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Taupo Slide

On the way back from Auckland we had a nights stop at Taupo and a welcome dip in the hot springs .

Fall Out Boy, 2018

Was a farking good gig from Fall Out Boy back in March 2018.

Two Towers

Real and ice-cream versions of the Auckland Sky Tower.

60s Style

"It's up, up, up for the modern city of 1963 with the worlds jet-setters heading to adventurous Auckland for sun, sea, and relaxation." 


Grumpy yesterday, happy today ... not me, the daily photos πŸ‘


I'd be grumpy too if all I had was a tank to swim around in, surrounded by eejits like me on all sides incessantly taking photographs.

Watching A World

Fantastic bulbous aquarium window at Kelly Tarltons .

Simply Beautiful

This universe and the planet we live, love, and die upon is full of beauty. Chocker full, almost every second if you look up, around, and down you will find always something worthy of a shared photo, incredible eh.

Like Water Off A ...

Graceful and effortless, I'm still a little confused how these bird torpedoes can whizz through the water with seemingly so little effort expended.

Auckland Building Backside

British Inspired Food

Oh dear god no

An Impish Grin

Couldn't tell you what or who this is* but I am drawn into his cheeky chappy eyes and I can feel there's gonna be a lot of fun and trouble just around the corner. * Looks like Pan or Bacchus to me, what do you think?


Sometimes the angle looks a bit shit, the background isn't quite right, if only I'd stood a little to the left, held the camera a tad lower. This is what I thought with this photo, that black and white background was annoying, until I started playing with it and then something clicked and it became a background worthy of a designer. An 80s pop magazine cover designer but still ...

Old Postcards

I love fossicking around in op shops and those out of town places that are stock full of old things from broken gold clubs to stacks of ancient used postcards.

Central Volcano

Mt Ruapehu and friends as seen from State Highway 4.

The Path To The Exit

It always seems a golden lit and easy route to the exit. A few simple steps and there you are, at the end and it's exit time.  It's an illusion we create for ourselves and for our own well being.  I have been standing at the top of these very stairs looking down at the welcoming exit sign. The thing is, there's nothing on the other side. Never use the exit.


In the town of Bulls, Aotearoa New Zealand , they take great glee in labelling every "...bull", how terribly inform-a-bull of them 😜

Paekakariki Station

A whizz along State Highway 1 heading north out of Wellington and you'll pass Paekakariki and it's cute as fuck little train station which is home to the cool as fuck Steam Incorporated .

A Bright Light

A light shining in the darkness of the approaching storm

Peeping Tom

Spying on the apartment living folk ... hang on ...

Goodbye Dad

[After a year of being wonderfully looked after in a Welsh care home my Dad, Derek Boyle , died from COVID. The following are my words to be read out for his funeral this coming Wednesday] To know a life, even ones own, is an impossibility. Dad wasn't a Dad for all of his formative years, during his early days with his brother and sisters in London, joining the RAF at the age of 15 and the life long friends he made and lost in ventures around the world. The girlfriends, the Christmas presents, the school pranks, the comics read, the radio shows listened to, the troubles got into and the beers had. These are the years we all try and remember for ourselves let alone be able to speak on behalf of someone else.  Dad never really spoke of those times but I know the man they made, the Dad he became, and the outlook it created. The beating heart of a man determined to see fairness winning, for family to be at the centre of everything, and a man of his time that struggled with an ever inc

Large Art

Not sure it's my style but I'm very happy it exists.

The Carillon

A cropped zoomed in photo so not the finest of pixel quality but still a fine shot of The National War Memorial Carillon without too many background distraction.  For some reason I always thought it what The Carill i on, with the extra "i" and it's gonna take some focus to stop me saying it that way.

Sky Flow

All sky and very little building, nice.

Formal v Nature

Despite all the closed straight lines the plant still gets in and does whatever it wants.

Korea? Wood?

The original photo was taken on Dixon Street in Wellington of the Seoul Restaurant and, with a wee bit of editing, we end up with a traditional wooden Korean house.

Data Meetup

We're here for the talks, honestly!

Memories In Boxes

Kids movies, old movies, artifacts from a life long gone but recorded.

Big In NZ

I was once told by a marketing person that one's company or product is always the biggest fish in the pond, what you do is resize the pond until this is true.