this through as it's an awesome idea! Jackson's handprint wanted for 'Avenue of Stars' , found via KongIsKing . An "Avenue of Stars" – complete with film director Peter Jackson's handprint – is one suggestion from Wellingtonians on how to spend a $1 million bequest to beautify the city. Wellington City Council has received 98 submissions on how to spend the money, funded by the Plimmer Bequest. The fund was last used for the award winning Oriental Bay beach development in 2003. The star-studded avenue, envisaged along the waterfront between Frank Kitts Park and Te Papa, would feature handprints of famous Kiwi personalities similar to the movie stars' walk of fame in Hollywood, the submitter said. "You could also have overseas stars leave their mark. Get Peter Jackson to open it with his being the first star." Submitters' identities are kept secret but their proposals can be inspected. Oops, oh well I'm sure Adam

1st day at work

Crickey ... feel a tad nervous . Not sure why as I'm good at what I do, can talk the hind-legs off a donkey and seem to be able to fit in to teams quite well. But still, nervous. It was nice to meet a few people on the arrival into Christchurch last Thursday. Of course I have no idea how 'relevant' the people I met will be to my day-to-day work, a lot I trust (all inclusive and all that). Also, not had a great deal from the boss so will have to make sure I get some quality time with her early on. I'm being 'looked after' by one of the Relationship Managers , Kaye, who I've met twice now and seems very nice and extremely helpful so that's cool. I have four goals for tomorrow: Get to/back from work on time using the a whole new (to me) public transport system Get connected at work - desk/chair, laptop, logon, email, phone, mobile/PDA Meet , and remember, 5 people that I will be working closely with Get an overview of the ICT sections cur

Meg: Weeks 28 and 29

Been a few weeks I know but don't worry, you've missed nothing startling except for an ever expanding and increasingly tired lady. I s'pose Meg has now become the 2nd item on the Oh!My!Golly! list ... first week at work tomorrow is number 1 but that'll soon go and then it's all Megan Hannah! Meg, what can I say to you - it's been a busy time and as promised all we've really made sure is that your Mum was not overworked or over-stressed so you grew in all the ways we'd like. And that's happened. I trust the hectic times haven't been too much ... I suspect you've noticed no difference. Now we're here amongst the immediate family (wanted to use the word 'whanau' but to be honest it's Liz's immediate family and that's it ... the rest will come) we're starting to prepare for your entrance into the world. We've set up the room , currently called "Jacks room" but will become the "Kids room" bu

Wireless home connection in Christchurch, anyone got any ideas?

Woosh don't cover where I currently am (Redwood) so I'm a bit stuck. Anyone use the Telecom Xtra wireless thingy? Comments good or bad? What about this little lot, experiences good or bad? iHug IGRIN Internet ICONZ

How to get in touch

(If you want Mike in a work/professional manner check out his work contact details ) How get in touch with Mike Riversdale : Email: Phone: +64 (0)21-169 1359 Instant Message (IM) me using: Google Chat: mike.riversdale Yahoo!: mike_riversdale MSN: mike.riversdale Connect to me at using the many 'social networking' sites I am present on ...

New All Blacks haka

I loved the 'new All Black haka' (alternative I think is the official word) ... had us all confused, curious then very engaged. Scared/worried the crap out of the 'Boks as well, which is always good. Great game , too many mistakes from the All Blacks well picked up and coverted by the South Africans. But that ref , what the fuck was he on?

King Kong trundles closer and closer

Despite not being there ( Miramar ) I still can't wait for this film to come out . The latest Post Production Diary, 16 weeks to go , has been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. BTW: with the move I missed blogging ' 17 weeks to go '. Anywho, here's the blurb about '16 weeks' from : Like Photoshopping? Well then this is the PPD for you! PJ introduces us to the rotoscoping artists working on King Kong. These guys and gals are the ones who intricately remove all the 'real world' stuff that is in a shot. They also paint over things that need to disappear to make the movie as realistic as possible. We get to see some amazing blue and green screen footage, lots of running and falling shots of Naomi Watts , and a super close-up of Jack Black 's head (no whale for you Jack). First trailer is still the only one doing the rounds on the official King Kong movie website .


