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Top View

Top down view of two very popular buildings.

Rainbow Warrior, part 3

As everyone in AoNZ knows the original Rainbow Warrior, Greenpeace's flagship, was blown up and sunk in Auckland Harbour by the French foreign intelligence services , the Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure ( DGSE ) 10 July 1985 killing one crew member - read about it on Wikipedia . This is the 3rd version  Rainbow Warrior , on a visit to Wellington Harbour in August 2018.

Poor Knights Lily?

Anyone able to confirm that this is a Xeronema callistemon also known as Poor Knights lily ? Gotta love the etymology thread of this plant: The common name of the plant originates from the Poor Knights Islands on which it was discovered. The islands, in turn, were so named because of their similarity in shape to the Poor Knights Pudding – a bread-based dish popular at the time of their discovery by Europeans. [source : Wikipedia: Xeronema callistemon ]

Obsessed With Marvel

Meg's journey with the Marvel movies has been one of a long non-start, a deep dive, and 'ended' with a ♥️ moment I shall never ever forget. Watching your daughter grow and evolve is a gift that nothing can surpass.

Fractured View

Looking through rippled glass.

Courtenay Creative

A short lived venue in an old bank on Courtenay Place as owned by Jamie Selkirk. As I write the venue is being changed one more time into something else.

Gentlemen's Beans

Last coffee for 450m 😁

Reflecting Upon A Beer

Sometimes it's beer time and there's nothing else that will assuage the feeling. Not that that means alcohol though, plenty of great zero or very low alcoholic beers out there.

Building Better Services For People

" Building Better Services For People " seems like such an obvious statement of intent, one that each and every government agency and civil servant (of which I am one, as are many of the people I know) should just be doing. Many (most?) on a day to day basis, aren't, despite being very busy and with good intentions. Are you? This was a poster created by and displayed at the short lived Service Innovation Lab, killed off by internal politics, external Politics, and a privileged white male defense system that fought tooth and nail to ensure the status quo power structures were maintained.

Window View

There are some workplaces in Wellington that have spectacular 360 degree views, this is one of them. Obviously the view towards the Hutt over the Stadium and across the harbour is the stunning, but I also love the views inwards to the city, and even straight down on Molesworth Street and the rest of Thorndon. Can anyone guess which government agency and/or building this is?

Evening Moment

A moment of tree and window light.

Super Deluxe Jewellery

A colourful Wellington evening.

Jazz Knobs

I only went to see one evening of jazz at the space above the Third Eye brew bar and I consequently I only have a gazillion photos .