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Miramar Men - Where To Find Us Online

You've heard me talk about "Miramar Men" and may have wondered WTF - well here's where you can find us online. It's fathers, getting out of the house and having a beer, a yarn and usually a movie. "Man Movie", normally one that is unencumbered by plot but chock full of computer wizardry ... but not always, in fact if you say it's a man movie then it is. And it's usual for half to men to come for a beer and a yarn and then skip on the movie so if the movie de jour isn't your thing, sweet as, we'd still love to see you along. To join in simply subscribe to the email group: https:// .com/forum/#!forum/miramar-men Also find us at: https://www .neighbourly https:// twitter .com/MiramarMen https://www. facebook .com/MiramarMen https:// .com/u/0/b/114568816440096052292/114568816440096052292/

Free WiFi In Miramar Just Got Ubiquitous

In the news today was the most excellent " Log on free wi-fi in Miramar ". This is the first project brought to you by the newly formed Miramar BID ("Business Improvement District"), which is the first in Wellington following on from successful implementations in Auckland - you might remember the Enterprise Miramar that preceded the BID. Thanks to the BID team, the 177 businesses Miramar based businesses supporting the BID, WCC and in particular Clr Simon "Swampy" Marsh for getting this going so fast. Here's to a wider roll-out across the whole BID area. Together with this WiFi Miramar also has free WiFi at the following places - getting connected is now a given: Miramar centre - TelecomNZ The Roxy Gasworks The Library Let me know ( ) if you know of any more, but in the meantime enjoy the fact that Miramar is the first and only Wellington suburb with free WiFi - showing the way!

A Day in Wellington - Timelapse

A real glimpse into the life of this most wonderful place I am proud to call home, Wellington Thanks +Martin Doms  - more videos from him ...

Worthy read: Inside Casino Royale

I've just read the following and think it's worthy of a read! Almost nine months after my initial request to photograph inside the Monte Carlo Casino, the gold-leaf backdrop for fictional British spy James Bond in “Casino Royale”, I was contacted for an interview to present my project and three months later received news that is was accepted. from Pocket

Get Funky In That Empty Shop With Urban Dream Brokerage

A friend of mine, Helen, tells me that Urban Dream Brokerage have secured another year's funding from the Wellington City Council to liven up those empty shops and showcase the creativity that Wellington is so famous for. Urban Dream Brokerage brings together property managers and the creative industries to lead creative development and urban revitalisation through the temporary use of vacant space by innovative projects. If you're keen to be involved and have ... an idea : a property :

Worser Bay School Cross Run 2014

A gorgeous morning for the Worser Bay School cross country (well, beach) run. Everyone dug in and the enthusiasm from the kids and the many parents that turned up to support was heartwarming, Well done to Meg for getting through to the Eastern Zones

Shop Local

From Facebook ... ... that reminded me of this on Twitter ... If Miramar residents spent $10/week more locally we'd be giving business around $4.3 million per year extra. Now wouldn't that be worth it? — Mike Riversdale (@MiramarMike) April 17, 2013 ... and now this post on G+