We've been in sunny Christchurch for a whole day and it's been full on. But I'm ahead of myself. The trip down first. Briefly ie, cutting out the spurious words and writing like it's a txt, the last week has been ... Monday up early, ferry (new one, Kaitaki , inaugarual sailing in fact), wander around, get good seat at the back (next to bar), tears watching Wellington fade away , smooth. Arrive Picton . Wait to disembark. Lunch at great Picton cafe (sorry, forgotten name). 2hr drive to Nelson . Find place we're staying at for three days. Oh! My! God! Bloody brilliant. Almost a whole house - two bedrooms , bathroom , toilet, kitchen , lounge , balcony overlooking Tasman Bay. Quality! Highly recommended, do visit - Villa 10 (West Wing) . Lovely relaxing time. Not great weather but good enough. Takeaways, sleeping (we were emotionally bushed), walks, reading, fun with the wee fella. Left Nelson in glorious sun. Liz driving (on her). Stop off for lunch at Murchison

My head hurts

3am I started the walk home. Jack and his mate went to bed very easily which was the start of a cracking evening and I joined Liz at One Red Dog for a few (!) drinks. It was awesome to see everyone, too many to mention here, and all I can say is thanks from Liz and I for the wonderful send off. The party was a roaring success. Loads of very short skirts, stunning women, gorgeous guys and Adam ... dressed up as Xena ... it was a truly wonderful sight. And to everyone that stumbled down the road back into town for a boogie to the wee hours at Kitty O'Sheas, I love you all. With cigar in mouth, burger in hand the walk to Hataitai was pleasant. Through the tunnel (only one person tootled their horn) and up the hill to bed. I even managed to bring back all my possessions. Today is starting late, will be slow - don't expect anything else.

Le roi est mort. Vive le roi!

Yes indeedy . The time has come to say goodbye to MiramarMike and move on to MainlanderMike at ChCh-Changes. I'm sitting in an room bereft of furniture, in fact the whole house is bereft of anything to sit on except Jacks little couch which doesn't have the support I require. We've managed to get rid of all the stuff we don't need either by TradeMe , dropping it off at Mary Hospice shop (Park Rd) or having the Sallys turn up with a truck and take it all away (everything except one plate which they left on the driveway, weird). Today is packing for the trip. Tomorrow the packers come and stick everything else into boxes. Saturday the packers return and put all the boxes into a truck. Monday the boxes turn up in Christchurch . Crickey! We'll be off to stay with mates for the weekend (thanks guys) and out celebrating on Saturday with everyone that knows us - please come along as we'd love to see you. Monday morning (8am!!!) it's on to the new ferry for t

Don't feel left out, enjoy your own Citizenship ceremony

Citizens Required :-)

Leaving Do - the low down

Hi everyone - how's it going? As you know, we're off to the Christchurch for the foreseeable and to make sure we hug all our Wellington friends (and shed a tear) we'd love to catch-up with you all on Saturday 20th . Therefore we're gonna have drinks. Now, this ISN'T at Miramar as we'll have moved out by then (a common misunderstanding from previous emails, sorry). Liz will be kicking off the celebrations/commiserations/goodbyes at [a restaurant in town] (awesome place for nibbles and great cocktails) around 5pm . I will be putting the wee fella to bed and will wander into town for around 8pm for drinks, laffs and reminisces at an [old haunt of mine] . Liz will be joining me at the same time (8pm). Then it gets a little complicated as another friend of mine has booked her house warming party for the same night and, despite UN negotiations, it just couldn't be moved. But my mate has done us proud and turned her party into a joint house-warming/leaving

Kong is getting there

The pick ups have finished, Post Production Diary - Last Day of Pick Ups! and Post Production Diary - 18 Weeks To Go posted. BTW: I just got Kiwi citizenship at the same time as Alex Funke - on ya Alex , at least you followed though even if Kerry forgot where you worked, *sheesh* First trailer the only one doing the rounds on the official King Kong movie website .

She gets me

People have asked and the answer is always, "She gets me". I've just become a Kiwi , she was there for most of it (not the tedious ending ... thank your god) but I am at home ... alone . She dropped me off after she waited for me to have that final beer, that final beer that I didn't need. She and I got in the same car and drove back to our house . "Our" house. And I was dropped off. Of course our son wasn't waiting for us. He's at our mates Steve and Ruths. So she went back to our son and is snuggling up with him as I write. But it was never an issue that I didn't want to do the same . I think it might have been really (a tad) but she gets me. It would have been perfect for her for me to do that ... and I will. But tonight , I will watch DVD's (the same ones I have watched before), I will blog, I will sit up in the cold and read crap on the web, I will listen to BBC Radio Comedy (currently I'm listening to " Conked Out - But Not F

I am a Kiwi

There ya go.

Just off to become a Kiwi

Have a pleasant evening one and all

Riversdale for the last time in a while

Emma and Jack have a little moment And then it's down to the beach at 6am ... bleurgh The girls had a grand time dancing with Jack :-)