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The Green Man Pub

When I was sharing photos to Google Maps locations this photo, snapped during a work meeting inside The Green Man Pub (Willis St, #Wellington), had over 2 million views. Why?

Sliver Of Life

The gap between us and the void is teeny tiny

Level 3

Our #TeamOf5Million has worked fucking hard to get down to  Level 3  ("L4 + takeaways"), let's not ever have to go back there again. L3 is #StayHomeNZ and still #Lockdown for the vast majority of us. Focus and we can get to the hallowed lands of L2 soon!

Celebration Colours

When we fully exit #lockdownz and no longer have to #StayHomeNZ I think we should celebrate with colour everywhere. Like we do once a year anyway. Of course Level 3 IS NOT that time as it's really no different to Level 4 for the vast majority of us. Level 2 seems like a step up in what we can do. Level 1 will be another minor move to COMPLETE and UTTER celebration time.


Golden flecks in the soap

Chairs And A Table

Closed trampoline park with a penchant for yellow

YES I Broke It

"YES I broke it. I was doing science" @medickinson

Hill House

Sunset and house, looking out over Lyall Bay towards the South Island from Townsend Road, Miramar (Wellington, NZ)


It's a truth universally accepted that @NanogirlLive , Dr Michelle Dickinson ( @medickinson ), is one of New Zealand's true heroes taking her STEM explaining out to the kids (and big kids) of the world through live shows , online , TV , radio / podcasts , and books . I was lucky enough to see the finale of the 2016 Aotearoa "Little Bang, Big Bang" tour with my daughter and it was spectacular, as always - high five to Michelle, Joe, and  Gareth. You can watch the show on YouTube, I know, how cool is that!

Toy Cars

Every child has them, boxes of toys stacked up with old forgotten toys. This one has the boxlid missing for the toy cars

Wellington City Corporation

A sign of the old times

Endings Can Be Beautiful

A sunset can be breathtaking, and the end of perhaps a perfect day is seen as a "fitting end". Not all endings need be sad.

Golden Descent

The path downwards is always rimmed with gold. Until you get to the bottom. Looking down a winding staircase

I Want To Help, But Lockdown - Now What?

I'm a "get in amongst it" sort of fella. When I have a passion for something there's little that stops me rolling up my sleeves and trying my damnedest to make it happen. I wanted New Zealand to benefit from the "cloud" back in 2007, so I started a company, WaveAdept , to do just that. I wanted to help share Kiwi tech, media, and startup stories so together with Raj Khushal I started a podcast, Access Granted . I wanted* Wellington's tech community to get out of its false silos so I started the #WellyTech annual celebration events . I want an open society where the truth isn't opinion, reckons, or lies so I've been a long time active member of the open government, usually focused upon ‘open data’. I want everyone to have a say in how events are run, and products are created and so started Hack Miramar , brought GovHack over from Australia, and facilitated many unconferences . A friend of mine once 'warned' someone, as they th

Lunchtime Lye

🎶 Sittin' in the mornin' sun I'll be sittin' when the evenin' comes Watchin' the ships roll in Then I watch 'em roll away 🎶

Tower Of Fire

The world may be on fire but that's ok, it'll look stunning in the photos Intercontinental Hotel in front of the ANZ Centre, Wellington (NZ)


A Guinness is a "meal in a pint glass", or so I'm told every time I order one

The Tiny Giant

For a limited time in the past, The Tiny Giant, "the biggest little gallery in the world ... probably"

And There Were Beanbags

It was a stunning visual feast.

Vintage Roseneath

High above Roseneath and looking towards the city across the inner #harbour on a grey #Wellington day

Airport Massage Chair

"This is, aaaah, really really, ooww, good, can I, ouch, do it, oooooohh, again after? [crunch]", asked the bored lad at the airport.

#Lockdown Coastal Walkway, Good Friday 2020

Took an extended walk today around the #BreakerBay* corner and a little along the Coastal Walkway** Was so good to be out in the glorious weather but solo bubble walking isn't the same, can't wait to perambulate*** with someone else outside my bubble. Popped a few in this post but most are inside the photo album:  (incl. some fancy wave slow mo breaking)   * Breaker Bay as both a Twitter account ( ) and an Instagram one ( ) ** seems the Wellington City Council don't know about the Coastal Walkway, not on their listings: *** my use of the fancy word CANNOT be justified, dick! 

Head On A Plate

"She's done what?!? I'll have her head on a plate for this!" (I can guarantee this won't show well in Twitter, tap to see full photo and exclaim, "Oooh, I see")

Bubble Life

Bubble life, it's all we have at the moment

Lockdown Weight

This #LockDownNZ is starting to show in my body shape

My Wee Boy

It's rare to share a daily photo without editing, however this one of my "tiny son" needed nothing

The Return of A Cat, A Story

A few weeks ago, on Saturday 21st March at 3:27pm or thereabouts, our Breaker Bay home welcomed a new member into it's life. My daughter, Megan, and I had been pondering getting a pet of some sort for quite a while. A dog was actually my actual preference however the owners of this fine fine building I call home made it clear that no dogs allowed, "Even if friend come with dogs they'll have to leave them outside I'm afraid". So, after pondering a tortoise - I've always wanted a tortoise since very very young, never quite got there and won't in NZ as they are rare and therefore expensive - we settled on the classic, a cat. Then we sort of did nothing. With the slow but inevitable COVID-19 closing down of New Zealand we decided on the Saturday to go get a cat from the Wellington SPCA high up on Mt Victoria. We were not alone, but luckily I was looking for an older cat, couldn't be arsed having to teach a kitten how to poo in the right place

Come Together, again

For the first time ever I've redone a daily photo. Yesterday's had so much potential, which I missed by so much, I realised I'd have to give it another go. "Come Together" Come together, right now Over me (Goodwill Bridge, Brisbane, Australia)

Come Together

Come together, right now Over me (Goodwill Bridge, Brisbane, Australia)

Beautiful Architecture

Architecture isn't something I ponder often, however when I see a construction that is beautifully done then I am rooted to the spot and can't take my eyes of it. Like this one. Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Campus, Brisbane in Australia

M+P ❤️ A 4-16

"Great things never come from comfort zones"

Parental Reflections

It doesn't matter how old you are you are always your parents little child. I'm 53 for instance and I often see, hear, and feel a 14 year-old me being talked to by my Mum over the video. It's palpable, obvious, and unstoppable despite the years of separation and miles of distance. I will always her little boy.

Hotel Chandelier

Hang on in there folks, we're 25% way through this initial #StayHomeNZ lockdown and it seems to be working 🤞 The light is glinting in the distance