Chronicle As Art

A simple snap of the Wellington International Airports (@WLGAirport) control tower build during a shopping visit. With a few taps it's turned into something a little more snazzy.

Kennedy Building, Wellington

Gorgeous Edwardian facade at 33-39 Cuba Street (Wellington), designed & built in 1905 for two sisters.


Island Bay Summer Annual

The Beano summer annual was a staple diet of my childhood and this Island Bay mural reminds me of their covers

Dark Times

War, it really is good for absolutely nothing.

Killing others over ideas is crazy, especially if the idea you're fighting for is one made-up by another person.

Charging Above

My son looking up at a diorama from the now closed "The Great War Exhibition" created by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, Peter Jackson and WingNut Films. The exhibition was held in the former Dominion Museum and National Art Gallery in Wellington.

Max Headroom

Imagine my delight when I finally got a Max Headroom photo - thanks Te Papa underground parking

Bug Lab #10, who knows what is happening

Hard to tell what is doing what to what here, but it doesn't look good for one of them.

Thanks Te Papa + Weta Workshop Bug Lab for a week of fine photos.

Oh, this is the Jewel wasp (again) injecting venom into a cockroach’s thorax and brain, turning it into a zombie - charming.

Bug Lab #9, closeup

Enjoy the colours, shapes, and reflections

Bug Lab #3-8, Jewel Wasp

I tried to edit every one these 6 photos but tbh they always looked best just as they are.

None of them work on their own either, you can't see the fly when far away but not what the fly is standing upon when close-up.
So here's the Jewel wasp (Ampulex compressa), doing brain surgery in a cockroach

Bug Lab #2, Dragonfly

Dragonflies are cool, they come from the worlds of SciFi AND Fantasy but live in ours

Bug Lab #1, Orchid mantis

I visited Te Papa in January 2017 and specifically the Weta Workshop created "Bug Lab" exhibition. You are about to have a week of photos taken during that visit

Exit Out Of The Street

Leeds Street is host to a number of funky eateries and bars. It's also surrouded by tall buildings and walking back to Dixon Street is always a step back into the light of everyday life

Hilda Ogden Would Be Proud

Whilst these are no "Hildas ducks" they are better than a mountain muriel

What Do You See?

A rabbit perhaps? Or a kids drawing of a plane? Maybe a whale with an upturned tail?

What do you see?

Emergency Water

Here's a thing my UK family and chums will have no concept of - around the home I have many many bottles of water stored for when an earthquake hits.

Everyone in NZ does, or should: