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Endless Travelators

Doha Airport is BIG. Travelators take you passed endless departure gates towards hubs of shops. Lifts take you up or down to floors of even more travelators doing the same. A bus, or even an inside train, takes you to other buildings with Travalators on different floors.

Away I Go For 18 Hours

Auckland, New Zealand to Doha, Qatar is 18 hours, 34 minutes. One flight. This flight.

Photo Bombs

First photo bomb was in the departure lounge and then her partner got in on the act sitting behind me on the plane, classic.

Dwarves Everywhere

Even Auckland airport has/had dwarves. Who can name this one?

Wellington Waterfront From Above

It was a "smooth as pancake" type of day when I flew out from Wellington. 

Big City Lights

When the harbour is flat and the city building lights are on it's a majestical site.

Wellington Harbour

In the style of a 1840s watercolour as seen in many a museum around the region. In fact it's a photo taken in July 2019, edited with Google Photos and further enhanced using Snapseed, here it is.

Misty Miramar

Almost like an English countryside in an autumn morning.

Under Any Circumstances

Silly but fun. (at Caffe L'affare , I think)

Where Are The Bash Street Kids?

Made my childlike soul jump for joy when I spotted this Beano inspired drawing of the Bash Street Kids inside the bar it was actually hanging inside. Hands-up who knows: What bar is this? Who the Bash Street Kids are?

One Of My Favourite Access Granted Photos

Jess Manins from Beyond , a start-up VR gaming company based in Wellington, was a massive ongoing supporter of the Access Granted NZ podcast. This photo captures her vitality and fun perfectly.

Oldey Timey Mikey

Be interesting to see if I turn out this way. Using the FaceApp app (!) I created this back in July 2019 and tbh I'd be surprised if the app still exists.

Wellington Umbrella

It's the height of hope to take an umbrella out in Wellington.