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Summerfest 2013 at Worser Bay Boating Club

(print this as a poster for your office) See you there: G+ event: Facebook: Details:

Move To Christchurch, Can You Help?

NO, not us, we're not moving. A friend of mine has just got a new position based down in Christchurch and the whole family (Mum, Dad and 2 young boys) are moving down to Christchurch. And it's all happening very quickly, and can you do these 2 things: 1: Help find a rental place What they'd like is a 3-4 bedroom property (home, townhouse, apartment) in the north or west of the CBD.   They'll also consider anything out of town ie: Rangiora, Amberly, Rolleston, Lincoln and their surrounds that is a half hour drive or so from the CBD, though if the property is the right one, they may be prepared to travel further. They would also consider a 2 bedroom as a temporary measure, until something else suitable came up. John's office is at the end of Riccarton Road, close to Hagley Park. As they say: Hopefully we will be down there for the week commencing Monday 11 Feb, so we can meet up with peeps (and drink loads of wine), I mean, look at p