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2024 Happy St David's Day / Dydd Gwŷl Dewi Sant hapus

2024 here in Aotearoa New Zealand and it is already March 1st, Welsh St David's Day (and the glorious thing about time zones is it will also will be March 1st tomorrow, in Wales ). Hope your 1st March is a happy one for you all and that you are eating leeks, speaking Welsh and singing (just to perpetuate all the myths) to the best of your abilities. Random Acts of Welshness (2022) St David’s Day - the day we celebrate our patron saint and all things Welsh, from the coast and inland . When we remember his famous guiding words: gwnewch y pethau bychain - do the little things . What better way to celebrate than to bring those words to life with an outpouring of hwyl and kindness. Fly the Draig 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Wear a leek Cwtsh (also known as a cwtch!) 🤗 Give a spoon Say it in Cymraeg Buy David a pint 🍻 Say it with flowers Wear Welsh Dance 💃🏽 Eat some cheese 🧀 Plant a tree 🌳 Share Welsh cakes 🍪 Visit a castle 🏰 Don your Welsh hat Gwlad, Gwlad! 🎶 Eat a leek  Listen to some m

We All Live In A Yellow Residence

There are some glorious house colours around Aro Valley (Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa). This yellow dwelling, amongst the vibrant green plants, definitely caught my eye as I was snapping away.

A Street Of Dreams

Walking down Courtenay Place during the day and then during the evening can be like travelling between two different worlds.

Bad Boy Bricks

Building your own prison when you're the prisoner must be galling to the max. You do the crime, you make the prison so you can do the time! The building [ Mount Cook Police Station (Former) And Retaining Wall ] is notable for its plain form and severe character, offset by a distinctive decorative scheme. Decorative elements include arrow marks made by the prison brickmakers, moulded rosette cornerstones and black and white glazed brick bands over the windows. source: WCC Heritage, Mount Cook Police Station (Former) And Retaining Wall

Opening Portal

With it's deafening crackle the other planet portal started opening one more time. We all stared up in wonder, it was going to be our turn.

Building Fold

Like being in Inception this building has a lovely crisp fold down the middle of it.

Faces Of Football

In 2023 the Women's FIFA World Cup was jointly held by Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand with nine games being played in Te Whanganui-a-Tara / Wellington and I think my daughter went to every game 👍 I was lucky enough to get tickets to two games, the first being USA v  Netherlands for a 1-1 draw  and a lot of fun! There was a lot of signing, chanting, and dress-up, everyone just had a blast.

Upwards Flows Upwards

The curves of Takina (Wellington's convention and exhibition centre) are delicious and flow through the building from the outside in.

Bird Dive Bombs Fish

Whilst filming the amazing light I caught this bird dive bombing fish just off Clyde Quay Wharf.

Mid-Morning In The Wellington Hills

Why live in Wellington if you don't have a view? Obviously the answer to that is, "I can't afford to Mike, FFS!", which is totally valid. If you can, then do, it's the joy of Wellington having a view of something that isn't your neighbours backyard, a high-rise, or endless other houses that look just like yours. And then, when you tell fellow Wellingtonians where you live you can answer the question, "Oh, nice, so, do you get the sun?"

Candyfloss Trees

I was determined not to do another night time photo directly after the The Worms Return but I couldn't force myself past these trees down by St John's Bar , all lit up and looking lovely for a sleeping city.

The Worms Return

Further in my collection of book covers that don't exist but should .

Sinéad O'Connor, RIP, 56

She died yesterday as of writing, but I suspect I won't post this for a few weeks. I wrote the above on 27th July, 2023, quite a few weeks ago from when I'm writing this. It's tough to see people leave. People that die, people that move on, people that fade away, people that simply disappear. The life we have, with the songs and singers in them, always feels permanent, that this is the way it can only be. Sometimes that is a comfort and we don't want it to change, for others it's a prison from which they fight to break free of. Sinead O'Connor seemed to be both a constant in my life and a new person every time she arrived. Her shining talent, immense honesty and integrity, was always there, reassuring me that some things are permanent.  Nothing is permanent. I miss her, the world is worse without her, I hope others step up t---- maybe I should do something instead of hoping for such things. I am 56 after all. Cheers to you Sinead, I hope you loved and were love