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When A Team Delivers

It's high fives for all!
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Love Napkin

Wasn't me, but someone gave something to Anika Moa at the end of the ActInSpace 2018 Hackathon .

Cuckoo Emporium

I don't think I know of anyone that doesn't like Cuckoo bar down on the Wellington waterfront.

No More Emails From This Blog

If you have ever signed up to receive updates via email for my fantabulous blog then I'm afraid you're gonna be disappointed from July 2021+ as Google is turning off the email subscription part of the feed from this blog. Starting in July, we are transitioning FeedBurner onto a more stable, modern infrastructure. This will keep the product up and running for all users, but it also means that we will be turning down most non-core feed management features, including email subscriptions, at that time. [source:  Upcoming changes to FeedBurner ] What do I suggest you fine email subscribers do ... um, er ... I dunno tbh as I don't use email to subscribe to blogs. I am a big user of Feedly where you can definitely find me, maybe that's the way to go. Or any of the many other RSS readers that are out there.

Happy Lens Flare

Coloured event people again but it's the big smiley lens flare that's get it a place in the Daily Photos album .

Don't Say You Have A Bomb

It's not funny. Although it can be, sometimes, but knowing the audience is key to a successful delivery ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Cheers Tauranga

Heads Watching

It's a glorious sight to see a large event space full to the brim and lit beautifully.

A Moment in NZ Technology Politics

It's rare to be present at the moment a 'political scandal' (media words, not mine) starts on its public journey ending up with a Ministerial resignation and ructions in a whole industry. But there we were, filming the Derek Handley speech as he laid out what he saw a Government CTO appointee should apply themselves to. As someone on the night whispered to me, "I just heard, "And I like to announce my nomination to the position of ...", without him actually saying the words 😜

Tui painting

Tui painting / print at the AirBnB the three of us stayed at for our Auckland leg of the Techweek TV 2018 tour.

The Iconic Access Granted Photo

"Suit up", was a term Raj and I used on the 2017 Access Granted NZ Road Trip as we popped on the famous red t-shirts before introducing ourselves to the latest venue. In 2018 as we prepared for the first ever broadcast of Techweek TV Raj suited up a la Superman style and the photo was snapped 👍


My first ever nickname was Smiler, coz I squinted in the blazing Swaziland sun . But I digress, and so early. "The greatest spy author", or words to that effect have been bouncing around my feeds for a while now. I finally popped over to Wikipedia and discovered that there were a number of Smiley books written by John le Carré (as his pen name has it). "But they're tedious, and slow, and about olden days and the Cold War", I thought as I borrowed the first one, Call For The Dead (1961) from the Wellington City Library - god I love Libby ! Well bugger me with a bestseller it's bloody good, I was hooked by 'page' 3 and can't stop reading it now. A classic whodunnit with a massive dollop of whydunnit as le Carré takes me on an all enveloping journey with his incredible writing. I s'pose all those awards and opinions weren't built on nothing after all. I'll let you know who and why dunnit later, once I've read all the books 😜 In

The Haunting Of Jacinda

It's well known here in New Zealand that Jacinda Ardern is not in fact alive and has been a ghost since the late 1920s. Despite this she is still more popular than anything the opposition can muster. She is seen here haunting one of Auckland's popular theatres, a regular spot to catch a sighting.