Fire Over The Hill

Can't remember what the fire was, maybe it was the Rongotai warehouse used by the movie folks used.

April 1st, 2008 - pranksters joy

Graphical representations of pop songs

NZ billboard for Ace Rental Cars

Photos uploaded and ready for your viewing

'Wombat rape made man speak Strine'

This is the sort of public transport I want in Wellington

Turn OFF your lights - 8-9pm tomorrow (Saturday)

The Dom Post has a Twitter account

Brilliant advertising placement from Microsoft

Club Penguin - I am NOT MiramarMike

Furniture from thin air

Wellingtonista: Mighty Mighty jobs for you bar tending types PLUS this weeks gigs

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...

It's not what you know, it's who - All-star Ukulele Cabaret

Things I've learned before lunchtime

Ponoko continues to get awesome press

The first computer I ever used

Aaaaand, welcome back

Taking a week or so off-line to re-group

E2.0: 5 reasons why 92% of New Zealander's don't use RSS

Google applications don't understand URLs

Ubuntu - answer to two common questions

Craft2.0 - this Saturday, 11am-3pm, TheNewDowse

Webstock 2008 - the moment of truth/horror for me

Barcode wikipedia

Nanotechnology, what is it good for - make cool phones?

On this note, goodnight

I know, coz HE was there

Miramar (Park Rd) to town (Courtney Place) - 10 minutes

Virtual Super 14 - the slide down the table

Keeping myself creative

Wales 29 France 12 - Grand Slam for Wales

Jill Bolte Taylor - the most powerful talk I've seen this year

Firefox keyboard shortcuts

Warner Brothers and JK Rowling going for as much money as possible

E2.0: What is a Barcamp?

Public Address System - anyone know how to change my picture?

Wholly crap - on the toilet for TWO YEARS!

Ha ha ha ha - Scottish bar stool

Chiaradina came ... second

5 MINUTES TO GO! How to get a share of US$1,000,000 that might just be coming to Wellington

Fun at it's most crazy

Tell me if you like ...

3 clothing enigmas I have in my life

E2.0: Barcamp season is approaching - 2.5 I know of

Take the test

Downstage using Flickr for backstage photos

Twitter in Plain English

Wellingtonista: A Social Network for Coffee Drinkers

Nothing on my "computer" copper, ha!

Just smoke my last ciggie for 10 years

Star Wars opening credits 1960 style

Wales, one more match and it's the Grand Slam

Moved the wallpaper on to another Country Road photo

Dozy film-goer left in the dark

Sync Microsoft Outlook with Google Calendar (and vice versa)

I wonder what Clint Eastwood is doing right now

ManagedQ - a different search

3 things Miramar needs

Rugby wiki ... it had to come

E2.0: IT Departments in the spotlight

Where is my jet car?

Need. New. Phone

Darn - missed St David's Day