I Own A House In Monmouth

Obviously I don't really own a house, I will never ever* own a house again and certainly not one on the other side of the planet. But still, this one does have my name on it 😁 * Never say never ever, who knows, one day I might.

Crash Course Pods: The Universe

This is my current go to #podcast , The Universe . John Green is awesome at expressing the awe and asking all the questions that you and I would. From the first pecoseconds to billions of years it might seem daunting at first but it's not, it's gorgeously signposted, explained by Katie Mack, and summarized so no-one is left behind. Dr. Katie Mack , a theoretical astrophysicist, walks #1 New York Times bestselling author John Green through the history of the entire universe - including the parts that haven’t been written yet. Episodes are released every two weeks, starting April 24, 2024.

Ours podcast

Been a while for a #podcast post, time to amend that. Ours from Te Papa + RNZ is a glorious set of 2018 small podcast episodes. With 20 x 7 minute shows from Noelle McCarthy , a museum curator, and an NZ famous person we are taken through specific items held in Te Papa , it's history, why it means what it means to the 'famous person', and how it makes a different to Kiwis. They are awesome Kiwia snippets that you can pop on during the commute and you'll learn, love, and share! Jody Wyllie and Te Hau ki Tūranga Lady Pippa Blake and NZL32 Ema Tavola and the Isa Lei song The Topp Twins and the dolls Pauline Cowens and the Snell Shoe Ngila Dickson and the Xena costume Googie Tapsell and the Patu Parāoa Leah McFall and the Suffragette medal Jamie Tuuta and the Strutt Painting Sir Richard Taylor and the wētā Elisapeta Fononga and the fish shop uniform Eric London and the first ever dinosaur tooth Anthony Byrt and Colin McCahon's 'I am scared' Sam and the colossa

Caption That

So, why are there steps leading up to the wall? Answer in the comments tomorrow.

Stay On The Path

Lord's Woods at the end of Wyesham is a glorious walk at any time of the year. The straight, gently inclining, path follows the old railway track and looks out across the Wye Valley. Of course autumn is especially gorgeous as the leaves start to change colour.

The Shambles, Monmouth

The " shambles ", as a name for an area, seems to be quite common on the UK with the most famous  in York. I believe the York Shambles was an inspiration for Diagon Alley in Harry Potter (or not ), maybe just the movie versions. And now that I've read what "shambles" actually means my photo and the naming of The Shambles makes sooooo much more sense: "Shambles" is an obsolete term for an open-air slaughterhouse and meat market. Streets of that name were so called from having been the sites on which butchers killed and dressed animals for consumption (One source suggests that the term derives from "Shammel", an Anglo-Saxon word for shelves that stores used to display their wares, while another indicates that by AD 971 "shamble" meant a 'bench for the sale of goods' and by 1305, a 'stall for the sale of meat'.). As you may remember from yesterday I was wandering around the back of Market Hall and headed down to Monmou

To / From The Bridge

On Tibbs Bridge looking up to the back of Market Hall on Priory Street. And then on Priory Street look back down to the bridge. And then on the bridge looking up. And then looking down. Up. Down. To reach Monmouth's pleasure gardens [1780s] you had to cross Tibbs' Bridge, built on the foundations of the medieval castle bridge. (British Museum) Er mwyn mynd i erddi pleser Trefynwy, rhaid oedd i chi groesi Pont Tibbs a oedd wedi ei hadeiladu ar sylfeini pont y castell canoloesol. (Amgueddfa Prydain)

[UPDATE] Mayor 1883

[UPDATED 25-May-2024] How wrong could I be! It's NOT about who I thought it was at all but the mayor BEFORE the one I wrote about. Thanks so much Anonymous in the post comments for outlining it all. I will copy their most excellent words here but also leave my research on the wrong Mayor below 😁 Sorry Mike, the plaque isn't anything to do with Champney Powell. The initials on the plaque are GPT - George Porter Tippins, who was Mayor of Monmouth from 1880 to 1883. The plaque commemorates the widening of the top of Monnow street in 1883/84, and the first shop in the new building (nos 8-10) was Kennington Hall, outfitters. GP Tippins owned the malthouse and brewery on St Mary's street. The ship is the 1675 official seal of Monmouth which is encircled by the insignia “Sigilium Nouvvm Ville de Monmouth Asoni 75” ( New Sign of The Town of Monmouth in the year of our Lord (16) 75 ). Once again, thanks Anonymous, you're a star! And now, onto the original but wrong words ... Le

Bird Waiting For God

Outside the church I spotted this pigeon waiting inside for something, it's God perhaps?

Uncle Neil Is Still At The Somerset Arms

Every Sunday Ken would meet up with Neil at the Somerset Arms and have a Sunday lunch. This had been going on for decades, but then Uncle Neil died. The Somerset Arms , via Neil's daughter (my cousin) asked for a photo, and I am nothing if not stacked full of photos . It's glorious that Uncle Neil is still present at the pub welcoming Ken to their table, who taps the photo and says hi, before enjoying another Sunday lunch.

"Let's have a look at what you could have won .."

A plethora of catchphrases from Jim Bowen on Bullseye (1982 - 1995) are still popular in the UK, and I'm trying to share them here in AoNZ. 'You can't beat a bit of Bully!'  'Stay out of the black and into the red, Nothing in this game for two in a bed.'  'Let's have a look at what you could have won.'  'Now the cash you won for charity earlier... that's safe.'  'Super, smashing, great.'  'You win nothing but your BFH... Bus Fare Home'  'I've got £100 here and it'll take me two minutes to count out.' 'All for the throw of a dart'  'You've got the time it takes for the board to revolve...' (to decide if the contestants were going to gamble their prizes)  'Up to the oche - and listen to Tony!' (a reference to show co-host Tony Green)

An Unconventional Approach

"So, what's Mike actually like then?" If a person were about to meet me and that person were to ask my friends or family this question I would suspect the answer would be along the lines of, "He definitely has an unconventional approach to life." There's a stubbornness to my unconventionality. A place of solidity upon which my self image feels safe, secure, and permanent. A place that may have served me well up until these changing times but no further . I've had an extremely lucky life, I've been blessed with happy times, abundant times, loving times, and when the times don't fit with those I have always known within my core they will come back. Those times will return but my core isn't so certain that the rock I have stood up on before will be that useful. A change is needed.  A change in what I hold dear. Being the stone that skips along the surface, flying from one thing to another worked from the moment I was thrown into life, but I am n

Are Chemtrails Real?

No. Chemtrails are not real. But, people buy into any old made up stuff eh. I love the reply, genius.