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Old Taranaki Street

Old Taranaki Street - Originally uploaded by National Library of New Zealand Wicked stuff Via Flickr: Courtenay Place, Wellington, ca 1920, Gordon Burt negatives, Alexander Turnbull Library, Reference: 1/2-037197 Published in the Capital Times, 28 March 2012 Here is a panorama of the Courtenay Place/Taranaki intersection, around about 1918. The photographer was about where Molly Malones is now. Manners and Dixon Streets stretch out to the right. Left of centre Taranaki Street disappears off into the distance. Taranaki Street was much narrower then. All the buildings on the right hand side were demolished in the 1920s when the street was widened. Hardly any of the the other buildings in the photograph have survived either, although the Ford building on the left is still there, hidden behind a modern block. As the Ford sign suggests the automobile age was coming. But it was not quite there yet. There were not many cars, no traffic lights, and still lots of horses. On the o

Celebrate The Roxy Cinema's First Birthday On Sunday

We are inviting you, your friends and your family to come and celebrate with us this Sunday 1st April. ‘The Roxy Fair’ is a whole day of events at The Roxy: from 9am with food stalls, children’s entertainment, vintage cars, movie star look-a-likes, live jazz music, wine tastings and more throughout the day. Our full event program for the day is in our website from Thursday and from Tonight in our Facebook Page . Thanks to the support of our fabulous suppliers who are just as excited about our birthday as we are, we have many specials like reduced prices on coffee, wine , special birthday cocktails and even an old fashioned ice cream cart . There is something for all ages at The Roxy Fair, so put your party hats on and join in on the fun!! TOP BIRTHDAY SECRET - We appreciate your support over the past year and to show our appreciation, The Roxy is offering super special prices on movie screenings on SUNDAY 1st April ONLY!! $10 Adults & $6 Children .

Think I've Just Lost Another Blogging Friend

I have the distinct impression that I've just read the final post from JonnyB's Private Secret Diary blog, "Epiloque" This makes me incredibly sad ... Private Secret Diary: 'You have been watching...' — JonnyB (@JonnyB) March 27, 2012 There are only a few blogs that I have ever read with gusto, a handful of bloggers that I always looked forward to, a tiny tiny number of those writing on the medium I adore (the web) that had the talent to make me smile / cry / think / pass it on. Seems that the number is so small now-a-days that this blogging thing might be something of a fad that has passed on by, to be subsumed by the overwhelming tide of those that paste a link into a status update box in the belief they are adding to the quality of life. I miss the best a little more every day.

Copyright Math(s)

Humour to completely denounce the very small number of large media organisations and their announcements on copyright math(s)

Meet the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra!

I am proud to say, I LOVE THEM!

Space Nazis Prepare To Attack Earth In 2018

Iron Sky could turn out to be the film of the decade if they manage to get the "vibe" just so ... but one slip and it'll be tacky, second rate or just plain boring. Let's hope they walk that line well. Here's the first 4 minutes of the film for you, tell me what you think:

Oooh oooh eeyyaaaa ....

Tigers, Surely They Won't Really All Die, Will They?

A few weeks ago the family and I popped up to Wellington Zoo and, through it's ever changing exhibits (come on, they are, don't get fooled into thinking they are somehow over and above boxes with animals in for us humans to look at). Anyway, we were lucky enough to be there when the tigers were being fed - aren't they simply the most amazing, beautiful and incredible beasts on this earth? I am always astounded by tigers, how big they are, how enormous their teeth are, how powerful they look as they strut (!) around. And then ... Vital petition to save last 3,200 (so few!) wild tigers needs 10k sigs to reach 100k target by 13th Mar - Do sign & RT — Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) March 5, 2012 So - sign the petition to SAVE THE TIGERS: Here's a little of what the Riverdale's were privileged to see:

MMP Review, Have Your Say

Before you get mown down by someone on 5th March pop over to the MMP Review and have your say : The Electoral Commission welcomes and invites any person or group to make a submission on the MMP voting system. There is no particular form that you need to use and there are a number of ways you can do this. You can make a submission online, by email or in written form. You can also present your submission at a public hearing. You do not have to respond to all the issues under review. There might be other things you would like to comment on about how the MMP voting system works. Please include these in your submission. (thanks to an advert on Public News for the heads-up - great article as well, It's In the Kete! )

Goodbye Bush House, A Beautiful Video

Leaving Bush House from Owain Rich on Vimeo . (thanks to Jamillah Knowles for sharing )