Kitten In The Tree

🎶 There's a cat in my tree, dear Liza, dear Liza 🎶

And 'wrath' is fair enough

First day home for "bub"

Oh, and anything else happened in the world?

Liz and Meg are home tomorrow

Meg is doing awesomely and Mum is tired

Megan Hannah Riversdale

Hospital at 8am, home by 10:30am

Inducement project commencing Friday 25th at 8am

Meg arrival date sweepstake

Booked in for 12:20pm to see the consultant

Scotland v All Blacks (Sun 3:30am)

Won't be blogging for the next two days

No King Kong production diary

Who voted for who and what the winning offer was

England v All Blacks: 16-13

Now, dear God, swallow me up and take me away right now

Free Scott Adams book

Well done the NZ Rugby Union

Who needs an iPod!?

Does the IRD have your money?

I'm watching your every click

England v All Blacks (Sun 3:30am)

Anyone know of any good SNA software?

My final words

Ms Vile is outta here

She's on her way

Jack and his cute-as smile