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On a scale of 1 to 10, how is your day going?

So many people have had me ask them this simple question, " On a scale of 1 to 10, how is your day going? (where 1 is as low as it can get)" Once the person responds, you then simply askm " Is there anything I could do to help move it from a 6 to a 7? " (or . . . "from a 3 to a 4" or "from a 10 to an 11"). Just reach out and ask ... I cannot recommend this highly enough as both for support people / friends / family that are keeping an active eye on someone in their life, but also just as a great way to connect not matter what the situation. So where did it come from - this is a technique that Jane McGonicall  ( @avantgame ) picked up from her friend Michael, a philanthropist and entrepreneur and uses in a Super Better "quest" called Plus-One Better - here are the complete instructions. QUEST: Plus-One Better Pick three people: 1. Someone who would like to hear from you 2. Someone you would like to hear from 3. Some

What to Do When a Loved One Is Severely Depressed

Due to two high profile US suicides over the past week there has been a slew of articles about what people can do if they sense that someone close to them is struggling with life, has depression, or is talking about ending their life. " What to Do When a Loved One Is Severely Depressed " from the New York Times by Heather Mills seems to me one of be the best: There are no easy answers for helping someone struggling with depression, especially if you’ve already tried and tried. Here are some tips from experts. The tips: Don’t underestimate the power of showing up Don’t try to cheer him up or offer advice It’s O.K. to ask if she is having suicidal thoughts Take any mention of death seriously Make getting to that first appointment as easy as possible Take care of yourself and set boundaries Remember, people do recover from depression As I mentioned in " U OK hun - It's All About The Timing ", the power of 'merely' showing up with out a goal