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Unvaccinated Discrimination

In Aotearoa New Zealand we have moved away from the 4 levels designed to protect us from COVD with a strategy of elimination and now into a traffic light system designed to protect us with a strategy of regionally changing states of 'lockdown'. This change in forms of COVID protection can only happen with the current vaccination efficacy* and levels of take up around the country. At each stage, red , orange , or green , constraints on what people can do flux, but none of them at a true "lockdown" state. I think it's been said that red is akin to the old Level 2-ish. For these traffic light states to work then people must be vaccinated, and we know that's not the case for a minority of people. And it is a minority, in some places a tiny minority. As I write we are nationally 93% vaccinated and Northland is the least vaccinated with 87% of those that live there vaccinated. The following table is automatically updated by the Ministry of Health once a week (sourc

Straight Over the Cold Depths

Not every sailing can be a picture postcard travel shot, sometimes it is overcast and the water reflects the sky as dark and mysterious.

In A Quiet Corner Of The Room

Like some quiet part of a hotel mezzanine floor the ferry bar has a lovely area for watching the world pass by.

An Iron?

My brother is a wee bit more, um, formal (?), a tad more smart in his presentation than I am. Whilst I'm all t-shirts or Hawaiian tops, he's much more button up shirts. So when the request for an iron and ironing board came out it was a complete and utter surprise to discover I had them.

Hemisphere Smiles

From all corners of the globe the smiles meet up in Wellington.

Summer BBQ

Having a few mates around for a summer beer around the BBQ on the deck is as Kiwi as it comes. It is of course "as Aussie as it goes", and "as [insert country] as it goes".

Hang On, Aren't Some Of Those Mine?

When you visit a pub on the other side of the planet, look around and think, "Hang on, aren't some of the cards in that mine?" Yup, my brother is the unnamed donor of a few of the original Star Wars cards that make up the picture in Goldings Free Dive.

Good Times

When the laughter is so much you have to hold your nose to stop snorting coming out. These are my favourite times.

Happier Times

I miss them both so much 😞

Before Gladys There Was Saffy

Full name Sapphire, and she still remembers me whenever I go visit the kids home, awwww.

Lurtz, Uruk-hai

He's a big fella in statue terms, must've been quite the sight when Lawrence Makoare wandered onto set for the first time.

King Kong Toilet

"King Kong Toilet", and that's all there is to say about that.

Summer Koru

Lordy lord, the Internet eh, I started with " Māori fern " which took me  Wikipedia: Koru , and then click  New Zealand national korfball team , before click  Korball : Korfball (Dutch: korfbal) is a ball sport, with similarities to netball and basketball. It is played by two teams of eight players with four female players and four male players in each team. The objective is to throw a ball into a netless basket that is mounted on a 3.5 m (11.5 feet) high pole.