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When I Grow Up

"I want to be as big as my friend at number one, when I grow up!", declared the excited young number fifteen gazing up at the tall black tower. From " Tall buildings of Wellington ", by M Riversdale aged 54½

Under The Bridge

Who lives under the bridge awaiting the three Billy goats Gruff , that's right, the Troll.

Hey Dad, One Year Already

One year on, already. So much happens, the world changes, our lives go on, and it's even easy to forget that Dad was around. Easy to forget until a Status Quo song comes on, or ABBA. Until I laugh in a particular way, or pick my nails as he used to. Someone will say something small and I will be held for seconds in memory. People remind me that he's no longer around and I smile, "Yeah, one year on, already". The moments flow on without Dad, the universe reveals itself more and more, and we all trundle on.


Under the bridge and far away.

Spectacular Summer Sunsets

The summer sunsets as seen from Townsend Road in Miramar (Wellington, NZ) / Te Motu Kairangi (Te Upoko o te Ika a Maui, Aotearoa) can be quite spectacular and I collected quite a few over the years living there.


A moment in time, a shriek, a heart stopping crash before the evening is all gone. What a disaster.


It's powerful to have such a beautiful place to go ponder the world and ones place within it.

RIP Mr Death

21 years is young eh. The surname is always gonna catch people's eye as they peruse the graveyard. I used to work with a Mr De'Ath, I think it was really Mr Death but the family had got fed up with the silly questions.

Sausage On A Stick

A classic rugby feast is the sausage on a stick and a punnet of very salty chips smothered in sauce. This isn't one of those sausages.

Time Taken, 12:54pm

Photo taken on Sunday, 17 Feb 2019 at 12:54pm, seems the human sundial works.

Leafy Knob House

You see what you want to see eh, fnarr fnarr.

Naked Man Memorial

Look, I'm sure there's some deeply innocent, ancient, and symbolic reason that Henry Edmund Holland (1919-33), Leader of the Labour Party, has a naked man as a memorial in the Bolton Cemetery. I'm sure there is, but you know what, I just can't grasp it. Front: THIS MONUMENT IS DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF HENRY EDMUND HOLLAND LEADER OF THE LABOUR PARTY 1919-33 TO COMMEMORATE HIS WORK FOR HUMANITY. HE DEVOTED HIS LIFE TO FREE THE WORLD FROM UNHAPPINESS. TYRANNY AND OPPRESSION Back: ERECTED BY PUBLIC SUBSCRIPTION TO THE MEMORY OF HARRY' HOLLAND BORN, 10-6-1868 DIED, 8-10-1933 THIS MONUMENT WAS UNVEILED BY THE PRIME MINISTER RHON. M.J.SAVAGE. 9TH OCT 1937.

Who Lives In Houses Like These?

I am assuming it's two houses because there are two, clearly marked, letterboxes. Then again those doors close on each other so how can there be a wall on the inside separating the two places? As for the grey prison aesthetic, weird. So where are these two doors, according to the data it's somewhere at the bottom of Brooklyn Road (Wellington), but a Streetview scan didn't help me find the exact doors and I have no memory of ever being around there taking photos, this was February 2019, a lot has happened since then 🤔